by Walter Giddings

If God's star show is a second witness to the Bible in the heavens, then who are the twins in the Scripture?

Part 1: Studying the heavens for God's glory

Part 2:  Historical Astronomy claims mythology fathered these remarkable delineations of the heavenly bodies. But it is evident that classic fables and myths, surrounding the constellations are mere corruptions and imitations of an older and original composition.

Part 3:  Discussion of various twins in the Bible and searching if any of these are the Gemini twins.

Part 4:  Did the enemy, the wicked one, the devil sow the tares? In Matthew 13 and John 8 it seems we would have at least two witnesses that two fathers have sown seed or begotten children.  Is one of these fathers not God?  How can some people not have God for their father?

Part 5: Discussion of twins in the womb by two different fathers

Part 6:  At the very end of Lesson 5 we asked the question, was the woman alone with the serpent?   Shall we examine the Scriptures to see if, at any time, the woman was alone, and her husband away?