Jews and Christian Identity - Part 2


Sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

March 24, 2024

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:39, 40:

39) “The enemy that sowed them [tares] is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40) As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this world.”

These are the concluding scriptures of the parable of the wheat and the tares. The wheat was sown by the Son of Man, while the tares were sown by His enemy, the devil. Who are the tares that are to be gathered and burned in the fire? The wheat is to go into God’s kingdom, while the tares are to go to the place where the Talmud, the Jews “holy book,” says that Jesus is now—in hell.

Notice what Arnold Kennedy writes in his book, “The Exclusiveness of Israel”, on page 63:

“Jesus states that every plant is not planted by His Heavenly Father. Jesus says that it is the enemy who plants the tares. Jesus also makes it very clear that every plant, which my heavenly father hath not planted, shall be rooted up(Matt. 15:13). So, it is very clear that there are two kinds of people, one from above, and one from below, in the vineyard. It must still be so today on Earth since the two kinds continue to grow together until the harvest. This harvest is at the end of the age; so it is yet to happen. The Churches will never allow this separation of kinds in their teachings, and they include everyone as being able to receive the Word. The prophets and Jesus agree that the Word was given to Israel alone.”

The Jews do not believe because they are not of Jesus’ sheep. It was/is impossible for them to believe. They are antichristian. There is no such thing as a “good” Jew.

  • A goat cannot change into a sheep.
  • A tare cannot change into wheat.
  • A bad fish cannot become a good fish.
  • A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.
  • A Jew can’t become a true Christian.
  • An antichrist can’t become a Christian.

Five verses after verse 26 of our opening Scripture, it says that “the Jews took up stones again to stone Him[Jesus].”


We lament at the destruction of the mainline Protestant churches in the last century in our nation. Almost all of them (Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Anglican, Congregational, Puritan, Calvinistic, Quaker, Anabaptist, and the Moravian Church) used to be segregated but have changed in the last hundred years to be multicultural and multiracial in their congregations and clergy and are universal in their gospel outreach and no longer believe that the Jews are the enemy of their Savior and followers.


And there have always been groups that were on the edge of the larger denominations. For example, there are the Christadelphians. Christadelphians believe that the Satan or Devil is NOT a fallen angel. The Devil is viewed as the general principle of evil and inclination to sin which resides in humankind. They believe that, dependent on the context, the term HaSatan in Hebrew merely means “opponent” or “adversary” and is frequently applied to human beings. Accordingly, they do not define Hell as a place of eternal torment for sinners, but as a State of Eternal Death; respectively, non-existence due to annihilation of body and mind.

Members of this faith believe that Jesus was human, not divine, although he was the son of God. Everyone who dies, according to Christadelphian theology, goes into an unconscious state from which only believers will be resurrected during the Second Coming of Jesus. [Believers of what? Is it only what Christadelphians believe?]

The Christadelphian movement was founded by John Thomas (1805-71), in the United States of America in 1848.Thomas was a doctor who had been born in London but emigrated to America in 1832. Thomas joined the Campbellite movement, a group that aimed to return to the early days of the Church. Later he became interested in the Millerite or Adventist movement.

Since the 1800s more and more church splits have occurred, till the Protestant world is in a tizz. And if you think that is bad, do you think that it can get any worse? Where can you go to church and learn what the Bible teaches? What about Christian Identity churches?


Charles A. Weisman, who is now deceased, was an author who was basically a loner. He wrote a lot of books, some of them, in my opinion, were very good and interesting. He wrote about the pre-Adamites, he discussed views that were againstAnswers in Genesis’ evil books, One Blood and its revision, One Race, One Blood, andyet came to some wrong conclusions about the serpent’s seed. I have only skimmed through a couple of his books that dealt with the law but read more thoroughly the books that dealt with theology. But I didn’t read all of them. These books had both good and bad statements, several contradictory statements, with some books a lot better than the others.

