Deuteronomy Part 18


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

April 22, 2018

Scripture Reading:  Deuteronomy 10:1-5:

1)“At that time the LORD said unto me, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first, and come up unto Me into the mount, and make thee an ark of wood.

2) And I will write on the tables the words that were in the first tables which thou breakest, and thou shalt put them in the ark.

3) And I made an ark of shittim wood, and hewed two tables of stone like unto the first, and went up into the mount, having the two tables in mine hand.

4) And He wrote on the tables, according to the first writing, the ten commandments, which the LORD spake unto you in the mount out of the midst of the fire in the day of the assembly; and the LORD gave them unto me.

5) And I turned myself and came down from the mount, and put the tables in the ark which I had made; and there they lie, as the LORD commanded me.”

Barbara’s death represents yet another blow to the Bush family, which dominated fake conservative politics for decades.The glue of the Bush family gang died this week.

Many people have a fascination with Aleister Crowley being the father of Barbara Bush Pierce. Why do people think this is a possibility? It is because Barbara’s mother hung out with Aleister in Paris, and was likely to have been involved in one of his bizarre sex rituals.

Barbara’s mother, Pauline Pierce, no doubt scandalized her social circle by traveling to France on her own and leaving two very young children in the care of nursemaids. Her husband, Marvin Pierce, increasingly bound to his duties with the McCall Corporation, publishers of McCall’s and Redbook, did not share this spirit of adventure.

In 1921 these four individuals came together: Frank Harris, Nellie O’Hara, Pauline Pierce, and Aleister Crowley. Anyone who has studied Crowley’s life will understand that what happened next was, in a sense, inevitable.

Why would anyone’s mother hang out with this notorious communist and evil person? It, at least, gives the credibility that Barbara Bush was the daughter of Aleister. If she was, she was conceived in one of his sexual-orgies that he practiced regularly. Barbara Bush was born a little over eight months after these orgies!

Crowley was a communist, which is a form of government derived from Judaism.  He was so feared that Crowley was banished from Italy by the fascist Mussolini for extreme acts of depravity, and called by his English countrymen as “the most wicked man in the world.”  He was a practitioner of sex magic, in which he used massive orgies to invoke the favor of the gods, so to appease them for good fortune. 

Why is Aleister Crowley’s picture on the cover of this Beetles’ album of people that they admired, if they didn’t admire him?Crowley has directly influenced music artists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, John Lennon of the Beetles and rapper Jay Z who is married to the famous singer Beyoncé—which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Others include Ozzie Osbourne, Jim Morrison and the Doors, Sting, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Graham Bond, David Bowie, Timothy Leary, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a host of heavy metal rock bands. Jimmy Page, famous guitarist of Led Zeppelin, owned Crowley’s Loch Ness estate, Boleskine House, from 1971 to 1992. Aleister Crowley had died in 1947.

And he touched the lives of Jack Parsons and L.R. Hubbard just prior to their creation of Scientology.  Hubbard and Parson brought Crowley’s bizarre sex rituals to Pasadena, California through the Cal Tech rocket program and entered the film industry in a big way which is still present to this very day many years after Crowley’s death in 1947. 

Those influences only grew over time leading directly to the counter-culture movement of the 1960s colliding in California with the Beatles and Rolling Stones music, ushered into subsequent generations by Led Zeppelin.  Many actors and actresses have involved themselves in the sex orgies of Parson’s Ordo Templi Orientis church directly linked to Aleister Crowley.  If you have attended a rock concert and lifted your shirt to the musicians on the stage, you have participated just a little in a long-term plan hatched by Crowley at the turn of the 20th Century—and you likely didn’t have any idea.  Aleister Crowley has likely touched every life in the world through the high-profile connections he made throughout his life and global travel that had the single-minded purpose of spreading evil to every human being behind a mask of individual freedom. 

Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) (‘Order of the Temple of the East’ or ‘Order of Oriental Templars’) was an international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Most of those members undoubtedly leaned politically toward progressive politics and because of that deserve great scrutiny now into their real motivations—as to why they support mass killings in the form of:

  1. Abortion,

  2. Vaccination rights,

  3. Same-sex rights,

  4. Interracial marriages, and sexual relationships, and

  5. Drug abuse legislation

which is crushing the Christian church.  The actions are unquestionably evil—now you will understand why and how the dots connect from occult culture into the mainstream.

