False Identity

by Richard Kelly Hoskins

A few months ago [1995] I received an advertisement from the new country of Israel about a ‘Revolutionary New Discovery.’ The discovery was that the people of northern Europe were descended from the ancient Israelites. I sent for the book and received The Tribes, The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples.1

This book was one more Jewish-authored book revealing ‘the amazing discovery that Saxons2 are Israel.’ It contained most of the same proofs that Bible students have long known. It came with maps of the migrations of the tribes of the early Israelite-Saxons, their final places of settlement, and the counties in which they settled — Naphtali to Norway; Asher and Gad to Britain, Germany, Scandinavia; Dan to Denmark, etc.

Ben Israel's Argument

The Jews have always known the truth about Saxon-Israel and have used the information, or not used it, as circumstances demanded. The entry of the Jews into Britain was a time when they needed to use it.

The background

Henry VIII declared himself head of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain. He renamed it the Anglican Catholic Church, appointed his own bishops, confiscated vast church properties, destroyed church monasteries (the training schools for Roman Catholic business managers), and banished the Catholic Priests who would not work for his own Anglican religion. This left virtually no one in Britain to manage unseized Roman Catholic Church businesses and manage them under earlier trade agreements. Managers were desperately needed.

The ‘someone’ selected were the traditional bankers and servants of the Roman Catholic Church — the Jews. However, there were no more Jews in England. They had been banished by an irate Britain in 1290 after having been first admitted in 1066 to practice their usury banking.3

Menassah Ben Israel occupied the same place in his day that Robert Maxwell did, and Rupert Murdock does today. In addition to his banking and trade operation out of Holland, the center of world trade, he directed public opinion through his book business — the predecessor of modern mass media.

Ben Israel was assigned the project of getting the Jews into England. To rally public support, he published a book in 1650 named The Hope of Israel. This book used the familiar Saxon-Israel agreement with a twist. It went this way; Since Britain already contained the 10 tribes of Israel, the addition of the Jew, which contained Judah and Benjamin, would cause Israel to be the complete 12 tribes. Once that happened, the second coming of the Messiah could then be expected.

The book was sent to the ‘fundamentalists’ of the time to build a following. With this backing, Ben Israel then petitioned Oliver Cromwell to allow the Jews to enter England. Oliver Cromwell was already in his pocket. A loan of a couple of million gold pieces kept him there. Oliver Cromwell got his money, the Jews got a new market in which to distribute goods from the spice trade, the Catholic Church got managers for their undiscovered assets, and the Anglo-Saxon got the Bank of England a few years later.

Saxon-Israel history has been known by friend and foe for a very long time and has been used AGAINST the Saxon as much as FOR him.

Saxon Identity & The Establishment Church

Through the years the Jews have been relatively honest when discussing early Saxon history. The same does not apply to the Establishment Church (EC). The Jews win credibility by being relatively honest; the EC risks losing everything if they are honest. Each time the Jews announce their ‘Saxon-Israel new discovery,’ the EC treats the new discovery with silence — sometimes with ’pooh-poohs.’ The Jews delight in bringing up the subject for a number of reasons; they enjoy tweaking the nose of the Establishment Church, which holds their fate in their hands; they really don’t like the Christian religion very much; they make money each time they make the ‘new discovery’ announcement; and they use the subject to help them keep their primarily job — which is to distribute the goods of the ancient spice trade.

