The Unholy Seed - Part 26



Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

November 3, 2019

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 7:3, 4

3) “Neither shall thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shall thou take unto thy son.

4) For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.”

What do all these pronouns represent? Let’s repeat these two verses using nouns instead of pronouns:

Deuteronomy 7:3, 4:

3) “Neither shall the person of Israel make marriages with the individuals of Canaan. The person of Israel’s daughter shall the person of Israel not take unto the Canaanite’s son, nor the Canaanite’s daughter shall the person of Israel take unto the person of Israel’s son.

4) For the Canaanites will turn away the person of Israel’s son from following the LORD God of Israel, that both the Canaanite and Israelite married couple may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD God be kindled against the person of Israel who granted their approval of this marriage, and destroy the person of Israel who approved this marriage suddenly.”

It seems to me that our LORD God totally disagrees with interracial marriages. There is no such thing as a Canaanite being a child of God. That is why there were no missionaries sent to try to convert any of them. The reason is that it is impossible to do. The LORD God said that He would be the God of the seed of the fathers who He loved and made an everlasting covenant with. Any person who marries into the unholy seed will serve other gods. This is what the LORD God said and that is what I believe.

Considering this, look at the email that I received from “Christians United For Israel” this past week, which is, of course, very pro-Zionist. In the next to last sentence in the letter, Pastor John Hagee, or his ghost writer, said:

“Pledge to Shine the Light” on anti-Semitism, so that, together, we can fulfill our God given mandate to bless and love the children of Israel.”

Do you agree with the ideas of the Christians United For Israel (CUFI) that provide a rational association through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues?

The Pledge that they want you to make is to Shine the Light on anti-Semitism by:

  • Opposing anti-Semitism in all its forms, wherever it may be found;

  • Educating my friends, coworkers and elected officials about how to identify and condemn the anti-Semitism that hides in plain sight;

  • Fighting those who would use opposition to Israeli policy as a thin veil to hide their hatred for the Jewish state; and

  • Supporting our Jewish neighbors should they ever be victimized by anti-Semites.

Surprisingly, I totally agree with the first two of these four points. The reason I agree with the first two is because I disagree with their definition. I will not be anti-Semitic, for I am Semitic. And I will try my best to fulfill God’s command to bless and love the children of Israel, for I am an Israelite. I will not love the Kenites, Canaanites, Edomites and Ashkenazi’s because our God didn’t either. They are not Israelites; they are Turks/Japheth plus other combinations.

The Scofield reference Bible is a zionist interpretation of bible scripture footnoted in modern English.The Scofield Reference Bible is a Zionist interpretation of the Holy Bible with English footnotes. This Bible was written 110 years ago by a convicted felon, Cyrus Scofield—but I doubt he was responsible for most of it. It was financed by Kenite, Canaanite, Edomite and Ashkenazi bankers, who then bribed seminaries, many churches, and thereby influenced many of the doctrines of mainstream Christianity.

I was a member of a small independent Baptist church that mandated that its members have a Scofield Bible. The church believed everything that the Scofield notes said, even the lies. Of course, we didn’t know they were lies. We were a small church, less than 30 members, but we were Calvinistic and Zionists.

We were as Zionist as Joe Biden is. Joe is open about his love for Israeli, just like we were. But Joe is a Roman Catholic, we were Independent Baptist and hated the Catholic Church. How did this happen?