One of the surprising things is, at least to me, why the “no Satan” people keep recommending his books--for he was not a “no Satan” believer. According to ALL his writings, he had a different belief than most do in Christian Identity. For he wrote that there was both a Satan and a Satanic seedline.

Here are a few quotes from one of his books, What About the Seedline Doctrine?

  • “The Edomites also constituted a satanic seedline, as they were always ungodly and against God’s people,” Ibid, Page 52.
  • “The seven Canaanite nations were so contrary to God that He told Israel to eliminate every last man, woman and child (Deut. 20:17). Thus as a race these nations were satanic without any redeeming qualities”, Ibid, Page 52.
  • “Again, the question is not that the Jews are ungodly or satanic, but why they are this way;” Ibid, Page 55.

And why were they called satanic:

  • “The enmity and satanic nature was [were] due to God’s curse and rejection of Cain because of Cain’s act of murder. It was not due to Eve having sex with a supernatural, satanic being”, Ibid, Page 52.

But wasn’t enmity placed in both him (the Serpent) and his seed at his punishment, as well as the woman and her seed? Weisman only has enmity placed in one group of people, not two.

However, the three main groups of Christian Identity are those that believe in the:

  • “No Satan” doctrine; Satan means everyone’s fleshly nature so,
  • Everyone, not just the Jews, can be the evil and antichristian people, but a few still believe that the
  • Jews are the most evil and antichristian people; but why are they?
  • Serpent seed line: but it was not caused by the Serpent having sex with the woman; the Jews are the most evil and antichristian people, but why are they?
  • Dual seed line Doctrine: the Jews are the offspring of the devil and are the most evil and antichristian people, and the Israelites, who are descended from Jacob through Seth, are the recipients of the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant.


Charles A. Weisman wrote a booklet called, “Who is Esau-Edom?” where he correctly points out the evilness of the Jews. He stated repeatedly, throughout this book, that the “Jews are the most antichristian people on the face of the earth” (page 20). He wrote that the Jews infiltrated the churches and eventually got their way.


Weisman writes the following on page 22 of his book, Who Is Esau-Edom?

“God’s hatred of Edom is not a temporary thing but is perpetual. The doctrine that God loves everyone does not stand up in light of what the Bible has to say regarding God’s merciless position towards the race of people called Edom. Although the churches have tried to alter God’s true nature, we find that throughout the Bible God’s position towards Esau-Edom does not change: Weisman doesn’t tell who put the blood of Jesus on themselves, as it says in Matthew 27:25, and their children are no longer identified. But it wasn’t the Negroid or Oriental or Indians or Pacific Islanders children; for their parents weren’t living anywhere close to Palestine. But it was someone else!

Matthew 27:25:

25) “Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us [chief priests and elders, verse 20], and on our [chief priests and elders] children.”


Matthew 23:33, 35:

33)“You serpents; you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?

35) That upon you [Who is this? Verse 33; is this Israelites (sheep) or Edomites (serpents?)] may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the altar.”

Weisman says on page 37 of What About the Seedline Doctrine?

 “…it was a judgment upon Adamic man, of which Israel was the recognized heir and responsible party” and

“These Judean Israelites were to bear the judgment for all the unlawful acts of murder committed, whether or not their direct ancestors had done them. This includes the murder of Abel by Cain because Cain was an Adamite.”

In my opinion, if Adam were the father of Cain, his lineage would have drowned in Noah’s flood. Jesus wasn’t saying that the Judean Israelites were going to hell, but it was as Weisman said in his other books, that there are no Jews who were ever or will ever be saved. They are the ones going to hell.

But there is one more thing. The Judean/ Israelites, who Weisman said were guilty of the murder of Abel…Who was at the beginning of their seed line? It wasn’t Cain, but it was Adam-Seth. Seth was born after the murder of Abel by Cain.   So, how could the Judean/Israelites be guilty of the murder of Cain if their lineage was born after the murder? Weisman made no comment on this point.