What Organized Religion Fears

Announcements of the discovery that the Saxon people are descended from the ancient tribes of Israel are treated by the established church as ‘non-events,’ the EC cannot recognize another rival to this title. The reason is that centuries ago it co-opted it for a reason. Strong’s Concordance translate the word ‘Israel’ in the Hebrew to mean, ‘He will rule as God.’ Armed with this title and the authority it bestows, the Establishment Church (both Catholic and Protestant) claim the right to ‘rule with God’ because of the power that resides in the name ‘Israel.’ This is how non-Scriptural ‘spiritual Israel’ was born.4

Today, the Establishment Church needs that title as much as it ever did. How else can it explain away the brutality of its kings, the venality of its bankers, its land monopoly, its trade monopoly, its taxes, its adultery and the flagrant immorality of its clergy. Armed with God’s power of attorney that resides in the name ‘Israel’ — it speaks for God and can do no wrong. Not for one second can it afford to have Saxons learn that it is they and not the church that is Israel. Once Saxons learn who they are they will rise and strip the priest of their power, the Churches and their governments of their riches and divide the land and rule themselves according to Scripture.5 What then will become of the Establishment Church?

Why the Big Lie?

Saxons are Christians, or they are nothing. Christians believe that ‘We must obey God rather than men’ Acts 5:29. The Establishment Churches, claiming to be spiritual Israel, teach that man-made statutes are to be followed instead.

To keep Saxons quiet, establishment priests promotes the following three things:

  1. They teach the dogma that all the people of world are descended from Noah.6

    The doctrine that Whites and non-Whites both originated in one set of ancestors logically results in the silly theory that separate races must be a myth and that one God fathered us all. This theory violates the WORD and nullifies God’s command, “A bastard (Hebrew: mamzer — mixed breed, mongrel) shall not enter into the congregation of Israel’ Deuteronomy 23:2. The dogma drags on to its logical conclusion which is that since everyone is descended from Noah, all must be bastard (mixed-breeds) from the beginning.7 ….

  2. Co-opt the title ‘Israel’.

    The title ’Israel’ infers the power ’To speak as God.’ To seize this title, Establishment Church dogma proclaims that there is no more unmixed physical Israel to inherit the title, that unmixed Israel ’disappeared,’ and that they are taking its place as new ‘spiritual Israel.’ This justifies their possessing and monopolizing the wealth of the world — the heritage of Jacob—Israel.8, 9

  3. Ignore the word MAN.

    Ignoring the word man (‘blush red’) permits the Establishment Church to continue to receive tribute from man and human (hued — man) alike. The Establishment Church sits securely on its ancient feudal throne proclaiming that it holds the keys to heaven, while carefully protecting itself with hired politicians and their mercenary armies. This is near the center of Babylon where the Saxon-Israel message is banned.

Back to the Book

The book, Tribes, mentioned above, faithfully follows the Saxon-Israel message with a couple of wrinkles that one would expect. Some of them are the same wrinkle used by Menassah ben Israel in 1650. Both proclaim that Saxon-Israel is composed of 10 tribes,10 the other two tribes being the Jews — one of which is Judah. The Jews say that being Judah give them the right to rule the rest of Israel — meaning us.”11

Letter of Commendation

The most interesting thing about the book is the Letter of Commendation in the front, from Rabbi Abraham Field of the Maccabee Institute, POB 31264, Jerusalem, Israel. He states that, ‘Upon reading Mr. Yari Davidy’s book on the dispersion of the ten lost tribes and contemplating on how most people will receive this as startling new information, I was reminded of a law that US President Bush recently endorsed.’

This law was passed on March 20, 1992, when President Bill Clinton signed a joint Resolution of both Houses of Congress recognizing the Seven Noahide Laws as the ‘bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization’ and urged America to ‘return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws.’12

Rabbi Field continued:

‘This … is at once a recognition of Torah’s relevancy and a basis for a common denominator among all the nations of the world … a common heritage and bloodline that so many people share unbeknownst to themselves.’

Now comes the punchline:

‘… the Jerusalem Talmud declares in the days to come the ten tribes will be righteous converts (Sanhedrin, 10) and concludes, ‘We of Mossad Maccabee have only the highest praise and respect for this valuable contribution to understanding our roots and heritage.’

