Wrong or Reich? - Part 7


by Jim Jester

July 12, 2020

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 32:43

“Sing for joy, nations! Sing for joy, people who belong to him! For he'll avenge the blood of his servants, turn on his adversary, and cleanse both his land and his people.” – ISV


I got a letter this week from a prisoner contact. He is grateful to be on our mailing list. He writes in part:

“I have a concern I want to ask about – not just for you, but to all your staff, the brothers and sisters who read your message – and all the other ministries and pastors out there. My question is this. Where are ya’ll at? Where’s the White reply to what’s going on in the U.S.? Our country, the one we built, the one we founded, the one God led us to. Where are all the people who taught me what we believe is the truth and set forth by God?

Where’s our line in the sand? Where are our applications for Permits to counter-march? Where’s our rallies that say “White lives matter”? Where’s our gatherings that teach our children – they don’t have to be ashamed of being White? Where’s our marches that teach our neighborhoods and that the browning of America – mixed marriages and homosexuality – is not just wrong, but is a sin. … Why is no one standing up? Why no rallies teaching people how the jews are destroying the world and Christ’s true Word? They are taking everything Christian apart.

Where are your voices? Where’s the pride you speak about? My voice is only so loud here in prison, yet I stand up. In here, everything is in jeopardy: from being locked down in confinement for months, to being labeled a gang member, which follows me on a federal level; and once released, I could be injured or killed by the sub-humans I live with.

Every commercial, every TV show, every new song on the radio, every school class, every BLM march: we lose ground with our children, our future. … Where are we when it is needed the most – when it’s time to put in the work? Where are we when it is time to answer God’s calling?

I don’t get it. Is this the future we are willing to leave our grandkids? Are we willing to let them be born Brown, or grow up being Gay, or married to some minority? … Is all that you’ve preached and taught me for years been for nothing? Why do I feel alone? Please tell me there are folks out there that feel the way I do, that believe in God’s Truth, that want our history told, that want the White race to prosper. … I’d like to end with a quote from one who fought for this truth to her last breath:

“A long forgotten wind is starting to blow. Do you hear the approaching thunder? It is that of the awakened Saxon. War is upon the land, and the tyrant’s blood will flow.” – Vicki Weaver …

I answered his letter with the following:

I understand your concern and why you feel alone. The prophet Elijah thought he was alone too, yet he was not because God had some folk in the background. Yes, there are many out here that feel the same way you do (but the media makes it appear we are alone). Nearly everyone out in the public agrees this is wrong. I have been thinking the same thing. Where is the opposition to this voice of hate against Christianity?

First, not to be making excuses for the silence in the Christian community, but most of us work for a living, while the Leftists are being paid from other sources. Second, many of those in Christian Identity are elderly and unable to get out on the street. Third, I have seen some communities respond with protests against the Left, but of course not nearly enough. However, I think the opposition will grow. Lastly, there are hundreds of militia groups across the country, known and unknown, that will oppose any communistic takeover of America. That is some hope if we keep president Trump. However, if he is somehow defeated, then the job of any militia will be far more difficult.

There are quite a few commentators speaking out, even some black ones, such as Walter Williams and Candice Owens, and we are grateful for the truth. However, as Christians we do not take our marching orders from any of them, but from the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the preaching of the whole gospel truth with its racial implications to our people is much more critical.

I’ve wondered, where are the Christians who will stand up to this? I thought of the Christian Coalition organization that is supposed to be politically active, yet they have nothing on their site that indicates any opposition to the current situation. You cannot even contact them to ask a question! They appear to be useless because they are compromised as “supporters of Israel”. The judeo-Christian churches are useless (at least for now) because they have already accepted the “equality of all” myth. Most of them have already betrayed their race by allowing people of color into their congregations and by mixed marriages. Perhaps with all the chaos from the dark races, maybe they will wake up. But until they do, it appears we are alone. Alone, except for our God:

“…Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” – 2 Chron. 20:15

Continuing with our topic:

RT's 2018 WW2 Documentary Corrects Distortions of Anglo Media – Michael Bateman, Russia Insider, May 9, 2020

Revisionist debates about WW2 are raging as the old media hegemony disintegrates, and others have a chance to present their side of the story. On the Russian side, you have the argument that it was the Soviets who did the lion's share of the job, and don't get enough credit for it. Ukrainian nationalists argue that they were on the right side in joining Hitler against the evil Bolsheviks. And conservative voices, including in Germany, are arguing that Hitler never wanted war and that the war was forced on him by England and the US, who did want it; and that among other things, the Holocaust never happened.