The media is praising Barbara Bush to the highest, never mentioning any evil that she was associated with and a part of. She never knew that her husband oversaw the Central Intelligence Agency and was responsible for the drug trafficking in the United States and elsewhere and was a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones, like his father and his son. She didn’t know where her husband was the day the J. F. K. was murdered. She didn’t know that Osama bin Laden was an oil friend of the family. She didn’t know that they were in the criminal gang that ran the corporation of the UNITED STATES. She was the most wonderful “granny” in the world.


Charles Ware, a black pastor, co-authored, along with Ken Ham, the book, “One Race-One Blood.” In one of the chapters written by Charles, entitled “A Bridge Too Far”, he writes the following on pages 58, 59, and 61:

“Change is coming, but only you can do your part, only you can build bridges of unity, understanding, and respect with those around you…We will show you how this biblical world view is strongly supported by the best and most up-to-date scientific facts.”

[Where are the scriptures that support this view?]

“Racism in the United States has moved from a deadly epidemic to a serious, but stable disease. Compared to recent ethnic wars, genocide, and ethnic cleansing throughout the world, the United States is better off than many countries in addressing diversity.”

[Charles then gives seven reasons as to what is happening in the United States, the last four are presented here:]

  • “Fourth, many fundamental/evangelicals have corrected past racist interpretations of biblical texts.

  • Fifth, many “white” fundamental/evangelicals sincerely desire biblical reconciliation within the Church.

  • Sixth, reconciliation is becoming more of a mainstream issue for various denominations and fellowships.

  • And seventh, race relations in America have progressed from race-based slavery, exploitation, and segregation to greater social interaction (including so-called “inter-racial marriage).”

[Fundamentalist/evangelicals have corrected past racist interpretations of biblical texts: but Charles doesn’t tell us how many years are in the past. The Old Testament past is about 3500 years and the New Testament is about 2000 years. The Fundamentalist/evangelicals have changed the interpretation 180 degrees from what was believed for almost all those years. They must have some scriptures which back them up—but they don’t.]

“A growing number of Christians are being inspired by a biblical dream of our oneness through the blood of Jesus Christ. I [Charles Ware] define racial reconciliation in the Church as: groups of different cultural, ethnic, economic, etc. backgrounds bonded together by redemption in Christ and growing together according to biblical principles for mutual edification, evangelism, and the glory of God (…Eph. 2:11-22). This is not only a good solution to the problem of racism; it is the only lasting solution.”

[This is the problem in America. Are there any scriptures that back-up what Charles and the other pastors are saying? Are the other races redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, as they say? Christ died over 2000 years ago, did He die for any one of the black, oriental, brown, or red races? Where is the scripture that tells of the change that God made from being the king over His covenant people in the Old Testament to being savior over every race in the world in the New?]


Moses is retelling the Israelites that their LORD God spoke the Ten Commandments to them with His own voice. Who says God doesn’t exist? Over one million Israelites heard God speak with His own voice the Ten Commandments to them accompanied by lightnings, and thunders from a dark cloud on the mount. Even the mount was on fire, and smoke was present on the top of it. They became so afraid that they went afar off and told Moses to go relay the rest of the message from God.

Moses traveled back up the mount where God told him that He would write the Ten Commandments on two tables of stone, with His finger. There Moses talked with God for forty days and forty nights. And as Moses and Joshua returned to talk to the people, Moses broke the tables on the ground because he was so angry and disappointed at Israel’s behavior. The Israelites, along with Aaron, had quickly took up the worship of an idol.

After this happened, God told Moses to come back up the mount and God would once again write with His finger the Ten Commandments on new tables of stone, replacing the one that Moses had broken. This time, Moses was told to put the tables of stone in the Ark of the Covenant, which would be in the inner sanctuary in the tabernacle of God. There it would be safely kept for many years until the House of Judah’s captivity.

Deuteronomy 10:6-7:

6) “And the children of Israel took their journey from Beeroth of the children of Jaakan to Mosera: there Aaron died, and there he was buried, and Eleazar his son ministered in the priest’s office in his stead.