But has Christian Identity been infiltrated by this particular group, i.e. the Jews, too? You may disagree with me, but I believe that it has. And what would be the best way to infiltrate Christian Identity? Each church is basically autonomous and there is not a head man or committee or church that determines what the rest of the Christian Identity churches believe.

Many Christian Identity churches and/or their individual believers follow either Emry, Swift, Comparet, Gale, Rand, Weiland, Jones, Gayman, Downey, Barley, Butler, Kennedy, Poch, James, Murray, Ramsey, Robb, Finck, Potts, Blanchard, Peters,  Gentry, Kemble, Moore, Capt, Lt. Col. Mohr, Dyer, Hoskins, Williams, Wickey, Jennings, Balaicius, Benson, Weisman, or etc., or a combination of several of them.

But one can’t follow all of them, for there are a lot of differences among all these “so-called” Christian Identity preachers. Some are very minor, which is to be expected, but there are some major differences. As I have gotten older, there is less and less that I believe from most of these preachers. For the following reasons:            

  • Some are universalists, others say that the promises of God are exclusive to Israel only,
  • Some say that Adam was the father of Cain, others say that it was the Serpent,
  • Some say that the Jews are Satanic; others say there is no Satan.
  • Some celebrate the Mass of Christ; others say this celebration has nothing to do with Christianity,
  • Some say that the Jews derived all their evilness from certain cursed and rejected Israelites, others say that it is just the reverse,
  • Some say that the Judahites were guilty of the murder of Jesus Christ, others say that it was the Jews,
  • Some say that Jesus Christ was not divine, others teach that He is part of the Godhead,
  • Some say that the Jews are the most evil and antichristian people in the world, others believe that there are some good Jews,
  • Some teach that all Israel shall be saved, while others teach that only those Israelites who repent and are obedient to the LORD God will be saved,
  • Some teach that the world-wide flood occurred during the days of Noah, while others believe that a world-wide flood happened prior to the creation of Adam,
  • Some teach that there is no devil, angels, or giants, others teach that they all exist, etc.

Now, practically all the readers or listeners of this sermon are offended. But there are a lot of differences in Christian Identity; almost as much as there are in traditional Christianity.


Up until about fifty years ago, there wasn’t as much division. The older preachers, like Carter, Dequer, Gaard, Comparet, Swift, Murray, Emry, Jones, and Gayman taught the Serpent Seedline Doctrine or ignored it completely.  No one believed in a “no Satan” doctrine. We owe them much thanks for the hard work that they did in teaching the true gospel message that the recipients of the everlasting Abrahamic covenant are our own people, not the Jewish imposters.

Emry believed in the Serpent seed doctrine until later in his life. Emry, for example, wrote a booklet in 1968, one year after he arrived in Phoenix, Arizona from Minnesota, called Who Killed Christ?He didn’t write in this booklet that Satan was the “fleshly lusts” of each person, like he did at the end of his life.

For example, on page 7, he wrote:

“Unlike Paul’s evangelism, Billy Graham’s evangelism never has brought on him the enmity of the Jews.”

[There’s the word enmity again that was given by God to the Serpent and his seed.]

On page 9, he says: “These ‘Jews’ Are Of the Devil

Jesus Christ denied the Jews’ claim to be sons of God, for He answered, ‘If God were your Father ye would love Me.’ (John 8:42). He then proceeded to leave a prophecy and a warning of what that mixed-blood race would do in the future. ‘Ye are of your father the devil… (Verse 44).”

Emry explains what most “no Satan” people do not understand that:

“It must be understood that the people who occupied the seats of religious power in old Jerusalem at the time of Christ WERE NOT ISRAELITES! They were descendants of Ishmael and Esau, who had intermarried with Canaanites and thereby produced a race of people eternally hostile to true Israel, which we shall see”, Ibid, page 8.

Emry wrote that there were no good Jews, that they all are doomed to hell.