RT's documentary film division makes a high quality contribution to the debate supporting the Russian view. It contains extensive interviews with German historians confirming much of what the Russians are saying. From RT:

A new RT documentary "Remembrance" examines the revisionist narratives about World War II that have muddied the Soviet Union’s role in defeating Nazi Germany, and obscured the sacrifices made by its people. “I think World War II has been distorted incredibly by the Anglo-American media, and that’s because they wanted to diminish the role of Russia and Stalin who actually defeated Hitler, you know. It wasn’t the United States and Britain that defeated him, it was really Stalin,” says Dan Henderson, a US journalist.” – [End of article]

Well, of course the American media would want to “diminish the role” of Stalin, because they do not want Americans to know what their president did to help Stalin. Roosenfelt’s “Lend Lease” policy sent billions of dollars worth of aid to Stalin; and actually held back the U.S. Army to allow the Soviets to take their prize of revenge upon innocent Germans. American aid gave Stalin the upper hand in winning the war.

Lend Lease

(From Wikipedia)

The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled “An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States” was a program under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom (and Commonwealth), Free France, the Republic of China, and later the Soviet Union and other Allied nations with food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and August 1945. This included warships and warplanes, along with other weaponry. It was signed into law on March 11, 1941, and ended in September 1945. In general, the aid was free, although some hardware (such as ships) were returned after the war. In return, the U.S. was given leases on army and naval bases in Allied territory during the war.

A total of $50.1 billion (equivalent to $565 billion in 2018) worth of supplies was shipped, or 17% of the total war expenditures of the U.S. In all, $31.4 billion went to Britain, $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $3.2 billion to France, $1.6 billion to China, and the remaining $2.6 billion to the other Allies. Reverse Lend-Lease policies comprised services such as rent on air bases that went to the U.S., and totaled $7.8 billion; of this, $6.8 billion came from the British. The terms provided that the materiel was to be used until returned or destroyed. In practice, very little equipment was returned. Supplies that arrived after the termination date were sold to Britain at a large discount for £1.075 billion, using long-term loans from the United States. Canada's program sent a loan of $1 billion and $3.4 billion in supplies and services to Britain and others.

Lend-Lease effectively ended the United States' pretense of neutrality, which had been enshrined in the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s. It was a decisive step away from non-interventionist policy and toward open support for the Allies. Roosevelt's top foreign policy advisor Harry Hopkins had effective control over Lend-Lease, making sure it was in alignment with Roosevelt's foreign policy goals.

In total, the U.S. deliveries to the USSR through Lend-Lease amounted to $11 billion in materials: over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks, about 1,386 of which were M3 Lees and 4,102 M4 Shermans); 11,400 aircraft (4,719 of which were Bell P-39 Airacobras) and 1.75 million tons of food.

The United States delivered to the Soviet Union from October 1, 1941, to May 31, 1945 the following: 427,284 trucks, 13,303 combat vehicles, 35,170 motorcycles, 2,328 ordnance service vehicles, 2,670,371 tons of petroleum products (gasoline and oil) or 57.8 percent of the high-octane aviation fuel, 4,478,116 tons of foodstuffs (canned meats, sugar, flour, salt, etc.), 1,911 steam locomotives, 66 diesel locomotives, 9,920 flat cars, 1,000 dump cars, 120 tank cars, and 35 heavy machinery cars. Provided ordnance goods (ammunition, artillery shells, mines, assorted explosives) amounted to 53 percent of total domestic consumption. One item typical of many was a tire plant that was lifted bodily from the Ford Company's River Rouge Plant and transferred to the USSR. … In total, 92.7% of the wartime production of railroad equipment by the USSR was supplied by Lend-Lease… which augmented the existing stocks of at least 20,000 locomotives and half a million railcars.

[I have a question: Did “Rosie the riveter” and other Americans know that their sacrifices during the war helped to build Soviet rail infrastructure?]