Joe Biden and his family.JOE BIDEN has had 2 wives:

First wife: Neilia (killed in car crash; crypto-jew); (m. 1966-1972)


  1. NAOMI—(killed in car crash when she was one year old; 1972}
  2. BEAU (Injured in car crash; 4 years old) — married Hallie Olivere (Jewish);
    1. Major in Delaware National Guard (m. 2002-2015); Attorney General of Delaware; Died of brain tumor – 2015
    2. 2 children: Natalie and Robert
  3. HUNTER (Injured in car crash; 2 years old) — Kathleen (m. 1993-2017; divorced after 23 years).
    1. Volunteered for one year as a Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest in a church in Portland, Oregon. It was here that he met and married his first wife, Kathleen.
    2. Worked as a lawyer
    3. 3 children: Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy
    4. Discharged from Navy for cocaine addiction--2014
    5. Served on China board; made $1.5 million on a sweet-heart deal – started in 2014; just resigned. All of this adds up to an extremely troubling pattern. Much of the media have chosen to air the spin, rather than the facts. Did the Chinese give favorable treatment to Hunter to carry favor with his vice-president father?
    6. Served on the Ukrainian Burisma Holdings; made over $50,000 a month; 2015; just resigned.
    7. Hallie (sexual relationship for several years; mostly in secret with his older brother’s widow); (m. 2016-2019); lived together in same house.
    8. Extra-marital affairs date site, Ashley Morris, had his name on their list early 2017.
    9. Divorced wife (Kathleen) in court claimed that Hunter had allegedly “blown money on prostitutes, strip clubs, alcohol, gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations, and drugs.” Kathleen became close friends with Michelle Obama after their daughters attended the same private school.
    10. Lunden Alexis Roberts sues him for impregnating her with a child--2018
    11. Melissa Cohen (South African Jew); saw her for six days and then married her in a secret wedding in 2019.

JOE BIDEN'S second wife is Jill Jacobs Biden (Crypto-jew); (m. 1977- ). They have one daughter, Ashley who is married to Howard Kreing, a jewish doctor.

This is a very troubling family tree for an ex-vice-president and a current presidential candidate. Joe Biden is ten days younger than me. But that is about all that is similar.

He has been a Roman Catholic all his life. In fact, he has been a Zionist Roman Catholic. His first wife, Neilia, was the love of his life. He had three children with her. But it ended in disaster. Neilia, was driving the family car, with the three young children in it, when it was hit by a truck. Neilia and the youngest child, Naomi, both died at the scene of the car wreck. The two sons, Beau and Hunter, were injured, but survived the crash after spending some time in the hospital.

Five years later, Joe married his second wife; Jill Jacobs. Jill spends a lot of her time speaking to Jewish groups. She wasn’t raised Jewish, but she has a Jewish mother. She was first lady of the vice-president. They are both still married.

After the car accident, besides the two young boys that survived, they had a daughter together. The oldest son, Beau, died when he was 46 years old. He died of brain cancer just before he was thinking of running for governor of Delaware.

Their daughter, Ashley, married a Jewish doctor, Howard Kreing. This left one son, Hunter. And what a son is he!

After graduation, Hunter joined the Volunteer Jesuit Corps Northwest. Do you remember what the Jesuits are? They began for one purpose only. That was to counter the Protestant Reformation. While working for one-year volunteering for the Jesuits in a church in Portland, Oregon he met his wife and married her. They both joined the organization that hates Protestants so much that they pledge that their goal is to eliminate them.

There was nothing too dramatic until the year 2014. Then all kinds of crazy thing began to happen. Hunter, after one year, was dishonorably discharged from the Navy after he failed a cocaine test. He had a long battle with drugs, spending a lot of time in rehabs.

Then later in 2014, he was appointed to a company that was working in China. He invested money that the Chinese gave to them. He made almost $2 million dollars on this deal with the Chinese, although he lost money for the government of China.

And then in 2015, he was placed on the board of an energy company in the Ukraine. He was paid over $50,000 a month. What? They denied that his father, who was vice-president at the time, had any influence in Hunter’s new foreign jobs.

What else happened? In 2015, his brother died of brain cancer. His brother’s widow, Hallie, a couple of months after her husband’s death, had a sexual relationship with Hunter. It was done without their family’s knowledge. After their relationship was discovered, they even lived in the same house. This was when Hunter was separated from his wife. They divorced in 2017. In divorce court, Kathleen said that Hunter had “blown money on prostitutes, strip clubs, alcohol, gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations, and drugs.”