This is an interesting admission. It spells out what we have long suspected, and that is, the Establishment Church has its itinerary and the Jews have theirs. If the Establishment Church can claim to be Israel and have God’s power of attorney, the Jews can too, and with the hired help of televangelists they do and with their natural group of ‘showbiz,’ they can do it better. They insist that it is THEY who are physical Israel.

Noahide Laws

The world as seen by the Jew is divided into Jews and non-Jews. The Jews are ruled by one set of laws, and non-Jews are ruled by the Seven Noahide Laws. The Jewish holy book, the Talmud states: “Jews are obligated to try to establish the Noahide Code where ever they can” (Yad, Melakhim, 8:10; Judaica, p. 1189).

The actual ‘seven laws’ deal with:

1. Idolatry

2. Blasphemy

3. Murder

4. Sexual Relations

5. Theft

6. Eating limbs of a living animal

7. Establishing Courts of Law

The problem is not the “7-Noahide Laws.’ On the surface they are harmless enough. The problem is the implementation of these laws. Unlike the WORD from the Bible, Noahide Laws are not set in concrete. Judaism is not governed by the WORD as is Christianity. They offer a different route in the following manner:

  1. The Torah (Laws of the Bible), whose meaning is interpreted by:
  2. The Talmud, which is compiled and interpreted by:
  3. The rabbis.

Jewish rabbis have power that can only be compared with the power of a Hindu ‘perfect christ — a god on earth.’13 Thus, observance of the Seven Noahide Laws, which is now law, is predicated on the opinions of Jewish rabbis, and that is a real matter of concern, as we shall soon see.

Their Place in World Affairs

The Jews distribute and merchandise a sizable part of the trade of the world, as they are first to admit. The International Trade Cartel (ITC) could care less who guarantees transportation and delivery of the world’s trade as long as it is done smoothly and in order. Mohammed became a world figure by placing himself and his followers astride the spice routes and stopping the caravans. After a year this forced the ITC to recognize him as protector and to pay him protection moneys. This made him the most important man in the mid-east. This arrangement with the ITC allowed him to become so powerful that he even professed himself to be god’s representative on earth.

Televangelists — Noahide Priests

The Seven Noahide Laws are taught and implemented in selected markets. It is done in part to facilitate trade and in part as a Jewish religious duty. Its spokesmen in the West are carefully selected televangelists whose loyalty is guaranteed by their need for continued media access.

These chosen televangelists make no apologies for what they do. They even identify their heresy with a new name — “Judeo-Christian” — a name unknow befoere 1910.

In exchange for the media exposure that lines their pockets, they teach canned Noahide and related doctrines starting with:

  1. That all mankind are descended from Noah,
  2. The Jews are Israel, i.e.., ‘God’s chosen people,’
  3. They ignore the word ‘man’ and
  4. They never EVER repeat the Laws contained in the Bible.

This avoids, the condemnation in the Talmud which teaches, ‘A Gentile who studies the law deserves death,’ (Sanhedrin, 59a, p. 75). A Noahide priest is forbidden to proclaim things such as:

  • The rapist shall surely be put to death,’ Deuteronomy 22:25-26.
  • If a man lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman .. They shall surely be put to death,’ Leviticus 20:13;
  • Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death,’ Numbers 35:29, 30.

Noahides must not shed human blood. The Talmud teaches:

  • ‘(Noachides are) required to choose martyrdom rather than shed human blood’ (Pes. 25b and Rashi).
  • ‘If he slay a man in self-defense, the Noachide is guilty of murder and must pay the death-penalty, although under the same circumstances an Israelite would not be executed’ (Ency. Judaica, Vol. 12, p. 649).