The Soviet air force received 18,200 aircraft, which amounted to about 30 percent of Soviet wartime fighter and bomber production (mid 1941–45). Most tank units were Soviet-built models but about 7,000 Lend-Lease tanks (plus more than 5,000 British tanks) were used by the Red Army, 8 percent of war-time production.

According to the Russian historian Boris Vadimovich Sokolov, Lend-Lease had a crucial role in winning the war:

“On the whole the following conclusion can be drawn: that without these Western shipments under Lend-Lease the Soviet Union not only would not have been able to win the Great Patriotic War, it would not have been able even to oppose the German invaders, since it could not itself produce sufficient quantities of arms and military equipment or adequate supplies of fuel and ammunition. The Soviet authorities were well aware of this dependency on Lend-Lease. Thus, Stalin told Harry Hopkins [FDR's emissary to Moscow in July 1941] that the U.S.S.R. could not match Germany’s might as an occupier of Europe and its resources.”

Nikita Khrushchev, having served during the war as military commissar between Stalin and his generals, addressed directly the significance of Lend-lease aid in his memoirs:

“I would like to express my candid opinion about Stalin’s views on whether the Red Army and the Soviet Union could have coped with Nazi Germany and survived the war without aid from the United States and Britain. First, I would like to tell about some remarks Stalin made and repeated several times when we were ‘discussing freely’ among ourselves. He stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war.” – [emphasis mine; end of Wikipedia quotes]

It seems very clear that without the help of the west, the Soviet Union could not have taken Germany for the allied jewish powers.

Revenge and Morgenthau

The Morgenthau Plan following World War II was a proposal to eliminate Germany’s ability to wage war by eliminating its arms industry, and the removal or destruction of other key industries basic to military strength. It was first proposed by United States Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., in a memorandum entitled “Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany”. It was his dream to dismantle Germany’s industry after the war and reduce Germany to a medieval, peasant society. He wrote in his diary, p. 11, “Germany must be turned into a wasteland, as happened there during the 30-year War.”

Morgenthau also wrote a book, Germany is Our Problem, which described the plan in detail. Eisenhower was an early supporter of the Morgenthau Plan, which would have placed Germany’s main industrial areas under international governance, turned over most land to agriculture, and partition Germany into separate states. In November 1945, he approved the distribution of one thousand free copies of Morgenthau’s book to American military officials in Germany.

The plan was not adopted in one fell swoop, and it faced opposition because of its radical agenda, but most of its principles prevailed in the Second Quebec Conference (September 12–16, 1944), a high-level military meeting held in Quebec City. An agreement was reached on a number of matters, including a plan for Germany, based on Morgenthau’s original proposal. The memorandum (also referred to as the Morgenthau plan) drafted by Churchill provided for “eliminating the war-making industries in the Ruhr and the Saar... looking forward to converting Germany into a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in its character.” However, it no longer included a plan to partition the country into several states.

Morgenthau persuaded Roosevelt to write to Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Secretary of War Henry Stimson saying that a U.S. occupation policy, which anticipated that “Germany is to be restored just as much as the Netherlands or Belgium”, was far too lenient. A better policy would have the Germans “fed three times a day with soup from Army soup kitchens” so “they will remember that experience the rest of their lives.” Hull was outraged by Morgenthau’s “inconceivable intrusion” into foreign policy. Hull told Roosevelt that the plan would inspire last-ditch resistance and cost thousands of American lives. The Republican presidential candidate Thomas Dewey complained in his campaign that the Germans had been terrified by the plan into fanatical resistance, “Now they are fighting with the frenzy of despair.” Secretary Hull honestly believed that, “the Morgenthau Plan aimed at the massacre, enslavement and liquidation of the German people.” From Wikipedia:

Churchill was not inclined to support the proposal, saying “England would be chained to a dead body.” Roosevelt reminded Churchill of Stalin's comments at the Tehran Conference, and asked, “Are you going to let Germany produce modern metal furniture? The manufacture of metal furniture can be quickly turned in the manufacture of armament.” The meeting broke up on Churchill’s disagreement but Roosevelt suggested that Morgenthau and White continue to discuss with Lord Cherwell, Churchill’s assistant. [Cherwell was jewish: Lindemann]

Lord Cherwell has been described as having “an almost pathological hatred for Nazi Germany, and an almost medieval desire for revenge was a part of his character.” Morgenthau is quoted as saying to his staff that “I can’t overemphasize how helpful Lord Cherwell was because he could advise how to handle Churchill.” In any case, Cherwell was able to persuade Churchill to change his mind. Churchill later said, “At first I was violently opposed to the idea. But the President and Mr. Morgenthau – from whom we had much to ask – were so insistent that in the end we agreed to consider it.”

