Another United States Government

by Nord Davis, Jr.

Question:  Brother Davis, what are your thoughts concerning the elections?

Answer:  If there was the slightest possiblility that these elections might restore the Republic, end the New World Order, or stop federal insolvency, they never would have been permitted!

Background:  Before you consider anything else, can you think of even one campaign promise or debated issue, on either side, that proposed any federal action that fell within the lawful confines of the U. S. Constitution?  Is this issue even important in this Day and Age, for Heaven's sake?

I remember, years ago, asking the question in my pamphlets, "Where does the government get the right to spend the taxpayer's money to do a certain thing when the authorization for it cannot be found in the Constitution?  I was of the mistaken opinion that there was only one government of the United States, the Republic, and that it was bound in all matters by the Constitution.  Is it possible that there could be another United States government, that is not obliged by law  to operate within the confines of our Constitution?  How is it possible for agents of the government to confiscate private property, such as done by the IRS, or by drug enforcement operative, without the slightest pretext of due process of law?  What about that citizen's Constitutional rights?  How can all those people at Waco be killed at the hands of government and no one punished? 

In the Oval Office, standing beside the President's desk, are two American flags.  One is the plain flag that we all saluted in school while growing up.  Your allegience, or so you pledged at the time, was to "the Republic for which it stands."  So, that plain American flag stood for a government of the United States identified as "the Republic."

The second flag standing there next to the President's desk has a gold fringe around it.  Those of us who have been in the military saw this flag in all public places.  This flag does not "stand for the Republic,"  but stands for the U.S. Government, which includes Washington, the District of Columbia, federal enclaves such as U.S. District Courts, etc., and those islands of the sea that are territories owned by The District.  It is the lawful International U. S. Government.  It operates the Army, Navy and any other entity with the term U. S. in front of it.  So, if you claim to be a U. S. Citizen, or U. S. Individual or U. S. Taxpayer, the gold fringed flag and its people have international military jurisdiction over you, and technically you retain none of the Rights protected by the Constitution of the Republic.  When America was set up, we had a number of sovereign States, each with the sovereign right to declare war, or establich foreign trade and duties on imported goods.  So that all the States of the Republic would speak with one accord in Foreign and International affaris; The District was set up to accomplish that for us.  Except for military bases, etc., The District, its people and militrary, was to keep their hands off the affaris of the Republic.  The military of the Republic was to be the National Guard and the militia, made up of every able-bodied man.

As you will read in any large law dictionary, such as Black's 5th, only the Republic is extended the unalienable Bill of Rights.  The Persons, Individuals of District of Columbia, as you will read there and elsewhere, do not have any Constitutional Rights exteded to it or its people living here, or in the far-flung territories.  We need to have The District operating only in those international affairs set forth for them by the Constitution.  As a general rule, those matters involving the District or its privileged persons, is called "Federal."  Those matters involving the Rebublic or its constitutionally protected citizens is called "National."

The President is the head of two governments, both called The United States.  One is The Republic and the federal one is also called the "Legislative Democracy of Washington, D. C."  Why is it a "democracy?'  Because it is a raw majoirity not restricted by The Constitution.  You just have to be smart enough to know which one they are talking about in any given matter.

So, with this long-winded background to the answer to the above question, all Presidentail candidates [not necessarily including the sever minor ones] confined all their proposals and political party planks to subjects involving only the Persons and individuals subject to the District of Columbia.  These ideas, such as changes to Social Security, Medicare, gun restrictions, such as The Brady Bill and a host of anti-terrorist Bills, and even ideas on retiring the Federal Debt, are all matters involving only a tiny portion of the American people, if they only knew it.  The purpose of this Persoanl Answer is to teach them.

You must  understand that there is really no practical difference between Bill Clinton, Bob Dole or Newt Gingrich, or for that matter, any of  the past Presidents of recent memory.  All of them are working, each in their own way, as a pack of wolves growling at each other over the remains of a buffalo which they have killed.  The wolves are the federal politicians out for all that they can get, and the buffalo is the body of The Republic.  Each in his own way is destroying The Republic, and from its dead bones merge America into the Totalitarian Dictatorship of a New World Order.

So, as each new Congressman is indoctrinated into his new job, he is told about the difference between Laws involving the Citizens of the Republic, and House Joint Resolutions involving only the U.S. individuals subject to the Civil Resolutions and Statutes of the District.  Congressional Resolutions do oot apply to the Citizens of the Republic, or as I have written previously, Freemen in Sui Juris.

Well, how would you know  whether a United States Law or Regulation applied to you or not?  It is very simple.  Every Law or Regualtion has a numbered Title under which it is classified.  Federal conspiracies, for instance, are under Title 18 and written 18 USC 241.  An IRS Regulation will be identified as 26 USC 7203.  In the Law Library of any University that teaches Law, and in the Library of any Federal Court House, there will be a set of perhaps 100 volumes titled United States Code.  Caution!  There may also be a set titled United States Code Annotated.  You do not want that set of USCA for this lesson.  All you need to do is go to the Index of any of the USC volumes and look at Title 18.  Do you see it there?  Notice to the left of Title 18 there is an asterisk printed there.  All federal laws that have this asterisk are "positive law" and apply to all Americans, both Citizens of The Republic, and U. S. A Individuals who are subjects of the District of Columbia.  Notice that there are a number of Titles which apply to Citizens of the Republc. But, also notice, that there are as many of these Titles which do not have this asterisk in the margin.  Do you see that?  Look at Title 26, the IRS Regulations.  Is there an asterisk in the margin for that Regulation?  No, there is not!  Thus, if you are a Citizen of the Republic, a Freeman in Sui Juris,  Title 26 does not apply to you and you are not obliged to keep records of file returns.  Do you see that?  Based upon the treachery around the world by the District of Columbia, it may actually be unAmerican to file returns and pay taxes if you are not obliged by contract to do so.

Now look at Title 42.  This is the House Joint Resolution on Civil Rights.  Do you see an asterisk in the margin there?  No, for 42 USC also does not apply to Citizens of the Republic, because all of those Righrts are already guaranteed, or technically reserved by we, the people of The Republic.  Title 42 applies only to subjects of The District, who both before and after Title 26, had no unalienable Rights under the Constitution.

So, regarding the election, none of the candidates seemed to have any intent upon being a lawful President of the Republic even though they know far better than I what is being taught here.  If I could have waived a magic wand, and put every man in office I wanted from the slate of candidates presented.  I would have picked exactly what we now have, and pay no attention to the wolves who are devouring the Republic.  America will not be saved by the political process.  We passed that point years ago.