“‘Jews’ Will Not Become Christians

To be sure that we would understand that these Edomites would never heed God’s Word i.e., would never become Christians--Jesus went on to say to them. He that is of God (Jacob-Israel’s descendants) heareth God’s Words: ye therefore hear them not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF GOD (vs. 47). Christians who have always wondered why the Jews refuse to hear (believe) God’s Word in Christ need wonder no longer, Ibid, page 9.”

“‘Converted’ Jews And False Ministers

The so-called ‘converted Jew’ is well known in Christian circles, always pleading the Name of Christ, while promoting Jewish interests! One wonders how many ‘converted’ seminary professors, preachers, Sunday-school teachers, writers of books and tracts, and editors of so-called ‘Christian’ publications today are actually spies sent forth by the modern scribes and pharisees to ‘feign themselves just men’ ... ‘in order to entrap unwary Christendom’”, Ibid, page 11.

But a few of the older preachers, like Emry and Jones, took to a “no Satan” doctrine that was taught by a non-Adamic before they died. More about that later in this message. Followers of them who have continued their teachings have been Weiland, Ewing, McGaw, Stadsklev, Downey, Capt, and others with a few switching from the “no Satan” to the dual seed line side.

So, now Christian Identity is almost hopelessly split into contrasting, non-negotiable views. Many, but thankfully not all, say terrible things about the other side, till there is little hope of ever coming to a solution.


Some of the newer authors and speakers, like Charles A. Weisman, have come up with newer teachings. He did not teach “no Satan” nor was he a Dual Seedline believer. 

For example, one of his books, Who Is Esau-Edom, has much approval in today’s Christian Identity churches. Here is a quote, page 51, which almost everyone in Christian Identity would approve:

“The connection between the white race and Christianity, and the Jews with Judaism, or the religion of the Jews as expressed in their Talmud, is contrary to the precepts of the Christian Bible. What the Bible approves of, the Talmud disapproves of, and what the Bible prohibits, the Talmud allows in some form.”

And on page 59, Weisman adds:

“Nowhere in Scripture is such hatred and animosity to be found as that which Esau-Edom had for Jacob-Israel…The most obvious evidence of the perpetual hatred” Jews have towards the white Christian people is found in their own Talmud.”

Weisman is, in my opinion, correct when he identifies the Jews as having a “perpetual hatred” towards the Christian people. But is there a verse or verses in the Bible that would agree with this statement?

The Bible tells its reader that there would be a people who would have a “perpetual hatred” towards the people of God. Now where in the Bible does that enduring, forever intense hostility come from? Why didn’t anyone else get this “perpetual hatred”? Why is it aimed at only Christians?

Is this where they got their hatred?

Genesis 3:15: “And I [LORD God] will put enmity between thee [Serpent] and the woman[Eve], and [enmity] between thy [Serpent’s] seed and her [Eve’s] seed…”

If the Serpent’s seed is not today’s Jews, who have an eternal hatred of Christianity, then who is the Serpent’s seed? If the enmity that God put in both the Serpent and Eve and their two seeds, then who did the Serpent have sexual relations with, to have seed (offspring)? Weisman does not answer these questions.

So, how did the Jews become so much eviler than the rest of the world? Weisman attempts to answer this question when he talks about the Ashkenazi Jews on page 14. He says that:

“…these people are not true Judahites but became a mixed or hybridized people, consisting of Edomites, Hittites, Canaanites, Judahites, Babylonians, Ishmaelites, Huns, Khazars, etc.…”

“Because of the Jews’ mixed ancestry, history is sketchy as to their origins from Japheth,” [not Shem] “Esau, or other people in the Bible.” 