Some have read into the clause “from whom we had much to ask” that Churchill was bought off, and note a September 15 memo from Roosevelt to Hull stating that “Morgenthau has presented at Quebec, in conjunction with his plan for Germany, a proposal of credits to Britain totaling six and half billion dollars.” Hull’s comment on this was that “this might suggest to some the quid pro quo with which the Secretary of the Treasury was able to get Mr. Churchill’s adherence to his cataclysmic plan for Germany.” [He could either accept the jewish plan for revenge (along with the loan), or announce bankruptcy for Britain.]

At Quebec, White made sure that Lord Cherwell understood that economic aid to Britain was dependent on British approval of the plan. During the signing of the plan, which coincided with the signing of a loan agreement, President Roosevelt proposed that they sign the plan first. This prompted Churchill to exclaim: “What do you want me to do? Get on my hind legs and beg like Fala [Roosevelt’s dog]?”

Hull argued that nothing would be left to Germany but land, and only 60% of the Germans could live off the land, meaning 40% of the population would die. Stimson expressed his opposition even more forcefully to Roosevelt. According to Stimson, the President said that he just wanted to help Britain get a share of the Ruhr and denied that he intended to fully deindustrialize Germany. Stimson replied, “Mr. President, I don’t like you to dissemble to me” and read back to Roosevelt what he had signed. Struck by this, Roosevelt said he had “no idea how he could have initialed this”. The theory that Roosevelt was not truly rejecting the plan is supported by Eleanor Roosevelt, who stated that she never heard him disagree with the basics of the plan, and who believed that “the repercussions brought about by the press stories made him feel that it was wise to abandon any final solution at that time”, but other sources suggest that Roosevelt “had not realized the devastating nature of the program he had initialed”.

On 10 May 1945, President Truman approved JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff policy) 1067, which directed the US forces of occupation in Germany to “take no steps looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany [nor steps] designed to maintain or strengthen the German economy.” – Wikipedia

In January 1946 the Allied Control Council set the foundation of the future German economy by putting a cap on steel production; the maximum allowed was set about 25% of prewar production level. Steel plants not needed were dismantled.

Because of the Potsdam Conference, all occupation forces were obligated to ensure that German standards of living could not exceed the average level of the European neighbors with which it had been at war. Germany was to be reduced to the standard of life it had known in 1932. The first “level of industry” plan, signed in 1946, stated that German heavy industry was to be lowered to 50% of its 1938 levels by the closing of 1,500 manufacturing plants.

The problems brought on by these types of policies were eventually apparent to most U.S. officials in Germany. Germany had long been the industrial giant of Europe, and its poverty held back European prosperity. The poverty in Germany also led to extra expense for the occupying powers, which were obligated to make up the most important shortages through the GARIOA program (Government and Relief in Occupied Areas). With the continued poverty in Europe and the beginning of the Cold War, it was important not to lose all of Germany to the communists. General Clay stated, “There is no choice between being a communist on 1,500 calories a day and a believer in democracy on a thousand.” It was clear that a change in policy was required.

On September 6, 1946, the change came by “Restatement of Policy on Germany”, a famous speech by James Byrnes, U.S. Secretary of State, held in Stuttgart. Also known as the “Speech of hope”, it set the tone of future U.S. policy as it repudiated the Morgenthau economic policies. Economic reconstruction gave the Germans hope for the future.

After lobbying by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Generals Clay and Marshall, the Truman administration realized that economic recovery in Europe could not go forward without the reconstruction of the German industrial base on which it had previously been dependent. In July 1947, Truman rescinded on “national security grounds” the punitive JCS 1067, which had directed the U.S. occupation forces in Germany to “take no steps looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany.” JCS 1067 had been in effect for over two years. It was replaced by JCS 1779, which instead stressed, “an orderly, prosperous Europe requires the economic contributions of a stable and productive Germany.”

