Five Hundred Years Since the Reformation

By Jim Jester

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Part 1: We live in a day of dearth of sound doctrine – a famine of “hearing the words of Yahweh” (Amos 8:11). Bible doctrine and correct theology was the driving force of the Protestant Reformation, and it ought to be so today. But sadly, most churches do not preach sound doctrine.

Part 2:  Most of the Reformers missed the racial significance of God’s Covenant. A supposed Reformed minister criticizes three Christian Identity pastors. A response in their defense comes from Sacred Truth Ministries. How do we know that Christian Identity is correct?

Part 3:  What we should expect from national leaders. A glimpse into heroism. A look at ethno-nationalism in the scriptures and quotes pertaining to nationalism by some of the Reformers. What happens to churches that do not maintain their theological foundations.

Part 4: White supremacy is in the Bible. An overview on the work of the Holy Spirit. The ideals of Christian Identity will eclipse the Reformation and lead us into the kingdom of God.