If you have wondered why the great push to confiscate guns — it might not entirely be the fault of ‘big brother.’ It might just be the implementation of religious doctrine. Without guns, Noahides could not violate the Talmud prohibition of slaying in ‘sef-defense.’ How is it possible to pass such laws? Easy! Look at the country’s leaders. Both Clinton and Gingrich are pictured in the media wearing yarmulkes — the sign of submission to the God of the Jews.14

Televangelists act as Noahide priests. They follow the rules exactly. Thumping the pulpit, they follow the rules exactly. Thumping the pulpit, they declare:

  • That the Bible is ‘the infallible word of God’;
  • They use Christian terminology and parables to maintain the Christian facade needed to win the confidence of their audience, and then,
  • They preach a whole sermon without once repeating a single law, much less the Whole Law of the Bible.15

The congregation is gulled as the Law is replaced with the ‘opinions’ of the rabbis that amplify the 7-Noahide laws. The entire two-thirds of the Bible dealing with government is also off-limits. The Noahide law forbids Noahides to ‘study those parts of the Torah (Talmud) that do not apply to the Noahite’s service to God’ (Sanh 58h), meaning government and governing.


The Jews know the Israel Identity message. The Establishment Church knows the Israel Identity message. Queen Victoria, head of the Anglican Church, brought it into favor in the last century. All televangelist whom I know personally also know the Israel-Identity message. There is scarcely an educated minister in the country who doesn’t know the Israel-Identity message. They have joined ranks to keep this message from the Saxon. They do this to protect their ill-gotten positions and possessions. But in spite of their claims, it is NOT the Establishment Church that is Israel, it is NOT the Jew who is Israel. It is the one whom God chose for His very own.

It is written:

John 15:16: ‘Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you, and ordained you.’

1 Peter 2:4: ‘Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priest-hood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.’

I believe that NOW is the time that God has chosen to tell the people;

‘Ye are my people and I am your God.’

The knowledge that we are His people is the spark feared by the imposters. It is that spark that will trigger an explosion that will result in:

‘Thy kingdom come — on earth …’”



1) Tribes, Yair Davidy, Susia, Hebron Mountains 90401, Israel, 480 p. sb.

2) “They shall put my name upon the children of Israel” Numbers 6:27 — “Christian.” And “In Isaac shall thy name be called” Romans 9:7. Isaac-sons — “Saxons.”

3) Half the proceeds of each foreclosure went to the king. When the usurer died all foreclosed property went to the RC Church and his money went to the king.

4) Saxons are forbidden to bear the name “Israel” today. In ancient Palestine, and before being scattered over the world, God said He would give Israel a new name: “The Lord God shall … call His servants by another name” Isaiah 65:15 (Hosea 2:17). True Israel can’t be called “Israel.” God gave them His name — “Christians.”

5) “The land shall be divided for an inheritance — To many thou shall give the more — to few thou shalt give the less — the land shall be divided by lot: according to — their fathers they shall inherit …” Numbers 26:53-55.

6) The WORD calls Noah “man.” Strong’s Concordance says MAN: Heb: Adam 119 — “to show blood” (in the face), ie.: to flush or turn rosy: — be (dyed, made red (ruddy).

7) Saxons, appointed “kings and priests” by their God believe that the WORD teaches that non-Whites were created before “man.”

8) “Thus sayeth the LORD, who giveth the sun … and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars ...who divideth the sea … If those ordinances depart … then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me” Jeremiah 31:35, 36.

9) Nation: … originally denoted a family or race of men descended from a common progenitor: American Dictionary, Noah Webster 1828.

10) “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting” James 1:1.

11) Bible students reject this claim out of hand because the WORD says, “Now bastard shall enter Israel,” and the Jews confess themselves to be a mixed race. This negates any claim they make to the name “Israel.”

12) H. J. Res 104, Public Law 102-14

13) “The hurdle that must be cleared in preparation for observing the Seven Noahide Commandments is the acceptance of the idea that mankind’s way to the Father is through the rabbis. Path Of The Righteous Gentile, Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalski, Israel, Targum Press, 1987, Intro. P. 4

14) “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other” Matthew 6:24.

15) “Read this law … that they may … do all the words of this law” Deuteronomy 31:11, 12.