Perspective and Preparation in These Times


by Pastor Lawrence Blanchard

December 26, 2021

Scripture Reading:  2 Kings 17:6-18

In Old Testament times, Israel's wickedness had gone too far and to a point of no return.  We are in that position again and we are in a state of extreme judgment.  We must prepare for ongoing judgment:

  • Store food and water ... a year's worth is recommended.  Get to know a farmer.  Prepare to be able to defend that farmer for your ongoing food source.
  • Get to know people in your community:  the mayer, sheriff and our government representatives.
  • Get healthy
  • Spiritual warfare ... say no and stand firm.

God is taking His people to task.  He has to do that and it will be a mess. We have tools to build and prepare for God to end this present age and begin a new one.