By the Babylonian Rivers


Psalm 137 by Ewald Bash, “By the Babylonian Rivers”, KAS DZIEDAJA/CAPTIVITY, Latvian melody

1 By the Ba-by-lon-ian ri-vers 
We sat down in grief and wept;
Hung our harps up-on the wil-low,
Mourned for Zi-on when we slept.

2 There our cap-tors in de-ri-sion
Did re-quire of us a song;
So we sat with star-ing vis-ion,
And the days were hard and long.

3 How shall we sing the^ Lord’s song
In a strange and bit-ter land;
Can our voi-ces veil the sor-row?
Lord God, hold your ho-ly band.

4 Let the Cross be ben-e-dic-tion
For those bound in tyr-an-ny;
By the pow’r of re-sur-rec-tion
Loose them from cap-tiv-i-ty.