Israel Forsook the Lord and Served Baal

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1: How long did it take ancient Israel to begin  to forsake their God and to begin to serve Baal?  Where they suppose to be a melting pot, as the USA is now? Serving Baal is Israel's most common and evil sin.

Part 2: Who do you think were behind the civil rights movement? The NAACP, the SNCC, the Congress of Racial Equality, etc.?   Are the Israelites to be a separate people?  What does it mean that the Canaanites were not all killed and they were left to be a test for Israel?

Part 3: America has been stuck in the ways of the Canaanites for years, even in the White House.  The wife of President Pierce, Harding, Clinton, Reagan and Presidents Nixon, Roosevelt, Lincoln, etc. all were involved with fortune tellers, seances, astrologers, etc.  And now we are having the arch of Baal being set up in our cities.