Weisman quotes Ashley Montagu, from his book, Man’s Most Dangerous Myth, (1974), p. 375 and on page 13 of his book:

“…the original mixed ancestry of the Jews and their subsequent history of intermixture with every people among whom they have lived and continue to live…”

What was the Jews’ “original mixed ancestry” that Montagu stated? It wasn’t the birth of Esau. Does it go back to the birth of Cain in the Garden? But here is where Weisman, in my opinion, is incorrect. He writes in his book on page 99:

“And who killed Abel? Cain did and though he was an Adamitehis descendants are not…The loss of Adamic heritage was their punishment for murder.

Weisman wrote that Cain was an Adamite, but Cain’s descendants were not Adamites? Why? Weisman put out an interesting answer. He said that Cain lost his Adamic heritage because he murdered an innocent person, i.e. Abel.

Where is the Scripture that says that he lost his Adamic heritage because of his murder?

Weisman then wrote that Cain and his descendants married people who were of other races. Cain married a person from India; this  is what Richard Hoskins wrote. Was he lying?

It couldn’t be a person from the Adamic race, unless you agree with Answers in Genesis that he married one of Adam’s daughters. But then his offspring would still be Adamic, if his father was Adam!  Weisman doesn’t name who the wife of Cain was, just that she was a foreigner.

But Weisman adds on page 23 of his booklet, that:

“There is not one favorable or positive statement in the Bible in relation of Esau-Edom” and

“Only one group of people reacts as though God has a hatred for them—that is the Jews.”

Six pages later he says,

“The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but through their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers.”

The Canaanite family tree ran through Noah, Ham, not Shem, and Canaan. It was a different family tree than Esau had in his beginning. Besides the Amorites, what about the rest of the Canaanites? What about the Perizzites? What about the Rephaim? What about the Hivites, Girgashites, and Hittites, Horites and Jebusites? This was the family tree that Esau married into. And the Canaanites had married into the Kenite family line, who were just as evil as the Canaanites, who were just as evil as the Jews.


Here is a little history that is unknown to most of the Christian Identity believers of today. I was unaware that this happened for almost my entire preaching career. Over 50 years ago, Steven Jones along with his father, Tom, and his brother Phillip, discovered a “new” truth and went to different Christian Identity preachers to convince them of this newfound belief. They had learned this new truth from books that they had with them.

They went to the Church of Israel (Dan Gayman) but he refused to believe that there was “no Satan”. They then went to Sheldon Emry, and he became convinced. He stated that he wanted to take Satan out of Christian Identity. He was friends with a certain Jewish spy that I will tell you about a little bit later in this sermon.

But first let me warn you…beware of the Jew. Has a Jew ever gone to one of our church services or conference meetings? Or has a Jew ever gotten one of our church’s newsletters? Or has a Jew ever read a sermon from our church’s (FGCP) website? They probably have.

Has a Jew ever written Christian Identity material? Has a Jew ever gone to a meeting in a national site. Yes, they have. I know of one, who teaches “Christian Identity” on the radio but is a universalist. His daughter married an Egyptian and his other daughter was dating a Oriental person. Whether they broke up and got married doesn’t matter. This person has even changed his name, from the time that I joined him on his radio broadcast to now. So, I am guilty, too, for I appeared on his radio show.

Then there were the conferences held in Falling Waters, West Virginia where Pastor Pete Peters used to have a meeting twice a year for the East coast people. Richard Hoskins told Pastor Peters, the host of the conference, that there were a few people who did not belong there, but Peters ignored his warning. Several years later Peters confessed that Hoskins had warned him and that these people, who were Jews, were giving him problems.

And there was another Jew, a woman, who was a political activist. She was an elementary school teacher, then a substitute teacher, then began to chase suspected communists out of the schools. She supported Senator Joseph McCarthy who accused many in America’s society of being Communists. She gained notoriety during the 1960s when she accused Arnold Rose of having communist ties. Her accusations resulted in a widely publicized libel suit. 