7) From thence they journeyed unto Gudgodah: and from Gudgodah to Jorbath, a land of rivers of water.”

Moses then tells the Israelites about the death of his brother—Aaron. Aaron had become the first high priest of Israel. His son, after his death, would take Aaron’s place. Eleazar, his son, would be the second-high priest of the nation of Israel. So, on the mount, Aaron has his priestly garments removed, given to his successor, and then dies and is buried.

The narrative is first told in Numbers:

Numbers 20:22-24:

22) “And the children of Israel, even the whole congregation, journeyed from Kadesh, and came unto mount Hor.

23) And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in mount Hor, by the coast of the land of Edom, saying,

24) Aaron shall be gathered unto his people: for he shall not enter into the land which I have given unto the children of Israel, because ye rebelled against my word at the water of Meribah.”

Aaron died on Mount Hor Numbers 20:25-29:

25) “Take Aaron and Eleazar his son, and bring them up unto mount Hor:

26) And strip Aaron of his garments, and put them upon Eleazar his son: and Aaron shall be gathered unto his people, and shall die there.

27) And Moses did as the LORD commanded: and they went up into mount Hor in the sight of all the congregation.

28) And Moses stripped Aaron of his garments, and put them upon Eleazar his son; and Aaron died there in the top of the mount: and Moses and Eleazar came down from the mount.

29) And when all the congregation saw that Aaron was dead, they mourned for Aaron thirty days, even all the house of Israel.”

The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness.Children wander .... men of war die

Key Scriptures - Israelites' 40 years in the wilderness

Isn’t it comforting that whenever the Bible mentions an Israelite dying, it says that they were gathered unto their people. And what an unusual death! Moses, Aaron and his son, Eleazar, go up to the top of Mount Hor. It is over 1 1/3 miles high. It would take some effort to go to the top of the mount. Moses takes off the garments of Aaron, the high priest, and puts them on his son, Eleazar. Then Aaron dies. How did he die? How long did it take him to die? What did Moses do when he saw that he was dead? What did Eleazar do when he saw that his father was dead? It doesn’t tell us what happened. It just says Aaron died. He was 123 years old; 48 years older than I am.

Now where exactly did Aaron die? Was it as it was told in Numbers on Mount Hor or was it as it was told in Deuteronomy in Moserah? Both accounts could be correct. If Moserah were the closest settlement to Mount Hor, and Aaron died on Mount Hor while the Israelites were camped at Moserah, then saying that he died at Moserah or Mount Hor wouldn’t be an error.

It tells us that Israel mourned for Aaron for 30 days. But this was common for Israel to do. For example, for Moses they mourned for 30 days (Deuteronomy 34:8). For Jacob they mourned for 70 days (Genesis 50:3, 4). For Lazarus they mourned 4 days (John 11:17, 31, 39).

Deuteronomy 10:8-9:

8) “At that time the LORD separated the tribe of Levi, to bear the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to stand before the LORD to minister unto Him, and to bless in His name, unto this day.

9) Wherefore Levi hath no part nor inheritance with his brethren: the LORD is his inheritance, according as the LORD thy God promised him.”

Soon after Moses returned from the mount, he had orders to separate the tribe of Levi to God, and His immediate service. The Levites had distinguished themselves by their zeal against the worshippers of the golden calf.

Exodus 32:25-29:

25) “And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies:)

26) The Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’S side? Let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.

27) And he said unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor.

28) And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men.

29) For Moses had said, Consecrate yourselves to day to the LORD, even every man upon his son, and upon his brother; that he may bestow upon you a blessing this day.”

Moses asked the congregation, “Who is on the LORD’S side?” All the sons of Levi answered his question by gathering themselves to Moses. They faithfully executed 3,000 guilty parties of their brethren. Because of their faithfulness in this action, the tribe of Levi was chosen to be the priesthood of the entire nation.

No one from any other tribe in Israel could be a priest in Israel during this time. No one from Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Naphtali, Ashur, Ephraim, Manasseh, Gad, Reuben, Benjamin, Simeon or Dan could ever be qualified to be in the priesthood of ancient Israel. It was only the tribe of Levi, who received no territory when it was distributed under the command of Joshua, but received only cities from every tribe.