The most notable example of this change of policy was a plan established by US Secretary of State George Marshall, the “European Recovery Program”, better known as the Marshall Plan, which in the form of loans instead of the free aid received by other nations was extended to also include West Germany.

The “Morgenthau boys” resigned en masse when JCS 1779 was approved, but before they went, the Morgenthau followers in the decartelization division of OMGUS (Office of Military Government, U.S.) accomplished one last task in the spring of 1947: the destruction of the old German banking system. By breaking the relationships between German banks, they cut off the flow of credit between them, limiting them to short-term financing only. This prevented the rehabilitation of German industry and had immediate adverse effects on the economy in the U.S. occupation zone. Leave it to jews to sabotage something. With the currency reform of 1948, Germany eventually recovered.

Thus while the original Morgenthau Plan was never totally adopted in its original form, its basic principles were fulfilled in stages.

Jewish Revenge

Were the Americans, in fact, the real victors of WWII; and were we the liberators? On May 9th, 1945 (the day after the German surrender), jewish revenge was turned loose upon Europe. Eisenhower announced: “We are not coming here as liberators, but as conquerors.”

The pro-Red Richard Scandrette, one of the members of the American Reparations Commission, laid out the supposed “peace” for Germany. His account was recorded in Congressional Records (June 7th, 1945):

“Germany will not exist any longer, only German provinces under Russian, American or British colonial governments. The living standards will be lowered to the level of the concentration camps and exile territories of Siberia. All classes of Germans will be ruthlessly forced down to the same level. As a final solution, these territories will be governed by a Reparations Committee of the United Nations, and this Committee will decide how many Germans are needed in each of the provinces to secure the standard of minimum agricultural production. All German males not needed for this scheme are to be conscripted into compulsory labor battalions and sent to America or Soviet Russia, especially to those regions of Russia destroyed during the war.

No regard is to be paid in the enslavement to the education, family connections, or dependent wives or children of the German deportees. No exemptions to be made of the clergy either. Full understanding was reached between America and the U.S.S.R. regarding the question of religion in Eastern Europe. The Russian Orthodox Church, after regaining the favor of the Kremlin, will be the ‘official’ religion in the Baltic republics, Poland, Eastern Germany, Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The Roman Catholics will be cut off from Rome.

‘The Society for the Prevention of World War III’, the most fanatically Old Testament organization of Morgenthau, especially demanded that the revengeful clause relating to the dismembering of Germany be carried out. All Germans should be expelled from neutral countries. American businessmen should be given no visa to visit Germany. For the next twenty-five years, no German person may receive any visa to visit America. Marriage with German women is to be forbidden and German women may not enter the U.S.A. Postal communication with Germany is not to be restored.” – The World Conquerors, Louis Marschalko, 1958, p. 112-113 [emphasis mine]

In the wake of advancing American forces a sinister fifth column followed, the members of which in ninety-nine percent of cases were not Americans. This vengeful army was made up of emigrants from Eastern European countries, of black-market operators from Brooklyn ghettos, of Czech, Polish and Hungarian jews who took refuge in London, and of criminals liberated from the concentration camps. They filled all posts in the C.I.C. (Counter Intelligence Corps, U. S. Army) organized according to the Morgenthau Plan. They swarmed the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the C.I.A.) in various commissions searching for war criminals, as well as in American security organizations. They became mayors of German towns and commandants of P.O.W. camps. They administered La Guardia’s U.N.R.R.A. (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration). They occupied key positions in the American forces and exercised control over them. There were only 2,524 German war criminals on the original list of the U.N., but soon the C.I.C. and the Americans were conducting a search for one million German “war criminals”. At first, the Soviets wanted to shoot 50,000 Germans summarily, and then they proposed to bring 200,000 “war criminals” to trial at Nuremberg.

A mass of several hundred thousand released from the concentration camps surged towards Poland, Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia, to become officers in the Communist police forces and other terror organizations. They were welcomed with open arms by the Soviet M.V.D. (Ministry of Internal Affairs) who was in control of Eastern European countries. The pattern was the same everywhere. In the forefront, there was an American, a Soviet or a French general, but in each case, a jewish deputy dogged his heels.

