Midnight Christmas Mass

By Don Elmore

Each Christmas the Roman Catholic Church holds a special mass (Christ's Mass) at midnight at the Vatican. As a youngster and non-Catholic, I always wondered why? It seems like a very bad time to have a church service.

I never received a answer that seemed right to me--in fact, I never received an answer. Every one I asked, just said that it was "tradition." But on every Christmas eve at midnight, you could turn on the television set and see a great mulititude in attendance at the Vatican and at most of the Roman Catholic churches in the world.

Over the last couple of years, I believe I have found the answer to my original question. Anyone who does any study at all with come to the opinion that the Roman Catholic Church was not the original Christian church; in fact, they will find that she represents the false church. They are the church that mixed the pagan false culture of the Romans with new found Christianity of the Israelites.

Was was one of the things that they mixed? The pagans celebrated Saturnalia. Briefly put, they believed that the sun god died on December 21st, the winter solstice. At that time the amount of daylight was the shortest of the year. But Christmas isn't till the 25th.

What I didn't know for most of my life was that the amount of daylight remained the same for three days--it was not until December 25th that the amount of daylight began to get longer each day--i.e. that signified that the sun was reborn!

So, what would be the best time to hold a Mass of Christ to signify his birth? At midnight of the 25th of December--the wrong time for the beginning of the day and the wrong time for the birth of our Savior! But the right time for the rebirth of the Sun god. Many false gods were reborn at December 25th--Mithras, Nimrod, Chrishua, Buddha, Beddou, Quetzalcoati, Hercules, Attis, Tammuz, etc.

Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th--it is wrong to worship His birth on the day when so many false gods have their birthday. His birth was in the Fall; not in the dead of winter.