God instructed His covenant people that no woman from Levi could be a priest either. No women, no person from another race, only certain qualified men from the tribe of Levi were the priests. I guess that makes God a sexist, racist, and a non-politically correct leader!

Levi had three sons, and each of these sons was given tasks for them and their offspring to do:

  • The Kohathites, of the tribe of Levi, carried the Ark and holy furniture with poles.

  • The Merarites moved the tabernacle poles, boards, sockets, pillars and bars individually by hand.

  • The Gershonites moved tabernacle covers, curtains, screens and cords with ox carts.

All the Levites stood before the Lord, to minister to Him in all the offices of the tabernacle. And the priests, who were of that tribe, were to bless the people.

This was a standing ordinance, which had now continued almost forty years, even unto this day; and provision was made for the perpetuating of it by the settled maintenance of that tribe, which was such as gave them great encouragement in their work, and no diversion from it. The Lord is Levi’s inheritance.

A settled ministry is a great blessing to a people, and a special token of God’s favor. And, since the priests could not continue because of death, God showed his care of the people in securing a succession. When Aaron died, the priesthood did not die with him, but Eleazar his son ministered in his stead, and took care of the Ark, in which the tables of stone, were deposited, that they should suffer no damage.

Moses and Aaron were descended from Kohath. They were settled on the east side of the tabernacle in the wilderness journey. The LORD accepted Moses as an advocate or intercessor for them, and therefore constituted him their prince and leader. The Lord hearkened to Moses and said, Arise, go before the people. It was a mercy to them that they had such a friend, so faithful both to Him that appointed him and to those for whom he was appointed. It was fit that he who had saved them from ruin, by his intercession with heaven, should have the conduct and command of them. And herein he was a type of Christ, who, as He ever lives making intercession for us, so he has all power both in heaven and in earth.

Deuteronomy 10:10-11:

10) “And I stayed in the mount, according to the first time, forty days and forty nights; and the LORD hearkened unto me at that time also, and the LORD would not destroy thee.

11) And the LORD said unto me, Arise, take thy journey before the people, that they may go in and possess the land, which I sware unto their fathers to give unto them.”

Moses retells his seventh journey up the mount where He convinces God not to destroy His covenant people and to not make a new nation from him (Moses). God agrees, and tells Moses to go before the people and lead them to the river where they will go and possess the land that He had swore to their fathers to give them.

Deuteronomy 10:12-13:

12) “And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

13) To keep the commandments of the LORD, and His statutes, which I command thee this day for thy good?”

Who does the LORD God give this instruction to? It is only to Israel. And what does He tell Israel that He wants them to do? Wouldn’t that be the same answer that He would want us to do? Wouldn’t this be two good verses for us to memorize? What can we do to fight against all that the world offers?


  1. Fear the LORD our God,

  2. Walk in all His ways,

  3. To love Him,

  4. To serve the LORD our God with all our heart, and with all our soul,

  5. To keep the commandments of statutes of the LORD our God.

Israelites must love God because He loved them first. God had everyone in the whole world to choose from, but he chose the Israelites who are descended from the first white man and woman—Adam and Eve. He loved Abraham, and made a covenant with him and his wife to give to them a seed. He gave them Isaac with who He confirmed the covenant. Then Isaac’s son, Jacob, and his seed.

The Bible is the story of the seed of Jacob. It basically tells how they again and again failed in keeping the covenant that was made with their fathers. They refused to keep the Laws that their God had given them, but kept, instead, the laws of other god or gods.

But the LORD God remained faithful. Even though His people failed repeatedly, God eventually revealed the remedy that He had planned for them. His Son would come and be the perfect sacrifice for His people. His Son would die so that they would not have to die for their sins. His Son would be resurrected from the dead, proving that His sacrifice was accepted for the atonement of His people.

Deuteronomy 10:14-18:

14) “Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the LORD’S thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is.

15) Only the LORD had a delight in thy fathers to love them, and He chose their seed after them, even you above all people, as it is this day.

16) Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiff-necked.

17) For the LORD your God is God of gods, and LORD of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward:

18) He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the stranger in giving him food and raiment.”

Who does these verses say that the great LORD God loved?

