Winston Churchill: The Man Who Abandoned Australia

By Rick Ibbett

Very few people outside of Australia; and mostly only the older generation within, know that the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, had every intention of leaving the people of this land to the “tender mercies” of the barbaric Japanese Military in World War II.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and began their advance through SouthEast Asia, most of Australia’s Army were fighting for Britain in North Africa. News of the fall of Singapore reached Canberra on February 16, 1942. Three days later, Darwin in the Northern Territory, was bombed. At that very time, thousands of Australian Troops were at sea in a convoy, making their way home. Churchill however, with no concern for the people of this land, wanted the troops sent to Rangoon to defend Burma, and thereby protect India.

Terse telegrams went to and for between Canberra and London. The Australian Troops were being shipped home by the British Admiralty, and incredibly, Churchill (without notifying the Australian Government) ordered the ships to change course for Burma. They complied with the order he gave. When the Australian Prime Minister, John Curtin, learned of what Churchill had done, he was furious, and was said to be “greatly shocked” by Churchill's actions. Churchill thought Curtin might change his mind about sending the Australian troops to Burma, but in an angry cable to Churchill, he told him he would not be changing his mind. Eventually, the Australian troops made it home to defend this land.

At the beginning of the War in the Pacific, Australia had a population of just seven million people, of which 98% were from Anglo-Saxon/Celtic stock. We faced an enemy of seventy million Japanese. Early in 1965 I began an apprenticeship which placed me in contact with many WWII Veterans. What they thought of Winston Churchill, I will not repeat here. Even as a boy, I can remember one time, members of my own family talking about the war, and condemning Churchill for wanting to leave Australia virtually defenseless against the Japanese.

On March 8, 1942, Rangoon fell to the Japanese onslaught. There was nothing the Australians could have done to prevent this. Even the British Governor of Burma said our troops would have “died gallantly” in a useless defense of the city. As it turned out, the Australians, who had been fighting Rommel and his Afrika   Corps in the Libyan desert, ended up fighting the Japanese in the jungles of New Guinea. Along the Kakoda Track, they fought to defend their wives, their children, and loved ones at home. They fought the Japanese to a standstill in the sweltering jungle. This was the first time the victorious Japanese Army had been stopped anywhere since the war began.

A biography of our wartime Prime Minister, by author David Day titled: “John Curtin - a life”, confirmed everything the WWII Veterans, and my family members, (some of whom were also WWII Veterans) had said about Churchill, and his unconcerned attitude toward the people of Australia. The following quote is from page 442 of this book. The time setting is just before the fall of Singapore.

“Churchill, who was enjoying the winter sun in Florida, continued to fob off the Australian requests for reinforcements and for Australia to be represented on a decision-making body in Washington to direct the Pacific War. On January 8, he assured Curtin that he was thinking of Australia's interests ‘at every moment...’ Privately, he complained that Australians were being ‘jumpy about invasion’, suggesting that their apparent want of fortitude was due to them coming from ‘bad stock…’”

The “bad stock” as Churchill termed Australians, would be a reference to the 160,000 convicts sent to Australia from 1788 to 1868. It appears that Churchill had forgotten about the almost 60,000 “bad stock” Australians, who gave their lives fighting for Britain in the first world war. Thankfully, the fate of Australia was not in the hands of Winston Churchill, but in the power and the will of the merciful God of Israel.

In a few years the last of those who fought the Japanese in WWII will be gone. But then, the Australia they fought for has ceased to exist, and we now face another perilous time; only now most of our people do not even realize it.

Alfred Deakin, who became Australia's second Prime Minister, spoke these words before the Australian Parliament on September 12, 1901. "We find ourselves touching the profoundest instinct of individual or nation - the instinct of self-preservation- for it is nothing less than the national manhood the national character and the national future that are at stake ... No motive power operated universally and more powerfully in dissolving the technical and arbitrary divisions which previously separated us than did the desire that we should be one people and remain one people without the admixture of other races."         We were warned, and we heeded this warning for some sixty five years. However, Australia's increasingly corrupt society, and a succession of blind or traitorous leaders, have caused this birthright land the God of Israel promised to His people, to be overrun by strangers.

In 1901 Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, introduced the 'Immigration Restriction Act' into Parliament. He believed this act was of great importance to curtail the dangers of racial genocide. By the early 1960's, the ancient enemy of Israel's people, (Esau/Edom, the Jews) were working behind the scenes to destroy the Immigration Restriction Act. In a televised interview at that time, Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, referred to these people,  (Esau/Edom the Jews) who were against the existing immigration policy as: "...'wandering' Australians..."  Robert Menzies named these people the only way he could, to prevent being called 'anti-Semitic'. After Menzies retired in 1966, the 'wandering' Australians had their way. Within a few years, the Immigration Restriction Act was gone. The floodgates were opened, and the 'strangers' (non-Israelite, non-Adamic people) poured into this birthright land of Israel. Census projections predict that in only 25 years from now, the Anglo-Saxon (Israelite) people will be a minority of less than 50% of the population of Australia. New policies by the current federal government may shorten this time frame considerably.

As it stands now; it appears that the future for our blind, misguided and lost nation, is to fade into oblivion. And that would be our fate, were it not for our God. "Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." Psalm 121:4. Ezekiel Chapter 20 is dated at over 120 years after the house of Israel (and the majority of Judah) had been taken into Assyrian captivity. Yet five times this chapter speaks to the house of Israel. And here is what lies ahead; not just for Israel in Australia, but for Israel in all the birthright lands she was given.

"As I live, saith the Lord God, surely with a mighty hand, and with stretched out arm, and with fury poured out will I rule over you: and I will bring you out from the peoples (plural) and will gather you out of the countries wherein ye are scattered, with a mighty hand, and with a stretched out arm, and with fury poured out. Ezekiel 20;33-34. This appears to tie in with Matthew 25:31-32, where the Son of man shall separate the nations as (the - definite article) shepherd dividethhis sheep (Israel) from the goats.

There is no other hope for us. And our thanks be to God, that His word shall not return to Him void, but shall accomplish, and prosper in the thing whereto He sent it. See Isaiah 55:11. Speaking of the 'time of Jacob's trouble' our God says: "For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of Hosts, that I will break his yoke (the yoke of Esau/Edom) from off thy neck, ... And strangers (alien people, Strongs Hebrew 2114) shall no more serve themselves of him: But they shall serve the Lord their God ... And ye shall be my people, and I will be your God"  Jeremiah 30:8-9, 22.

Though we now live in a dark age, that grows darker with every passing year, do not be discouraged. Look at this precious verse: "Let Israel hope in the Lord: For with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is plenteous redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities." Psalm 130:7-8.