Mr. Arnold Rose, both a state representative and a college professor, was charged by right-wingers from Minnesota with having been a Communist collaborator and security risk and unfit to be either a legislator or a teacher. The principal defendant was a Jewess, Gerda Koch, a collector of right-wing literature and author of numerous leaflets. Gerda interposed a counterclaim based on statements made by Rose in which she was accused of being subversive and as dangerous as the Communists.

The trial lasted more than three weeks and ended in Arnold Rose’s vindication. The jury threw out the counterclaim and awarded Rose $10,000 compensatory and $10,000 punitive damages. But the verdict was reversed on appeal because the trial judge had not applied the rule of the New York Times case, that to recover a plaintiff must show not only that the statements about him were false but that they were made in reckless disregard of the truth. The author-plaintiff died before there could be a new trial.

Christian Research operated a bookstore in the home of Miss Koch containing some 500 hard-cover books and about 1,000 pamphlets and tracts. It published a newspaper, entitled “Facts for Action,” distributed about five times a year to a regular mailing list of approximately 400 subscribers and to visitors of the Minnesota State Fair.Miss Koch is the editor of “Facts for Action” and “accepts the sole responsibility for [its] contents.”

There was another Christian Identity preacher who lived in Minnesota where Gerda Koch lived. In the mid-1960s he became vice-chairman of Christian Research, Inc. The name of this well-known leader of Christian Identity was Sheldon Emry. While he was vice-chairman, Sheldon testified in the trial that Miss Koch would check with him from time to time, but she was responsible for gathering and sending out material which she thought was reliable.

Sheldon moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Minneapolis later that decade. He founded the Lord’s Covenant Church in 1967 and died in 1985. While there, Sheldon wrote some of his best books, for example, he wrote Who Killed Christ in 1968. An especially popular tract of his is Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People which was written in 1979. The small booklet describes how a Jewish conspiracy has mastered the economic order of the world through its control of the international banking system. A few years after his death the ministry was moved to Sandpoint, Idaho. 


And then there was the Minnesota State Fair’s objection to printed materials being distributed by an exhibitor in the Grandstand.  The objection was made about the Jewess, Gerda Koch, who was doing business as Christian Research Inc.She was handing out antisemitic pamphlets at her booth under the guise of Christian outreach.

Koch eventually moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas but returned to the Minnesota State Fair each year. The Jewish Community Relations Council set up a booth at the Fair near the Christian Research’s booth. Their location near Koch’s booth was intentional. It was set up to combat the racism and antisemitism that Koch spouted, the Jewish group attempted to counter the hate speech since the Fair would not shut Koch’s booth down. 

In 1979, an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune newspaper noted the Koch was at the Fair to talk about the importance of being Caucasian, about how six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis, about why income tax is a violation of the laws of God.

But Koch was not a Caucasian or White but was Jewish (mixed seed). This should have been the first red flag to the Christian Identity followers to beware of her. But she was getting some people’s attention, enough to cover her actions in the local newspaper. That should have been a clue that she was a spy, for no Jew is White. They are all mixed breeds. That is one reason why Jewish Communism wants to eliminate the pure-seeded White people. All they want is mixed-seeded brown people.

Gerda died in 1994 and the Christian Research organization left the Fair in 1996. She denied the validity of the Holocaust, believed that women shouldn’t have the right to vote, and that birth control is unhealthy and premarital sex is against God’s word.

Prior to her death in 1994, Koch passed the directorship of Christian Research Ministries to her assistant, Dan Gentry, a Christian Identity minister. So, I would surmise from this, that Dan and Sheldon and others who worked with her, believed that there was such a thing as a “good” Jew. They must believe that a few Jews can become a sheep. Weisman didn’t.