  • Was it anyone from the continent of Africa?

  • Was it anyone from the continent of Asia?

  • Was it anyone from the continent of North America?

  • Was it anyone from the continent of South America?

  • Was it anyone from the continent of Europe?

  • Was it anyone whose fathers were of the Black race?

  • Was it anyone whose fathers were of the Oriental race?

  • Was it anyone whose fathers were of the Brown races?

  • Was it anyone whose fathers were of the red race?

Deuteronomy 10:15: Only the LORD had a delight in thy fathers to love them, and He chose their seed after them, even you above all people, as it is this day.”

The LORD God loved Israel’s fathers—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And He chose the seed of Jacob/Israel above all people on the face of the earth. Why did He love Israel’s fathers?

1 John 5:3“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments: and His commandments are not burdensome.”

If you love God, then you keep His commandments. If you keep His commandments, then you love God.

Genesis 26:5: “Because that Abraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.”

Abraham obeyed the commandments of the LORD God and he was loved by Him. What a love that God had, for He loved not just Abraham, but his son, Isaac, and his grandson Jacob, but all his pure seed after him.

It also says in verse 18, someone else who God loves. He loves the “stranger” who sojourns among you. Who is that?

The word “stranger” can mean several things in Hebrew and Greek. There are at least eight different words translated as “strangers,” “foreigners” and “servants”, etc. and this is the problem. Our translators [this includes the N. I. V.] have had no system of consistent translation of any one of these words. That there are “strangers” who are Israelites and “strangers” who are not Israelites is obvious. The most common word with which there is miss-understanding is the Hebrew word “ger”, that is translated as “stranger” or “strangers” 86 out of the 92 times it occurs in the Old Testament. The meaning of this word might be summarised as being an Israelite who was living apart from the main body of Israel or their land, i.e. living among, or in the land, of other races. The important fact is that this stranger was an Israelite by race; he was a kinsman.

A word-by-word examination will show the premise about non-Israelites becoming part of racial Israel is not valid. In the wilderness, the congregation of Israel, the “cahal” could attend the tabernacle, but the “edah” [also translated “congregation”] could not. But both Israel and non-Israelites travelled together.

Deuteronomy 10:18: “He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the [racial] stranger in giving him food and raiment.”

We have the same situation today. Different races are living everywhere in the Israel nations. If a Nordic person from Norway is visiting the Unites States he would be a racial stranger. If an Anglo-Saxon from Wales would be visiting the United States he would be another racial stranger. But if an Oriental from Guam would be visiting the United States he would be a non-racial stranger, a foreigner.

Our God also will see that those without a father or those who have lost a husband or a wife will be taken care of.

Deuteronomy 10:19-22:

19) “Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

20) Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; Him shalt thou serve, and to Him shalt thou cleave, and swear by His name.

21) He is thy praise, and He is thy God, that hath done for thee these great and terrible things, which thine eyes have seen.

22) Thy fathers went down into Egypt with threescore and ten persons; and now the LORD thy God hath made thee as the stars of heaven for multitude.”

Who are the strangers in verse 19? In Strong’s Concordance it is Hebrew word #1616, “ger.” It means stranger of a racial kin. But, you might ask, it says that “you were strangers [racial kin] in the land of Egypt”? Wasn’t Egypt a mongrel race of people? It is now, like most countries are, but it wasn’t then. In fact, the Bible called Egypt the land of Ham. Ham was one of the three sons of Noah, so he was white.

Psalms 105:23: “Israel also came into Egypt: and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.”

Israel started their sojourning in Egypt with their kinsmen. They lived with great prosperity for many years. It wasn’t until the reign of a new king in Egypt that they wound up in slavery.

Exodus 1:8: “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.”

And the Bible tells us that it was this new king that put the Israelites into slavery. This new king was not their kin.

The chapter ends with Moses telling how the people of Israel grew from 70 people to millions in the 215 years that they dwelt in Egypt. This is Moses' interpretation of God’s promise to multiply Israel as the stars of the sky.

Exodus 32:13“Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy servants, to whom thou swarest by thine own self, and sadist unto them, I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven, and all this land that I have spoken of will I give unto your seed, and thy shall inherit it for ever.”

To be continued.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.