The History of We the People

by Walter Giddings

Part 1:  BIRTH OF AMERICA; WAS AMERICA REALLY BORN IN REBELLION? Our interest in changing what will happen tomorrow is unifyng; it is the basis of our unity.

Part 2:  JESUS LOVES VOLUNTEERS Who wants to volunteer to be a slave?

Part 3: AMERICAN COVENANT  Is the Framework of Our Nation a Covenant? Were The Articles of Confederation 1778 a Deed of Covenant? 

Part 4:  THE REBELLION OF WE THE PEOPLE Did the unanimous ratification of The Constitution complete the formation of the “more perfect Union”?

Part 5:  ENEMIES  If “Perpetual Union” is the American Covenant, have We the People become covenant breakers and become an enemy of God?

Part 6:  SECESSION  Does secession break The American Covenant of Perpetual Union?

Part 7:  ENEMIES AGAIN! Pastor Dan Gayman once asked:  Did the Constitution fail us or did we fail the Constitution?  This message discusses the events of the Boston Tea Party and the subsequent actions of King George and the British Parliament to lie about and criminalize dissenters and compares that to what is happening to America today under the Biden regime.

Part 8:  ENEMIES AGAIN! PART 2 As secessions of the confederate states multiplied around the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, the Congress of the Republic lost its quorum and the Republic ceased to function!