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How Much Do You Love Truth?

by Pastor Brian Jones

September 18, 2016

Scripture Reading: John 17:14-19

God is truth and His truth is forever and never changes.  His truth is for the people that He chose. You must be willing to receive the spirit of truth.

The following scriptures were discussed:

  • Deuteronomy 32: 3-4  God is truth
  • Deuteronomy 32:9 God chose Israel.  Jacob-Israel is God's people
  • Deuteronomy 32:16-21 God loves us and gets jealous
  • Psalm 51:6, 10-13 Change my heart, cleanse me.  But you have to desire the truth
  • Psalm 117: 1-2 God's truth is forever; it never changes
  • Psalm 115: 9-18 We are blessed
  • John 8: 31-31 If you continue in His word, then you will be free from untruth.  "Continue" means don't stop. 
  • John 8:44-476 These people are unconvertable
  • John 14:1-7 There's only one Way to God.  Jesus does not lie
  • John 16:13-16 The spirit of Truth.  You must receive it
  • John 14:15-17 The world cannot be converted;  they cannot receive the spirit of truth

Get Off the Fence


by Pastor Brian Jones

March 27, 2016

Scripture Reading: Psalms 2:1-6

God's Way versus the world's way.  God chose the elect of Israel and that is why we are different.  Love not the world.  The world will try to pull you into its sin, including pulling you away from God's law and His covenant and rejoices when even one person falls away from the covenant.  Get off the fence and quit wrestling with God.  Your body is a temple to God and it is NOT yours!  Read the Bible and examine yourselves.  Truth only works if you accept it.  Grow in God.  Open your Bible, read it and KNOW it.  God knows that you will stumble, but He will correct you.  Ensure that you are clothed in white because the wedding garment is a sign of purity and is CRITICAL to God.   White is the ONLY acceptable color of the wedding garment.  God did not divorce the world, but only the 10 Tribes of the House of Israel.  God will remarry ONLY the Covenant people.

Choose Ye This Day


by Pastor Ken Kemble

November 22, 2015

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 6:33

Our two-fold priority is to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  We must try to be like Him.

The Gold Nugget


by Pastor Brian Jones

October 25, 2015

Scripture Reading: Job 23:10-11

Gold has to be tested with fire.  The hotter the fire, the more impurities are burned away.  Our Father loves you.  Be an overcomer.  God's timing in your life is perfect.

Unity and Divisions


William Finck of spoke at the Fellowship of God's Covenant People this Sunday June 21st.

This presentation is really a compendium of things I have done presented over the past several years. If one has read or heard my commentaries on the minor prophets, and the recently completed Romans exegesis, all of these things will be familiar, while I hope to have added a new perspective or two. This is because the grounds for Christian communion do not change, and the lines where Christian unity and divisions are drawn should indeed be very clear. Yet I find many Identity Christians who do not understand them, so I continually reiterate these same messages, and in as many ways as I can.

Christians are raised wondering whether they will be accepted by God at the end of their lives. With this, perpetual doubt is sown which causes men to turn away from the interests of their community and their race, in favor of their own interests whereby they pursue the materialistic desires of the flesh. When they face difficult times they feel abandoned by God, and because they have doubt it is just as easy for them to abandon God. By abandoning God, they are of no use to their communities and instead they work against the interest of their kinsmen because they seek to fulfill their own material needs at the expense of the needs of the community.

Do You Remember Your Funeral?


Pastor Brian Jones

Passover Service: April 5, 2015

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Become new in Christ and put away the old man. All things will be new! But know that you can resurrect the old man at any time and work to stay away from those things that will tempt you.

Available in audio only. The following scriptures were discussed:

Samson, You Died Too Young


by Pastor Brian Jones

October 12, 2014

Scripture Reading: Galatians 6:5-10

Overall Lesson: We make mistakes, but God doesn't give up on us! Samson had the power to kill 1000 men, but it took one woman to bring him down. Available in Audio only. The following verses are explored:

Judges 13:1-5 Samson is chosen to be a deliverer of Israel out of the hands of the Philistines.

Judges 14:1-4 Samson craved after a wife from the Philistine women against his parent's wishes

Judges 14:5-9 Samson killed a lion. Later Samson found honey in the body of the lion, for bees had made their comb there. He took the honey out of the carcass and also gave some honey to his parents, even though he wasn't supposed to touch the carcass.

Judges 14:10-18 Samson gives the Philistine men a riddle which they couldn't answer. The Philistine men went to Samson's Philistine wife to find out the answer.

