Evil Good and Good Evil

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

Current Events

Part 1:  "Homosexuality" There are two political parties in the United States.  Every four years we go through the national elections. This year is different in that we have the incumbent president making speeches to large crowds, while former vice-president Joe Biden talks to a few people.  But neither party has the correct answers.  The Republicans are a whole lot better than the Democrats, but they are both leading American to their doom.  The first reason is that they both tolerate sodomy.

Part 2:  "Segregation"  America used to be a partly segregationist nation. America has gradually changed. It used to be that only white men could vote, i.e. only white men who owned property. They were the taxpayers, so only they had a right to vote on how their money was spent.

Part 3:  "Slavery" Neither party will discuss usury banks. They accept all usury loans to their citizens without question, even though it is against our LORD God’s Law that no usury is to be charged to any Israelite in their Israelite countries by a fellow Israelite – that is why the jews are given the job! That proves that there are different people in the world.

Part 4: "Edomite and Khazarian Influence" This message deals with the fact that both parties are very heavily controlled by the wicked seed line.  Both Republicans and Democrats are full of evil, left-wing individuals whose loyalty lies somewhere else beside the United States.  It lies globally, not nationally.

Part 5:  "White Supremacy"  Neither party, Republican or Democratic, has any thing good to say about white supremacy.  They both denounce any mention of white supremacy, white nationalism or white privilege.  President Trump said on the Shawn Hannity Show that he didn't want any of their votes.  But their argument is not against the people who believe in this minority doctrine; it is against the One who chose the racial people to this place in history -- the God of the Bible.