Who Returned to the Ukraine?


by Pastor Don Elmore

June 26, 2022

Matthew 23:33  “Ye serpents, ye generation [race or nation] of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell.”

“The people we today call ‘Jews’ are the very disciples of the evil entity whom the Bible describes as, ‘that old serpent, the devil.’”  The above is a quote from an American preacher.  I will tell you who it was at the end of this short message as I have other quotes from him in the remainder of the article.

But now I will give you another quote from another preacher:

John 8:44: Ye are of your father the Devil.’

This was unbearable for them, that they should be the children of the Devil, as they cannot bear it yet.  For if they would have to give us this foundation (Abraham’s children), everything they have built upon it would have to fall and be different.  [In the following, this self-praise is refuted from Scripture as unfounded assumptions.  These dissertations then close with these words:] But this will I say for the strengthening of our faith.  For the Jews will not let this pride and this glory of their nobility and blood be taken away from them, as said above.  They are hardened.

Our people, however, should be on their guard against theses hardened, condemned people (who accuse God of lying and proudly despise the whole world), that they be not misled

For the Jews would gladly entice us to accept their faith and do so wherever they can.” 

This second quote was from the leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther.  The quote was taken from his book that he wrote late in his life, entitled, “The Jews and their Lies.”  Both quotes are talking about the people who have the Devil as their father.

We now return to the first preacher:

“Israeli leadership in Jerusalem is sending military equipment and settlers from Israeli to the Ukraine.  The Jews have taken charge of that ravaged country’s government and finances and intend eventually to make the Ukraine a ‘second homeland’ for the Jews…

The rabbis teach that in the eighth century, the entire nation of Khazaria converted to the Talmud and to Kabbalistic Judaism.”  

[The Talmud says that Jesus was the offspring of a whorish women and a Roman soldier who is now in hell boiling in a hot cauldron of body fluids.] 

“Adopting the sordid, but occultly revealing, sex symbol of the six-pointed star, the pagan Khazars, known for centuries as the ‘Serpent People,’ battled against both Christians and Islamists. Later, as converted ‘Jews’ they migrated to Poland and Eastern Europe. Today they are found mostly in the U.S.A. and in Israeli…

The Khazars, identified in Revelation 2 and 3 as the wicked ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ are further identified in Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophetically as the people of Gog, from the land of Magog… 

From Khazaria to Israeli, and back to Khazaria [Ukraine] is Israel’s secret plan. After suppressing the Ukraine nation, the Jewish conquests will continue until the Jews achieve their NEW WORLD ORDER…  

America’s foreign policy is now dominated by the Israeli Lobby. The Jews do this through their powerful monied groups, AIPAC, the ADL, and the AJC. They control both the Republican and the Democrat Parties, and the White House does their bidding. That bidding includes the conquest of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Israeli and his advisors surprised us by bringing in their ‘Ukraine Solution.’ Some Jewish settlers would leave Israel and return to Ukraine. This resettling into Ukraine would take time, for reasons of logistics and economics. The end result, however, would be two Jewish homelands, Israeli and Ukraine.

In effect, Ukraine is to become an “autonomous Jewish domain,” a small-scale successor to the medieval empire of Khazaria... ‘By lining up with the Syrian rebels and Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Azerbaijan’ (also part of the ancient Khazarian territory), one source explains, Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israeli, ‘puts pressure on both Syria and Russia.’

Thus, we understand the current Ukraine political mess. The Jews launched the quest for their new Ukrainian homeland. They have support from the United States, as witness—the Jewish diplomat, Victoria Nuland, of the State Department. The U.S. is warning Vladimir Putin to keep a distance from Ukraine and to relinquish Russia’s historic ties to that nation, now ruled by Israeli.

The constitutionally elected Ukrainian President, Yanukovych, was overthrown last year (2014) by the U.S. and Israeli, with the CIA and the Mossad both deeply involved. A Jewish billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, was quickly installed as President. Jewish money and military might are constantly being flown into Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko, a pro-West oligarch, wins an outright majority in the first round of Ukraine’s presidential election, surprising many.

Poroshenko promises to fix the economy by aligning Ukraine with Europe and to root out corruption that has trailed Ukraine since its independence. U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration signals interest in helping Poroshenko battle corruption and assigns Vice President Joe Biden as its chief envoy for Ukraine.

In 2014, Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, joins the board of Burisma holdings, a Ukrainian gas company. Later that year, Russia invades Ukraine and later annexes part of the country.   Later Vice President Joe Biden tells the Ukrainian government their loan guarantees would be cut unless they fire the federal prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who the U.S. claimed was not doing enough to fight corruption. He is ousted on March 29, 2016.

Trump is elected President in 2016.  The New York Times reports Giuliani is planning to travel to Ukraine to seek help with investigations that would help Trump, including looking to the Bidens. He cancels two days later.

All property is being appropriated by Jewish oligarchs. The Israelis learned in Turkey (1905), the Soviet Union (1917), and Palestine (1948) how to work as a corrupt and calculating “minority” to dominate a larger, gentile majority.

We should all feel great pity and sorrow for the suffering Ukrainian people. They are being massacred and oppressed by the arrogant Zionist Jews who have, with America’s help, now become the ‘slave masters of Ukraine.’  Even the concentration camps have been reopened and are filling up with native Ukrainians.

Israel’s oligarchs, under Poroshenko’s iron hand, are dividing up the spoils of their Ukrainian takeover. The economy is falling—it has sunk to only forty percent of its pre-2013 level. Israel is stealing natural gas and oil from the destabilized Middle East and selling it for huge profits to energy-starved Ukraine. Everything will change.”

Now do you know why the media are vilifying Putin so much?  They are making him a lot like they did with Hitler and Luther.  Putin is disrupting the Jews’ plan who were massacring a lot of Putin’s people from Russia.  Practically all of America is against Putin and for corrupt Ukraine, the “second homeland of the Jews”. 

This was from a preacher who lived in America till he died a few years ago and who wrote most of this article about 10 years ago-- Texe Marrs.  Now, do you understand why the media hates Putin and why the Jew, Zelenskyy, a former comedian, is now president of the Ukraine, and why we are fighting as hard for their second homeland of the Zionist Jews as we did for their first homeland. 

May Almighty God have mercy on our souls.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel.