Psalms for Turbulent Times

by Pastor James Jester

Homilies on selected Psalms that deal with prayers and laments in time of trouble.

Part 1: The books of Isaiah and Psalms are the most often quoted by the writers of the New Testament. The hymn that Jesus sang with his Apostles at the Last Supper was likely the Egyptian Hallel (Pss. 113-118) or a part of it. In the agony of the cross, Jesus meditated upon Psalm 22:1, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46; Mk. 15:34). And, according to Luke 23:46, it was with the words from Psalm 31:5, “Into thine hand I commit my spirit…” that He died. The hymns that Paul and Silas sang in the Philippian jail (Acts 16:25) were probably some of the Psalms. Paul recommended the singing of Psalms to the congregations addressed in Ephesus (Eph. 5:19) and Colossae (Col.3:16).

Part 2:  Psalm 44 The personal prayer of King David (Ps. 5) and the national lament and prayer of Israel (Ps. 44).

Part 3:  Psalm 58  A report from Sidney Powell. A recent law I did not know about. A prayer of King David (Ps. 13) and the national lament and prayer of Israel (Ps. 58).

Part 4:  Psalm 60 We the People Convention puts an Ad in newspaper. Martial law under Trump is better than civil war under Biden. A prayer of King David (Psalm 25) and the national lament and prayer of Israel.  (Psalm 60).

Part 5:  Psalm 74  An assessment of current events and advice for America. An overview of current conditions. A prayer of King David (Ps. 28) and the national lament and prayer of Israel in time of defeat (Ps. 74). Presentation of Psalm 74 in song, “Will God Forever Cast Us Off?” Isaac Watts; BEATITUDO, John B. Dykes, 1875

Part 6:  Psalm 77  A contemplation of David (Ps. 142). Coup in Myanmar. Who should be Impeached? Asaph’s national lament on behalf of Israel while in Babylon (Ps. 77). Jim sings Psalm 77.

Part 7:  Psalm 79  David’s personal lament (Ps. 6); and exposition. Comments on Biden’s first address. News article on the border. Asaph’s prayer (Ps. 79) for the nation’s deliverance; and application.

Part 8:  Psalm 80  A song (prayer) of David (Ps. 55:1-11). My political commentary. A song (prayer) of Asaph (Ps. 80) for the nation’s deliverance; and exposition of the psalm. Jim sings Psalm 80.

Part 9:  Psalm 83  A song (prayer) of David (Ps. 64). The Floyd Autonomous Zone. Is God a Nationalist? A song (prayer) of Asaph (Ps. 83) for the nation’s deliverance. Jim sings Psalm 83.

Part 10:  Psalm 90  David’s personal lament (Ps. 31:14-19). The destructive influence of pietism. A prayer of Moses (Ps. 90) reflecting how temporary mortal man is before God’s eternity. Jim sings Psalm 90.

Part 11:  Psalm 94  A lament of David (Ps. 52). Two current news reports based on lies. The Five Phases of Vaccine Compliance. Psalm 94, a lament of both the community and an unknown individual. Jim sings Psalm 94.

Part 12:  Psalm 106  A prayer of one of the sons of Korah (Ps. 43). Dangers of the vaccine. A note from coach Daubenmire. A lament on the rebellion of Israel (Ps. 106). Jim sings Psalm 106.

Part 13: Psalm 141 A liturgy led by a priest (Ps. 123). Biden crime family. Gay agenda. A lament of David (Ps. 141). Facing Temptation. Israel and Jews not the same. Jim sings Psalm 141.

Part 14: Psalm 137  A praise and lament of David (Ps. 9-10).  A community lament and imprecatory. Q & A on Singing (Ps. 137). Jim sings Psalm 137. The last of the series on Psalms of lament (of which, 30 psalms were examined).