But that is not all. There was the Ashley Morris escapade, the extra-marital dating service, that had the name of Hunter Biden as one of their clients. He consistently denied it, but they had a check with his own signature that he had given to the service.

Lunden Roberts says Hunter Biden is the father of her child in a paternity suit.Then in 2018 he got sued by a woman who said that her child was from him. Biden said that he was innocent of the charge.

Then who is this? Biden met activist Melissa Cohen in early May 2019. Within a month, they were married. He’s Jewish Roman Catholic, she’s Jewish. He’s American, she’s South African. He’s a businessman with a background in law who has flirted — at times, some say, unethically — close to government affairs. Cohen is a filmmaker, though there isn’t much evidence of her work. She is seventeen years his junior.

Biden met activist Melissa Cohen in early May 2019. Within a month, they were married. He’s Jewish Roman Catholic, she’s Jewish.Yet the couple, who became engaged within a week of knowing each other, seems blissful together. Cohen, who grew up in Johannesburg, is an outspoken liberal and a devout Jew from a tight-knit family. Her parents, Zoe and Lee Cohen, are nearing their 50th wedding anniversary. Cohen, who now lives in Los Angeles, is divorced from Jason Landver, another Jew.

Cohen, who appears to have spent time since her 2014 divorce on travel and family, posts regularly on social media about justice issues, focusing on the plight of the environment, mistreated and endangered animals, indigenous peoples, mistreated workers, and refugees. Long before she met Biden, she was outspokenly supportive of the Obama presidency, and critical of President Trump. She is a democratic liberal.

Hunter’s ex, Kathleen, is now very good friends with Obama’s wife. One of their daughters are best of friends. Both daughters go to the same high school.

Now, tell me how a person who is a drug addict, gone to many rehabs, has been going out with prostitutes and strip clubs, secretly went with his dead brother’s wife and then, when found out, they began to live together. Then he is charged with fathering an unwed child, and finally marries a divorcee after only knowing her for a week. He seldom is in China and the Ukraine. How did he get the position on the boards of companies in these two countries? Do you think he is part of the Biden mafia? Do you think he is worth over $50,000 a month serving on the Board?

And Joe Biden made over $15 million last year. They paid $5 million in federal income taxes. What is going on?

And that isn’t all. What about President Trump?

  • His only daughter, Ivanka, converted to orthodox Judaism and then married real estate developer and Jew, Jared Kushner. Jared’s father is a convicted criminal and a possible Mossad agent.

  • Donald Junior Trump is just divorced from Vanessa Haydon, after 12 years, whose original name was Hockberg. She is Jewish.

  • Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska who has two Jewish parents.

  • Tiffany Trump is dating Ross Carpenter both of whose parents are Jewish.

Pictures of the wedding of the Trump and Clinton daughters marrying Ashkenazi Jews.There are four generations of Trumps, beginning with Freidrich Trump (or Drumph) who have had close business and personal association with Jews. Freidrich started getting his wealth by owning three brothels that he ran. He later took the money he made from the brothels and got into real estate.

And what about Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter. Who did she marry? Chelsea Clinton is married to Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinsky whose father was a convicted criminal who was pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

The pair married on July 31, 2010 and the wedding took place in an interfaith ceremony in New York. They have two children from this marriage, daughter Charlotte Clinton and son Aidan Clinton.

And President Obama? His children are too young to marry, but the older one is dating a wealthy Jew who lives in England. But even though the media never reports the following, President Obama is Jewish. Why do I say this? Because his mother was Jewish and a communist.

Then there is Al Gore. Al and Tipper Gore’s daughter Karenna married a Jew, Andrew Schiff. Additionally, another daughter, Sarah Gore, married Bill Lee, a Chinese businessman from San Francisco.

President John Kennedy’s, an Irish Catholic, only daughter, Caroline Kennedy married Edwin Schlossberg, a Jew. President George H. W. Bush has a granddaughter who married a Jew. Lauren Pierce Bush married David Lauren, son of multimillionaire fashion designer and executive Ralph Lauren.

