Michigan Court Case

by Pastor Don Elmore


A 2018 court case in the state of Michigan is to determine whether the prisoners in Michigan will be allowed to hold services under the Christian-Identity banner. There are jewish synagogue meetings, Muslim worship meetings, Judeo-Christian services,  Roman Catholics have their mass, but no Christian-Identity meetings are allowed in Michigan reformatories at the present time.  The court has quoted the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center in stating that Christian-Identity is a “hate group” and therefore is not considered to be a valid means of worshipping God in Michigan’s prison system, even though the  Southern Poverty Law Center also labeled the Muslims as a “hate group".  Why is there so much hatred against Christian-Identity that a few prisoners, who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are not allowed to have worship services in the Michigan jails? 

Part 1:  The charges and a basic response.  The denial of Christian Identity meetings/worship is due to what is written on the Southern Poverty Law Cente site.  Discussion of how the Jews have been killing and persecuting the followers of Christ since the days of Christ.

Part 2:  America is suffering from a revolutionary technique, perfected during 1900 years of practice. Other Israel nations have already fallen into anti-Christ control through the same methods. If our Christian people were familiar with God’s Word, they would look at the lewd fellows being gathered against our nations and recognize them, and other events of the day, as part of the end-of-the-age battle against Israel, prophesied throughout God’s Holy Word.

Part 3:  What has the world come to?  It has come to corporations.  Who is a corporation?  You could be surprised!

Part 4:  Do you know that practically everything in the world is an artificial being, i.e. a corporation?  The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., most companies,  the STATES. cities, townships, counties, most charitable institutions, most churches and most individuals, etc.  What's wrong with the churches being a corporation?

Part 5:  Why will it be impossible to have peaceful coexistence in the world today?  Something has to happen before there can be peace.   What is it and what has to happen?  That is the gist of this sermon.