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Robert McCurry, Editor & Publisher

July 13, 2011



Arm-chair TV Jurors

By Robert McCurry

Part Two


In my first Arm-chair TV Jurors article, I said:

It’s simple and easy to be an arm-chair TV ‘juror’ and determine a verdict in the murder trial of two-year old Caylee Marie Anthony based solely on sound bites of information presented by newscasters and ‘talking head’ pundits like nasty Nancy Grace. The month-long trial was a cable-TV sensation.… The Casey Anthony saga is too convoluted to rehearse here….

It would be unconscionable to minimize the tragedy and sadness of two-year-old Caylee’s death that was compounded when Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was accused of first degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse’ in her death. 

A five-man, seven-woman jury acquitted Casey of killing her daughter. These twelve jurors were present every hour of the trial, heard every word spoken, observed the body language and facial expression of every witness; heard every word spoken by prosecutors, defense attorney’s and judge; at the conclusion of the trial jurors were sequestered in a guarded sound proof room to secretly determine their verdict without the advice, assistance, influence or instruction of any other person.

People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and guilt must be established beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury concluded that the prosecution had not proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A not-guilty verdict was returned. Case closed. 

This is exactly how the legal system is supposed to work.

But the jury’s ‘not guilty’ verdict was obviously not what the ‘proficient’ ‘arm-chair TV jurors’ wanted or expected to hear. Of course, we all know that Casey Anthony was guilty because Nancy Grace told us so. Remember this:

“We should take nothing we see in the media at face value: In spite of decades of evidence to the contrary, many people still think that they can make well-informed decisions about things based on what they're given through television ‘news’ programs. In fact, we the viewers are purely at the mercy of what the anchors and produces want us to see. All of the Americans who think that they followed the case ‘closely’ still have access to only a fraction of the information available to jurors. Even someone who watched every single minute of the trial via live video feed can still only see what the camera is showing at any given minute, and can only hear what the microphones pick up.” Ryan McMaken, July 8, 2011,

The irony of this surreal 24/7 TV debacle of the murder of a beautiful little two-year-old girl—as sad and tragic as her death is—and the resulting rabid anger directed to the jurors for their ‘not guilty’ verdict by Nancy Grace and her ilk and those who took to the streets to protest the ‘injustice’ of the jury’s verdict pales into insignificance in light of the fact that:

Today and every day preceding and following the Casey Anthony trial, 4,000 innocent precious lives of babies were snuffed out—legally murdered—by abortion in America. Their arms and legs were torn from their bodies, their skulls crushed. One and a half million times each year our “civilized” society will take an innocent life.

Why no outrage by Nancy Grace and others of her ilk, those protesting in the streets and the ‘arm-chair TV jurors’ about the murder of these babies? The contradictions are so glaring, in fact, that even Rush Limbaugh pointed out during the trial that had Casey Anthony – assuming she’s guilty – simply killed Caylee five minutes before giving birth to her, Anthony would be hailed as a hero by virtually everyone at CNN. 

Is there no shame? Is there no true righteous indignation? Is there only the hypocrisy embodied by those who weep because of little Calley’s murder and express anger at the jury’s ‘not guilty verdict’, yet are callously silent about the murder of millions of babies by legalized abortion?

How sad! How tragic!

Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!

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