What if the next election is Trump vs. Biden? Who has the most children who are married to the Kenite/Canaanite/Edomite/Ashkenazi Jew? Is this just a coincidence? The daughters and sons of the Anglo-American political and financial elites are marrying Jews.

The Jewish financial aristocracy is demanding that the Anglo-Saxon political elites give them its daughters and sons, to create a new Anglo-Jewish ruling class to reign in the name of Israel. The United States political elites are race-traitors and Jew-lovers, who have no sense of racial pride and who feel no organic connection to the White population of America. They have no idea and totally ignore what the God of the Bible says about His enemies.

One of the easiest ways to get those un-repayable loans forgiven is to marry the daughter of the Jewish money lenders, a simple strategy that allowed Jews to infiltrate and ultimately replace the native aristocracies of Europe. It has become quite fashionable to have a Jewish spouse yourself or marry your children off to Jews if you’re running for office.  What better way to convey to wealthy Jewish voters that you are 100% kosher? And just like communism, intermarriage is one of the easiest ways to ensure that all the wealth of the goyim ultimately ends up in the coffers of the Jews.


The following is taken from Richard Hoskin’s booklet, Why Fight Iraq? It gives insight into why so many American politicians are marrying into the unholy seed line.

“Everyone believes that somewhere an evil genius lurks. The someone who plans wars, massacres, and death camps, sometimes twenty to thirty years in advance. There are many stories that lend credence to the view. To calmly plot a war that is to take place at a time in the distant future requires a truly homicidal type who will hire like-minded people to work for him. People with no conscience at all.

People can never agree on his identity. He is never mentioned by the media. His (or her) crimes are studiously overlooked by the pulpit, ignored by politicians, and remains invisible to expose newsletter writers who wish to avoid trouble by collaborating, and perhaps getting a share of whatever there is.


The lending business is important. If one understands this—no other explanation” for most wars in the last several hundred years is necessary.

Ever stop to think why banks have insisted that state legislatures pass laws so that unclaimed accounts containing $1 that grand-dad set up for his grand-daughter when she was born will revert to the state after ten or fifteen years? We are told that it is because of paper work, or, because there are starving Eskimos at the north pole who can use that dollar to buy food. But is that the real reason? No indeed! Not a lick of truth to it. Let me tell you the real story, although it’s sort of like locking the barn door after the horse is out—and I mean the horse is really out. The following is one explanation about how it all started.


In 1655, Oliver Cromwell let the international bankers into England. They had been banned since 1290, but they promised to be good and do him a favor by lending him a few thousand pounds at 10% for letting them in. He needed the money, so he did. They didn’t even require immediate repayment. “Regular fellows”—easy to work with.

The tale goes that while Cromwell was in the bank one day making out money orders for some of his relatives in America, he opened a “savings” account, as an afterthought, for his niece Prudence. This account paid a guaranteed 10%. Not being a big spender with his own money, he put a quarter in it and sent the pass book to her mother to keep for her until she grew up and went to college or something. It’s the thought that counts!

Like little girls the world over, little Prudence was not impressed with 25 cents, especially in a bank account over in England where she couldn’t get it to buy candy or something. So, she put the passbook in a secret drawer in her dresser and forgot it. Dressers back then had secret drawers.

In 2000, the dresser was a real antique and was still around. Everyone said that it came over on the Mayflower. (If all the furniture that is said to have come over in the Mayflower was shipped back to Europe it would take an 80,000-ton Queen Mary three trips to get it all back.)

Anyway, when she was eight-years-old little Prudence (this was little Prudence 12th) was fooling around in the dresser and discovered the secret drawer holding the passbook belonging to her ancestor.

Not much money, but she took it down to the bank to get the quarter for a jaw breaker.

