Wrong or Reich?

by Jim Jester

World War II series.  The purpose of this series is to educate our people to be better equipped with the truth.

Part 1:  "Jesus, Trump and Hitler, three men in history falsely accused" The purpose of this series is to educate our people to be better equipped with the truth. The official story of WW II is a narrative that needs to be broken in order for Christians to manifest the kingdom of God. This contains a timeline of events before the war turned hot and a brief on National Socialism.

Part 2: Personality, philosophy, and faith of Hitler and his plea for peace. The early part of the war, 1939-40 (French Invasion and Dunkirk).

Part 3:  Life in Pre-WWII Germany. The Confession of Faith of the German Christians. German military and peace efforts. The German soldier’s ten commandments. British and Jewish propaganda.

Part 4:  The firebombing (Holocaust) of Dresden and other atrocities by the Allies. What is a just war? History of the “6 million” figure and the cost of the war. Death toll of WWII.

Part 5:  More atrocities by the Allies. Microsoft and the chip. ‘D’ Day and the “liberation” of France. The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Baseless claims made about Hitler. Positive Christianity and the Daughter of Zion.

Part 6:  Aftermath of World War II. The war may have been officially over, but the killing continued. Eisenhower’s death camps. Jewish revenge and the extreme racial hatred they have toward Whites.

Part 7:  Aftermath of World War II. Lend-Lease, the Morgenthau Plan, and Jewish revenge.

Part 8:  Aftermath of World War II. The Nuremburg Trials. The jewish dream of extinction of the German nation. Genocide for Whites. Inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Part 9:  Review of the key points of the series. The Teutonic knights and the Wewelsburg Castle. The lost kingdom and a challenge for New Covenant churches.