In the refugee camps, these jews were the chief caterers for U.N.R.R.A. as well as the privileged beneficiaries of this relief. Thus, they snatched the best rations from Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs, their former fellow prisoners in the concentration camps. At the same time, on the roads, military policemen overturned cans of milk to deprive German children and hospital patients of their diet. In German cities, working-class families were turned out of their homes by the tens of thousands, thus rendering vacant the best dwellings. The victims had to leave behind everything: furniture, kitchen equipment, clothing and even linen, thus forcing the German people to recompense three times over in the form of reparations the actual value of the goods confiscated from the jews. Uniformed Zionist guards were posted at camp gates and, at first, even the Military Police of the American Army could not enter jewish camps.

Those who rounded up “war criminals” by the thousands and tortured both guilty and innocent in their jails were, almost exclusively, jews. The commandants, captains and secret agents in the jails at Salzburg and other places, as well as in the notorious Marcus Camp were, almost without exception, jews dressed in American uniform. According to a Yugoslav refugee who had been in the camp at Klagenfurt, its British Commandant, who handed over “war criminals”, proudly put a notice on his desk with the inscription “I AM A JEW!”

The caves and abandoned trenches of Slovenia were utilized as common graves. Vlassov is a symbolic figure in this great slaughter of millions. He was the last person capable of rallying an army of several million men under his flag against Stalin’s dictatorship. Naturally, this symbolic personality was handed over by the Western democracies to the Bolshevik regime. Lavrentiy Beria (jew), was given the pleasing task of organizing Vlassov’s public execution in Moscow. It was not Nazism that had to be liquidated now, but the leaders of the Christian nations regardless of political party or creed.

To all these things hypocrites can retort: “Well, after all, this is what total war is all about!” But nobody could explain away by referring to “total war” what happened in Czechoslovakia on the day of the armistice. When the last Wehrmacht units left Prague, jewish Communists, led by Slansky-Salzman, returned from Moscow to the Czech capital where they proceeded to gather the revengeful ex-prisoners of Germany’s concentration camps.

“The Czech Communists made very clever use of those unfortunate Jews,” wrote Vilag on March 15th, 1953, “who came out of the extermination camps half dead. They put these jews in charge of the expatriation of Sudeten-Germans and Hungarians. The idea was not new as Lavrentiy Beria did the same when he used Polish and Ukrainian jews to hunt down the Ukrainian and Polish ‘anti-Semites’, i.e., those who could be supposed to have collaborated with the Nazis.” – Ibid, p. 119

Moreover, because they believed that this supposition could be extended to include nearly everybody, they began a campaign of revenge unprecedented in the history of mankind.

“Six hundred thousand Sudeten Germans were killed during the massacres in the earthly hell of the death camps of Czechoslovakia. The Sudeten German White Paper records these horrors with full details on more than 1,000 pages, horrors for which there is no precedent in the history of mankind. Armed Czech women and Jewesses continued hitting the womb of expectant mothers with truncheons [police batons] until a miscarriage followed, and in one single camp, ten German women died daily in this way (Document No. 6). In another camp, the inmates were forced to lick up the bespattered brains of their fellow-prisoners who had been beaten to death. German prisoners were forced to lick up infectious feces from the underwear of their fellow-prisoners suffering from dysentery (Document No. 17). The Czech and Jewish doctors refused all medical aid to German women raped by the Russians. Hundreds of thousands died by these means or sought salvation in suicide, as, for instance, in Brno (Brun), where on a single day 275 women committed suicide.” – Ibid, p. 120

Naturally, the Western “politically correct” press, American radio and the B.B.C., saw to it never to mention these facts, although they, in the first place, were responsible for this campaign of revenge.