The teller smiled when she saw a 25 cents deposit made in 1655 and indulgently took it over to the machine to automatically compute the interest. The machine jammed.  She called the bank manager, Joe, who came over and he too jammed the machine when he tried to compute the totals.

Joe then sat down and did some fast computation with the bank’s personal computer, and what he saw was enough.  He then called little Prudence 12th over and said to her— ‘Little girl, you are the queen of the world. The banking system, of which this bank is part, owes you:  $18,386,096,562,268.61!  That’s 18 TRILLION DOLLARS plus a few odd hundred billion, and that more than the world’s worth.’

To show that he really knew what he was doing he continued, banker style, not knowing when to quit.  ‘The annual interest comes to $1,838,609,656,276.86, or, if you prefer, $5,037,286,729.53 a day. That’s FIVE BILLION DOLLARS and change. This is what interest on 25 cents will do for you if you keep it in the bank long enough.’

Little Prudence clapped her hands. She always wanted to be queen of the world.

Not knowing much about money, little Prudence hired Joe the bank manager to be her agent, or actually, prime minister, since a queen needs a prime minister to run things for her. She played in the yard of her home and he ran the world for her and explained things to her that she didn’t understand. Queens don’t have to understand everything, you know.


One day Joe went to see little Prudence and while they were playing on her see-saw Joe explained that they would have to get the president of the United States to go to war against somebody. Little Prudence was only eight and didn’t understand about such things, so Joe explained that the country was running out of money.

Little Prudence wanted to know why they didn’t use some of hers. She had more than $18 trillion dollars. Joe patiently explained that the $18 trillion was the money that the banks and the people owed her. If they had money—they paid her. If they didn’t have money, they couldn’t pay her, and then she wouldn’t have any money either.

Little Prudence then said that since the U. S. government owed her a lot of money, and since most of the politicians worked for her, (“The borrower is slave to the lender” Proverbs 22:7), why couldn’t she just tell them to make some money and give it to everyone who needed it—like herself, Joe, and some other nice people?

Again, Joe patiently explained that one of the reasons they wanted to go to war was to provide for the government to borrow money from her banks—and to make money themselves—if they did, the government and the people wouldn’t need her banks any more. If they didn’t need her banks, then she wouldn’t be queen and everyone wouldn’t work for her, and Joe wouldn’t be able to take care of her banking business and give her extra candy when her mother wasn’t looking. This was one of the main reasons they were paying politicians—to keep the country from printing its own money which would keep her from being queen and put Joe out of a job.

Even little Prudence could see the wisdom of not letting the government make money if it meant that they wouldn’t need her banks to lend money and she wouldn’t be queen. She liked being queen. Joe liked being assistant queen, or manager, or prime minister—whatever.


Little Prudence then wanted to know if she was the richest person in the world, but only had IOU’s and no money; and if the banks she owned also owned lots of IOU’s but no money, where did money come from and where did it go?

‘People try to pay off their IOU’s so they don’t owe any money and they can’t do it.  The reason they can’t do it is because our banks lend $10 and make the borrower repay $11. Once they pay the $10, that pays off part of the debt, (a $10 payment cancels a $10 IOU, and—poof! Both $10 and the $10 IOU disappear—leaving the $1 debt and no money to pay it.), and then they have no more money, BUT still owe $1. AND, since they now have no money they must come back to our banks and mortgage more and more property to borrow again and again so their debt gets bigger and bigger and when they run out of property to mortgage, we foreclose and take everything they’ve got. The people can never pay it off and escape. Neat, huh?

'Their IOU’s and their foreclosed property are why you are so rich. You own all the people who owe you. You own them all, and in time you will own all their property. The money isn’t important—except when you have to buy something to eat—like now.’

To a banker the answer was simple. Actually, the little queen didn’t understand a word of it. No one ever does understand what a banker is saying. But she knew this much:  ‘That doesn’t sound very honest to me.’

Joe, stung to the quick, replied:  ‘So, it’s not honest—its legal.’