 Another well-known Christian Identity congregation was the LaPorte Church of Christ near Fort Collins, Colorado. Its pastor was a former Church of Christ preacher by the name of Pete Peters. He had been influenced by Gerda Koch too. Peters was convinced that there was “no devil” for many years, until he changed. Here is what he said on why he changed his view, from “no Satan” to there is a Satan, on one of his sermon tapes:

“And the other day it just came to me like that—how it all happened. And then I called up George Southwick who’s been involved in this movement [for] many years, and he confirmed how it worked. Now what happened is: a very fine man who has reached more people with the Anglo-Israel Message than any man I know of—a man that ordained me that I highly respect—who’s a far better man than I am, for he was a far better man, and certainly a better scholar —but nevertheless he was like me, he was a man. And he, pastor Emry, came out with the ‘no devil’ doctrine. And the way it came about, though, he was given a book by (it was revealed to me just as clear as could be) a Jewess. Now some of you are not going to like this—I don’t really care—I’m even going to tell you, her name. Her name was Gerda Koch ...”

Remember these are the words of Pastor Pete Peters. Pastor Peters, who died in 2011, said that Pastor Emry was taught the doctrine of the “no Satan” by a book written by the Jewess Gerda Koch.

Gerda Koch did have some strange ideas, besides the views that were good that she taught to gain the confidence of the adherents of Christian Identity. We are at war. Think of Gerda as a spy for the enemy.

One Christian Identity preacher told me that he wouldn’t allow Gerda to put any of her organization’s material at his church. He wouldn’t allow it, even after she died, when Dan Gentry asked. The Christian Identity preacher said that it was counter to his teachings. He also told me that after Emry started teaching the “no Satan” doctrine, that Sheldon would avoid going to Conferences where he was also scheduled. 

Gerda attended a lot of meetings, even Pete Peters meetings, where she would get with attendees and try to get them to see her views.She claimed to be a prophetess, which some of the Christian Identity preachers agreed with.

The booklet that the Jewess Gerda Koch wrote that made the rounds was named Lucifer Scrutinized, Satan Dispelled, under the pseudonym Kalamos.  It promoted Gerda’s claims that Satan was a reference to the flesh. You can read it on the internet by going to www.ChristianAmericanMinistries for free or you can just send me your email address at our church’s address:


PO Box 321

Union, KY  41091

And I will send you a free email copy of her book.

This was how the spy got Christian Identity off the track of fighting the genetic, physical enemy the Jew. This Jewess convinced some of the leaders of the Christian Identity movement that there was no such thing as devils, and that sin is all the fault of the flesh. That is exactly what Pastor Peters describes here, and his testimony is highly critical of himself as well as others, since he fell for it too.

Gerda Koch didn’t fight against the Jews, for she was a Jew. But just saying that she wasn’t a descendant of the devil, didn’t make it true.

But God created the flesh, and He called it good, so the flesh itself cannot be the devil. Therefore, all of Gerda Koch’s supposed good work is neutralized because she was only a deceiver. Christian Identity continues to suffer from her deception unto this very day. 


Gerda’sbooklet is way too long to analyze now, but I will just take a small part of one chapter and give my views on it.  “Lucifer Scrutinized, Satan Dispelled”that she wrote that influenced many from Christian Identity. There are thirteen chapters and a couple of Appendixes in the booklet.

If one reads Gerda’s entire booklet, the conclusion would be that she was a Sadducee. For she denies angels, fallen angels, devils, demons, Satan, dragon, and other like entities like the Sadducees did in the Old Testament, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


“If our Lord had said that ‘diabolos’ and the ‘satan’ are supernatural persons, or a supernatural person, we are bound to believe it to be so, but He Himself called Peter ‘satan’, and we know that Peter was human, very, very, human! ‘And one of you is a diabolo (an accuser),’ Jesus said, referring to Judas, who would accuse Him to the elders of Israel. Moreover, our Lord tells the scribes and Pharisees that they were sired by the accuser, while agreeing with them that they were Abraham’s seed (John 8:37-44).”

Gerda is correct when she writes that Peter was referred to as being a “Satan,” when he was just a man. But Satan is not supernatural, for the word means something which is unexplainable by natural law or phenomena, which is not true, for our definition of Satan is a created being, i.e. a fallen angel.

