The History of We the People

by Walter Giddings

Part 1:  BIRTH OF AMERICA; WAS AMERICA REALLY BORN IN REBELLION? Our interest in changing what will happen tomorrow is unifyng; it is the basis of our unity.

Part 2:  JESUS LOVES VOLUNTEERS Who wants to volunteer to be a slave?

Part 3: AMERICAN COVENANT  Is the Framework of Our Nation a Covenant? Were The Articles of Confederation 1778 a Deed of Covenant? 

Part 4:  THE REBELLION OF WE THE PEOPLE Did the unanimous ratification of The Constitution complete the formation of the “more perfect Union”?

Part 5:  ENEMIES  If “Perpetual Union” is the American Covenant, have We the People become covenant breakers and become an enemy of God?

Part 6:  SECESSION  Does secession break The American Covenant of Perpetual Union?