‘We’ve paid good hard-earned money to politicians to make it legal, and now they TAX everyone who says it’s NOT legal. How’s that? Even preachers agree that it’s legal. No one ever say one word against it. (“Hath given forth upon usury…shall he then live? He shall not live; he hath done all these abominations, he shall surely die: his blood shall be upon him.” Ezekiel 18:13).

'We are strictly legal, and that makes us honest. The government says so, the courts say so, and we’ve got sheriffs and soldiers to make it stick. We’re protected all around.’

Little Prudence didn’t quite understand this either. But if Joe said so, and he was a banker and made his living doing this sort of thing, it must be so.

‘Well Joe... about this war, why do we need a war?’

‘To make people borrow money into existence when they didn’t want to borrow—money that everyone needs,’ he explained.

‘The people are already in debt. They don’t have any more debt-free houses, factories, or land. The can’t bring us deals to debt-free property so they can borrow new money into existence. What we MUST have are new debt- free borrowers. If we can get a war started, the government can borrow money into existence by issuing their own IOU bonds. That helps, but the country we go to war with—THEY will have to go to their own banks to borrow money into existence to buy guns and ships and planes to defend themselves—and you own those banks, too. After all, no one questions where money comes from.’

‘Well, if you say so,’ said little Prudence. 'With whom shall we go to war?’

'Well, Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan, and Panama have already been used. How about South Africa and Iraq? They are mostly debt-free. They have debt-free property to mortgage and are able to borrow a lot of money into existence to keep the world money system supplied with money for a long time. If we work it right, like Vietnam, we can string it out 20 years or more. After all, the plans were made back in 1965 and are still good. It will give us the money we need to buy you a swing set to go with this see-saw. The new swing sets are a lot more comfortable.’

Little Pru clapped her hands in glee.


So, you see—there is an evil person—an evil genius that plans to envelop the world in wars, death, and destruction. The question—who is it?

Is it:  

    1. The Carnegie crew who planned the South African invasion so many years ago? Or is it...
    2. Joe the banker, whom people secretly suspect is part of a Jewish conspiracy? Or is it...

    3. Little Pru, the eight-year-old secret ruler of the world? Or is it...

    4. The dastardly Oliver Cromwell who started this whole mess with his 25-cent gift at 10% interest? Ok, maybe—just maybe—could it be

    5. The system of compound interest itself?

Until people find the correct answer among the five suspects and do something about it, we can confidently expect that liberation wars against the evil South Africans and Iraqs of the world to force them to borrow money into existence will continue indefinitely. Or, until the Johnnies, Fritz’s, Abdula, and Gooks who fight these wars are all used up—whatever comes first.

As Joe explained to little Prudence.

‘Read my lips, we’re strictly legal, we’re right, and we’ve got to look at the bright side. At least, for now, money is once again beginning to be borrowed into existence. Happy days are here again for as long as they last, and you get your swing set.’

‘Oh goody!' said little Prudence, as she thought of her new swing set. ‘I always wanted a new swing set.’”

Thus, ends Richard Hoskins’ story.

It is against Christian Law to charge interest to their brothers. The penalty that our LORD God brought is death. That is one reason that Oliver Cromwell got the Jews to do it. Hmm! That must be the reason that the presidents of the United States are either Jews themselves, married Jews or their children are married to Jews.

Wouldn’t it great if a pure-blooded Anglo-Saxon was running for president who spoke against completely shutting down the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Income Tax. Why do we need a private bank to do what the Constitution says is Congress’ job? Congress has the power to print our money—not the Jewish Federal Reserve. That is why we have had the “Civil Rights” movement, the income tax, all the wars in the last 200 years, and all the dubious expensive activities that we had to create debt. More and more debt. That is the battle that we face. Do we follow the LORD God of the holy seed people or do we follow the gods of the unholy seed line? Eventually there will be no more debt-free property to use as collateral and the debt-usury system will fall in one day.

To be continued.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.