In the King James Version, the word has a capital “S”. But this is the wrong translation because there is no definite article before the word “satan”. To be translated as the fallen angel, theSatan, or the Devil, or the Serpent, there would have to a definite article, like the word “the” in front of the word(s). Since it didn’t have any definite article before it, the word should not have been capitalized. So, Matthew 16:23 and Mark 8:33 are wrong translations:

Matthew 16:23: “But He turned, and said unto Peter, Get behind me, Satan:[should have been translated as adversary] thou art an offence unto Me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

There is also a capital “S” in Mark 8:33, the parallel verse to Matthew 16:23. Christ had told Peter something which was going to happen to Himself and since Peter expressed opposition to that, Christ called Peter an “adversary” for that reason.

The failure of the traditional translations to distinguish the use of the term “satan” for adversary or the Satan”for a particular entity, like a fallen angel, is the cause of much confusion. But Gerda is wrong because she makes every place where the word “satan” or thesatan”occur, mean the same.

It is the identical with the words “anointed”orthe anointed” which also bring confusion in the interpretation of what the Bible says. For example, the wrong translation is given first, then the correct:

Galatians 3:16:

“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, AND TO THY SEED, which is Christ. or

“Now to Abraham the promises have been spoken, and to his offspring. It does not say and to offsprings, as of many; but as on one: and to your [Isaac’s] offspring, which are anointed.”

Gerda goes to John 8:37-44, where one term is “Father”, and the other is “father.” Obviously, there are two different fathers mentioned in this verse, one Jesus’ and the other the Jews’. Gerda fails to mention this difference.

The same is true with the devil” which is not, as she says, a supernatural power which is competing with the power of God, but it is referring to a deceptive entity and a fallen angel. Greda [sic] failed to make a distinction between the two.

Jesus did not agree with the individuals He was having His discussion with, in John 8. They were of Abraham’s seed, but they had mixed their seed with the seed of Cain and Canaan. Jesus told them that they were NOT the children of Abraham, for they were seeking to kill Him. At the end of this dialog, they proved Him right for the Jews took up stones in an attempt to kill Him.


If there is no Satan, then there is no seduction of Eve, and then there is no seed of the serpent, and then there was no one who had enmity placed in them, and then there is no one to bruise the Savior’s heel, then there is no genetic and physical enemy of Jesus Christ and His followers, then there is noone who would say that Jesus Christ is now in hell, then there is no one who would be a “snare and a thorn” to the Israelites, then there would be no one who would be deceiving the nations to attack the nations of Israel, then there is no one to set up the new world order, then there is no one who is doomed to hell!

But the fact is that there is an antichristian group who spit every time they hear the name of Jesus Christ. There is an antichristian group whose “holy” books say that Jesus Christ is now in hell. There is an antichristian group who plotted the murder of the sinless Savior of His people. There is an antichristian group of Jewish bankers who are making billions of dollars by charging usury upon the goyim. There is an antichristian group that promotes transgenderism, pornography, aborticide, miscegenation, integration, and democracy. There is an antichristian group which backs Communism which controls the political parties, the economy, the printing of all the Federal Reserve notes, the financial system, including the stock market,entertainment, “Judeo-Christian” churches, food supplies, laws, education, pharmaceuticals, etc., etc., etc.

BUT Emry wrote a book, earlier in his ministry, that the Jews were the most antichristian people on the earth and were guilty of the murder of Jesus Christ. So did a few others who accepted his “no Satan” view, preach very strongly that the Jews were the eternal enemy of Christ and Christendom. So did Weisman. Christian Identity has contrasting opinions. Many of its other preachers didn’t.

But no matter which group you believe, our church can have fellowship with you if you believe that the Jews are the most wicked and antichristian people on the earth—the perpetual enemy of Christianityand if you believe the promises of the covenant that God made with Father Abraham are exclusive with the descendants of Jacob/Israel.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.