The Modern Day Lincoln Cult

by Pastor Charles Jennings 

With preceding and ending comments by Pastor Don Elmore

Have you noticed that one of the most favorite of all the Presidents of the United States is Abraham Lincoln or Abraham Enlow?  Both Democrats and Republicans revere the man who they say emancipated the American slaves and saved the Union in the great Civil War. 

But it is very strange that Lincoln, who was the leader of the new Republican Party, is consistently known as the leader of America’s great Civil War.  By definition, a civil war is waged between two or more factions within the same country for the control of the same government.  The Southern Confederacy was an independent and sovereign nation known as the Confederate States of America. It was totally separate from the United States of America.  The Confederacy had its own constitution, a fully functioning government, borders, President and Vice President, army and navy, etc. 

Both political parties, along with the Communist Party, hold to the Modern-Day Lincoln Cult.  Pastor Charles Jennings wrote in his new issue of Truth in History magazine, on this period in American history.  America’s Political Tyranny, The Pledge of Allegiance, Abraham Lincoln, The Man and the Myth, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Father Abraham, It Was Not A Civil War and The Modern-Day Lincoln Cult are short chapters in this issue. 

Pastor Jennings did an outstanding job.  I am going to present his article on The Modern-Day Lincoln Cult:

The Modern-Day Lincoln Cult by Pastor Charles Jennings:

“APOTHESOIS:  The act of making a god of a person; the glorification of a person.

In the modern American Republican/Conservative/Christian mentality, Abraham Lincoln has been elevated to a ‘Christ-like’ status.  He is the idol to be emulated in both moral and political policy.  He is the god to be worshipped and the icon for most Republican candidates.

To criticize him, is to incur upon one’s self the most severe curse that any cult member could utter.  For years in most public-school classrooms were the pictures of George Washington; ‘The Father of our Country’; and Abraham Lincoln, the man who saved the Union and set the slaves free.

In reality, Lincoln and his administration opened the floodgates of political tyranny and socialist policies that has morphed themselves into mature Marxism and governmental corruption that we are living with today.   In the minds of most conservative talk show hosts today, he is the ‘Father of the Republican Party’ and his policies are the goal to which this nation of ours should achieve.  The Communist Party USA used to hold ‘Lincoln-Lenin Day” celebrations in New York City in honor of both men.  Lincoln and Karl Marx communicated with one another during the war and Lincoln would read Marx’s articles in the New York Tribune.

Informed Christians today hail him as a great Christian, but historical facts beg to differ.  William Herndon, Lincoln’s close friend said that Lincoln believed the Bible was not inspired, Jesus was illegitimate and not the Son of God.  Twenty of the twenty-three ministers in Springfield, Illinois did not vote for him.  He and his wife Mary practiced spiritualism holding several séances in the White House attempting to communicate with their deceased sons.  Mary stated that Lincoln had no religious faith, while others knew him as a public infidel.  One of the most popular monuments in America is the Lincoln Memorial with Lincoln sitting of his ‘throne’ as a ‘savior’ of American Republicanism.”  End of chapter. 

Lincoln was a false Christian.  His name and birthplace are still in doubt.  His wife conducted séances in the White House, he repeated arbitrary arrests, he suspended habeas corpus, he violated freedom of the mails, of the private house, of the press and of speech, and all the other multiplied wrongs and outrages upon public liberty and private rights, which have made this country one of the worst despotism on earth, and he emancipated all the slaves that were living in the South, which was another country, but not the North of which he was President.  I think that Abraham Lincoln (Enlow) was the worst president of the United States with Biden a very close second.  Maybe Biden will pass him into first place as time continues.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.