The unfortunate nation of Hungary, even in its dismembered state after the Paris Peace Conference treaties (1919-1920), had provided 560,000 jews with peaceful and safe homes. Hungary did not take vengeance on jewry even after the first Communist dictatorship of Bela Kun, despite the fact that jews, almost exclusively, were the commissars and leaders of this Communist regime. Concerning Hungary:

“During the era between the two World Wars, 1,100,000 acres were owned by Jews out of a total of 9,000,000 acres of arable land. A Jewish minority of 6% possessed 51% of house property in Budapest, 30% of the total national income and 25% of the total national assets. When, after the German occupation, the state authorities listed the property and assets of Jewry amassed in less than a hundred years, it was estimated that it possessed the equivalent of nineteen wagon loads of gold, silver and jewels, whilst the total gold reserve of the Hungarian National Bank could have been loaded into twelve wagons easily. Later, the American authorities returned all this amassed wealth to Jewry.” – Ibid, p. 121

The true war criminals (jews) had a foreboding that one day they might be called upon to render an account for what they had done in planning the war, as well as for its barbarism. They had to produce an even greater criminal! To justify their revenge they had to find something more horrible than the 300,000 dead bodies of Dresden or the Katyn Wood murders or the massacres of Bromberg, which could be used as an eyewash to mislead public opinion.

A special technique of psychological terror had to be used to cover up all of this. If anyone, even a bishop or cardinal, tried to raise a word of protest and state the truth, he was silenced with the threat of “Nazi”! Perhaps he was also threatened with being handed over to the Russians. Thus, not only the Germans, but all of Europe was intimidated. Thus, a stage was reached when nobody dared to tell the truth for fear of appearing to defend murder and other atrocities.

“The foul propaganda campaign brought about a state of affairs in which the lie appeared as the truth, revenge as administration of justice and a truthful utterance as condoning war crimes. This propaganda tried to convince the ill-informed Gentile masses that the jews were the only victims of the war and that no other nations suffered any losses. It remained silent about the common graves dug for millions of Gentile victims and not a word was said about the massacred Hungarians, Rumanians, Bulgarians and French men. At the same time, the story of jewry’s sufferings was exaggerated beyond all measure.” – Ibid, p.127

A new age had now dawned in which jewry could escape the consequences of any deed; and the whole of Christian Europe became a happy hunting ground for jewry’s revenge. It was enough to speak Hungarian in the streets of Munich to be immediately picked up by the Military Police (whom the jews promptly called in) and handed over to the Communist hangman. Thus, an atmosphere was created in which the allied military authorities became unable to check jewry’s vengeful excesses; and their own existence was jeopardized if they showed any reluctance to offer themselves as pawns for jewish aims.


With the fall of the Third Reich, so Europe fell under jewish occupation. Everything that had belonged to Europe for 2,000 years had now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (only more cruelly) the very things they had claimed Hitler did. Does this not sound like the Democrats today in their attacks on Trump? No matter what he does, it is wrong in their eyes. This occupation of Europe was not an American justice, but was of a victorious jewish nationalism burning with hate and revenge. Holding key positions, they were able to punish everyone, innocent or guilty. In their eyes, there was only one crime: to have opposed or to be in a position to oppose jewish nationalism.

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” – Rev. 6:10

Recompense is God’s great function in the world, “To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense…” (Deut. 32:35); and evil, however long it may triumph, must one day be dealt with. Before the universe, God will pledge Himself by the most solemn oath to bring down His enemies and the enemies of His people. There are few more impressive passages in Scripture than this:

I solemnly swear to heaven – I say ‘As certainly as I’m alive and living forever, I’ll whet my shining sword, with my hands in firm grasp of judgment. I’ll show vengeance on my adversary and repay those who keep on hating me. I’ll make my arrows drunk with blood. My sword will devour flesh, along with the blood of the slain, and I’ll take the enemy leaders captive.’”– Deut. 32:40-42, ISV

The poet (“Song of Moses”, Deuteronomy 32) leaves his people with this great vision of judgment. For them, it was necessary to be assured that Yahweh reigns and that evil could not ultimately prosper. With their view dominated by this figure of the ever-living and avenging God, their faith in the moral government of His kingdom would restore them.

The poem closes with a stanza (our opening Scripture) in which the seer and singer calls upon the nations to rejoice because of God’s people. “Sing for joy, nations [of Israel]! Sing for joy, people who belong to him! For he'll avenge the blood of his servants, turn on his adversary, and cleanse both his land and his people” (Deut. 32:43, ISV). The deliverance worked for them will be so great that even the heathen who see it must rejoice. All will see His justice and faithfulness.

…To be continued…