Biblical History

Copied from the sermon of Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1 “Almost, But Not Quite” Who are Israel's enemies? Do you know of a time in Israel's history that was worse than ours now? Study this lesson and you will learn of a treacherous time in both kingdoms.

Part 2: Have you ever wondered how so many people believe the opposite of what God says?  Well, there is a answer.  This sermon will inform why.

Part 3: We think that what we are going through today is terrible,but it just the same repeating story of our people's diasterous history."There is nothing new under the sun."  America has a bad case of parasites, and it is killing them.

Part 4: Is God sovereign?  How is He able to predict so many thing accurately if he isn't.  This sermon presents several intances of His sovereignty.

Part 5: "Lucifermas" The United States is in a depraved state of sin and needs to repent. Is there any hope?  Yes, read what happened in Judah during the reign of one of their worst kings in history.

Part 6: "Jacob's Family" Would you be surprised to learn how dysfunctional some of the families that were of God were?  Jacob's family was one of these families.  The good news is that his family turned the corner and became a family that heard God's Word.

Part 7:  "With Whom did Jesus Fight?"  How many times did Jesus Christ face death?  And by whom?  Read the many scriptures that give the answer.

Part 8: "Our Deadly Enemy Part 1"  Esau hated Jacob.  God hated Esau.  That is the story of the lifetime of the world.  How does this play into what happened in World War I and II?

Part 9: "Our Deadly Enemy Part 2"  Did you enjoy watching the movie "The Sound of Music"?  This sermon tells of all the Jewish lies about that story.  It is really an anti-nazi film.

Part 10:  "Our Deadly Enemy Part 3"  Who has destroyed America's culture?  There is a group who has plan to attack America's culture and attack until it is totally changed.  This sermon identifies who it is and where they came from.

Part 11:  "Inherit the Wind"  Have you seen the 1960 movie "Inherit the Wind?"  If you have, you might enjoy this message.