Bearing His Reproach


by Pastor Everett Ramsey, DD

December 8, 2019

Scripture Reading:  I Timothy 4:10

Text was not made available for this message, but there is important discussion on the following issues:

Testimony of the Power of Prayer

  • Prayer request for Pastor McCurry, who is reportedly now in hospice.  Samples of Pastor McCurry's newsletters are on our website:  Wake Up Herald
  • Brief discussion of imprecatory prayer
  • Several examples given of the power of prayer

Our people are in mortal danger

Many people hate God and His people. There were peoples here before Adam. There has been a battle between pre-Adamites and Adamites since God created Adam and that battle continues today, because they know and are resistant to our dominion mandate.   God's people are White and bright, in His image.  We have a body, soul and spirit.

Body: The world can get to us through all of our 5 senses which can draw us away from God.

Soul:  There are 3 things that congregate in our soul:  1. mind 2. emotion 3. will

Spirit:  Consciousness, communication with God and creativity.

Temptations come to us through the body and our emotions and if we don't have anything to resiste that, most of the time we will choose to sin without the spirit.  Children of God have the spirit to resist sin.  God has put within Adamkind the creativity to build. Non whites do not have the power of the 'spirit' to resist sin. 

Three Reasons we are in mortal danger

  1. We as a people of God no longer believe the Bible that says we are to produce children and that would be our ability to defeat the enemy.  We've stopped reproducing.  The first reason God made us is to reproduce.  We need at least 2 children per couple to replenish the race.  Women are not reproducing, but rather entering the armed forces, building careers, etc.  We no longer have large families and we no longer teach them about the God of Israel (see next point).
  2. When we do reproduce, we turn them over to a wicked, ungodly school system that thinks it can teach them everything they need to know.  These children are now being taught socialism.  They get taught socialism everywhere ... school, church, media ... everywhere.
  3. Christian Israelites have learned how to hate the church.  Jesus started the church and the church is the Kingdom of God in this time.  The parables are about people in the Kingdom of God as it relates to our people within a church situation in what they're doing. Each of us has talents that will all work together for good.  It's in the church that there's administration, prayer, talents, etc.  We will be under subjection in the Kingdom and if we can't bind ourselves to a body that has pastors, elders and those with administrative talents, then we will not be in subjection in the Kingdom of God. 

Today's scripture:  We trust in the living God who is the savior of all believing Adamites.  Every good man of the Bible was reproached ... Abel, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Daniel, the Disciples and Apostles, John the Baptist and other good men of God (Polycarp was mentioned).  All who stand with Christ will be reproached.  Modern Christianity wants no controversy and therefore they .  All good men of the Bible WERE controversial.  If you take a stand, then you are controversial and you NEED to be and OUGHT to be.  Modern Christianity wants everything to be quiet and pleasant and non controversial, and Christians will give up so much to be non controversial. Truth is controversial and our modern Christians are willing to overlook truth, as we gradually lose the truth.   Jesus said you will be blessed in the reproach you take for the Son of Man's sake.


Our God is still the same.  He's God.

We're still His people and He still loves us, in spite of how unlovable we are.

We live in the same world;  our problems and our enemies are the same that He had and we are going to reap the same punishments from the evil that He did.  And if we try to run from it, or compromise, we only shame ourselves and our Savior.

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