Judges 14:19-20 Samson kills and steals

  • Proverbs 5:1-23 Lesson for sons to not marry a 'stranger'
  • Psalm 27:11-12 Asking God to teach us His ways

National Covenant Renewal


by Pastor Everett Ramsey

August 3, 2014

Scripture Reading: Psalms 79:1-13

Dr. Ramsey is remembered for his church in Nebraska being America’s first padlocked church for courageously refusing to bow to the government demand that he license their church school.  He went to federal prison for standing his ground on Christian principles.  He is also known for his super conferences and the Court of Divine Justice.  Pastor Everett is a well known and respected Christian Identity author and speaker.  Click here to visit his website.

The Power of Faith


by Pastor Brian Jones

Passover Service:  April 6, 2014

Scripture Reading:  James 1:1-8

We need strength and there is power in your faith!  Stand strong; stand firm; our faith will make us strong.

Available in audio only.  Scriptures discussed: 

Taking the Lord's Name in Vain


by Pastor Brian Jones

September 29, 2013

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:1-8

A message detailing the consequences of attaching the Lord's name to false doctrine; pastors who teach that "God loves everyone" is taking God's name in vain.

Kingdom Authority


by Dr. Lawrence Blanchard

September 22, 2013

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:26-28

  1. The Reality: The USA, as a Nation, is Dissolved
  2. Our Response
  3. Do We Have a Defined Mission? (What are we doing and what is the point of it?)
  4. Review of the Kingdom Plan and Purpose in the Bible
  5. Kingdom Authority Illustrated (How God's Power is Manifested) - Luke 7:1-10
  6. Dominion In and Through the Church
    1. God's Power Revealed - Ephesians 1: 15-19, 20-23
    2. God's Intended Purpose - Ephesians 3:8-12
    3. God's Necessary Order In The Church - Ephesians 4:10-13, 5:22- 33; 6:1-4

The Destructive Spirit of a Hypocrite


by Pastor Brian Jones

March 31, 2013

Pastor Brian gives us a good synopsis of the symptoms that cause our nation to suffer and some biblical solutions to correct it.

Available in audio only.  Scriptures discussed: 

The State of America's Security


By Pastor Everett Ramsey

November 11, 2012

Scripture Reading: Revelation 20:1-9

The first fourteen verses of the 26th Chapter of Isaiah Sets forth the triumph of the Kingdom and the destruction of the enemies of the Kingdom. In the 13th and 14th verses Isaiah referred to lords who had ruled over God's people in the past, stating in the 14th verse that they were now deceased that they would never live again. We say that the expression, '''they are deceased,'' is ''they are Rephaim. '' Attention was called to the fact that Rephaim referred to shades, fearful ones! Ghosts etc.

Thus the Rephaim were the disembodied spirits of the offspring of the angels who begat children by taking the daughters of men for wives. As a result of these forbidden marriages, we found that added to the sensual and carnal- the result of the temptation and fall-was now added highly-increased discernment and understanding but wholly devoid of spiritual direction. This enhanced the violent and power of those who exercised control over the population, the lords who ruled over them.

Because of the rule of the antediluvian giants, the earth became corrupt, meaning genetically mixed and degraded and filled with violence, necessitating its destruction by the waters of the Floods so that the offspring of all genetically mixed plants, animals, Adamites and fallen angels might be destroyed and the rule exercised by the angels themselves brought to an end.

The Worst Church in America


by Pastor Brian Jones

October 21, 2012

The worst church in America is one who had the glory of God and lost it.  Available in audio only

Study of I Samuel 1-7.  Related topics include:

  • Warnings to Israel of bad churches: Acts 20:28, Matthew 7:15, II Peter 2:1
  • Heresies: Acts 24:14
  • We live in perilous times: 2 Timothy 3:1-6
  • Israel shall be saved from the wrath of God: Isaiah 45:17, Rev. 15:1
  • Jesus said to Mary go to the Brethren: John 20:11
  • God never changes: Hebrews 13:8

Living With God's Peace


by Pastor Brian Jones

July 22, 2012

Available in audio only

Discussed in this audio:  Peace in church, peace in marriage and peace in your personal walk with God.

Scriptures include:  Psalms 29:11, James 3:13, Proverbs 6:16, John 13:34-35, Ephesians 5:20, Ephesians 6:1, Acts 5:29, Proverbs 21:9, I Peter 4:14, Galatians 5:15, Hebrews 12:6, I Corinthians 6:9, John 16:33, I Corinthians 5:9, Psalms 26:5-12, Phillipeans 2:1-4


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