Deuteronomy Part 8


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

February 4, 2018

Scripture Reading:  Deuteronomy 4:44-49:

44) “And this is the law which Moses set before the children of Israel;

45) These are the testimonies, and the statues, and the ordinances, which Moses spoke unto the children of Israel, after they came forth out of Egypt,

46) On this side of the Jordan, in the valley over against Beth-peor, in the land of Sihon, king of the Amorites, who dwelt at Heshbon, whom Moses and the children of Israel smote, after they were come forth out of Egypt.

47) And they possessed his land, and the land of Og, king of Bashan, two kings of the Amorites who were on this side of the Jordan toward the sunrising;

48) From Aroer, which is by the bank of the river Arnon, even unto Mount Sion, which is Hermon,

49) And all the Arabah on this side of the Jordan eastward, even unto the sea of the Arabah, under the springs of Pisgah.”

Who is the most politically influential “Christian” in the White House in America today? Is it:

  • Joel Osteen,

  • T. D. Jakes,

  • Franklin Graham, Billy’s son,

  • Rick Warren,

  • David Barton,

  • Charles Colson,

  • James Dobson,

  • Tim and Beverly LaHaye,

  • Joyce Meyer,

  • Jack Van Impe,

  • Who? ...

It is Paula White! And who is Paula White?

The most politically influential Christian in America is a controversial Florida preacher many evangelical Republicans may never have heard of: Paula White, a Florida televangelist.Paula recorded her first broadcast of Paula White Today in December 2001 and, by 2006, her show appeared on nine television networks, including Trinity Broadcast Network, Daystar, and Black Entertainment Television. Ebony magazine said of this white woman preacher, “You know you’re on to something new and significant when the most popular woman preacher on the Black Entertainment Network is a white woman.”

Paula White considers T. D. Jakes her spiritual father.White considers T. D. Jakes her spiritual father. Jakes invited her to speak at his “Woman Thou Art Loosed” conference in 2000. She also participated in the Mega Fest, hosted by Jakes in Atlanta, in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

Is Trump a Christian?

James Dobson recently reported he had heard that Paula White led Donald Trump to Christ, and Trump is now a “baby Christian.” White, senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, was one of Trump’s early supporters. In September 2015, she was one of about 40 religious leaders who met with Trump for a private prayer service at Trump Tower in New York. Later, she attended Trump’s meeting with over 900 evangelical leaders and was appointed to Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board.

When asked if Pastor Paula White was the one who Led Donald Trump to Christ, she answered:

In my ministry, I’ve been fortunate to privately advise many national leaders, celebrities and people of unusual influence. I don’t talk about those conversations and relationships because they are built on trust and I wouldn’t even be talking about this one had the press not chosen to politicize it. I can tell you with confidence that I have heard Mr. Trump verbally acknowledge his faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins through prayer, and I absolutely believe he is a Christian who is growing like the rest of us. I know that from many personal conversations.”

Paula White's background

Paula was the daughter of an upper-middle class family. Her parents were owners of a toy-store business. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father killed himself when she was just five-years-old.

When Paula was a young girl, nine-years-old, her mother married an officer in the Navy. They then moved to Maryland. She graduated from high school, but soon got pregnant out of wedlock. She then married the father, Dean Knight, but it only lasted two years. But she did give birth to one child, a boy.

While married, she became “saved” in a Pentecostal Church. She soon got divorced from her first husband and was working as a janitor in a church building. While working there, Paula says that she received a dramatic call from God that she was to become a preacher.

So, while she was working as a janitor, as a divorced mother of one child, she met another divorced man, a preacher by the name of Randy White. He was trying to get his life back together after his divorce and they started dating. They became friends and dated for several months. It wasn’t long until Randy proposed to her during a tour to Israel and she accepted. Shortly thereafter they moved from Maryland to Tampa, Florida.

They moved to the Tampa, Florida area to start a new church. For two years, they were on government handouts and gifts from friends, as they just barely survived. And then the change happened.

The church began to grow. They changed locations three times; each time to a larger building. They even changed the name of the church; eventually, it was called Without Walls International Church.

They were husband and wife co-pastors of this “great” church. They soon had a $1.9-million jet; a $2.9-million home; and a $3.5 million dollar condo in Trump Towers.

Paula White ministered to some well-known people including Michael Jackson, Gary Sheffield, and Darryl Strawberry. She was the personal pastor to Darryl Strawberry, starting in 2003 following Strawberry’s release from prison for cocaine possession. Charisse Strawberry, Darryl Strawberry’s wife at that time, worked as an assistant to White, accompanying her on speaking engagements. She is the “personal life coach” of Tyra Banks and appeared on her show, the Tyra Banks Show, in an episode concerning promiscuity on October 4, 2006.

White has been a personal minister to Donald Trump who discovered White by watching her TV show. Trump first made contact by telephone in 2002. He went on to bring her often to Atlantic City for private Bible studies, and he has appeared on her television show. White was credited in June 2016 by James Dobson as having converted Trump to Christianity. White was part of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board during his campaign for United States President, and provided the invocation prayer during Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Since Trump took office White has served as one of the president’s spiritual advisors, and has held Oval Office prayer circles with him. White, with assistance from her own ministry board advisor, has had an ongoing spiritual role towards Trump. White enthusiastically supported Trump’s 2017 decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But the Whites would wind up bankrupt and divorced. This while preaching the “prosperity gospel.” The prosperity gospel means that if you give money to God, He will prosper you. How come it didn’t help the husband and wife preachers who promoted this false doctrine?

The United States government investigated them for eleven years about their financial situation and they said that Paula White did not provide any answers at all. She refused to give them any records of any kind. The investigation ended without any decision.

Paula eventually took over the large church that was in Tampa and a second church that they had started in Lakewood, Florida. She was pastor of both churches after her divorce from Randy. But she soon abandoned them and took over a church in Apopka, Florida that was started by a black man by the name of “Zachery Tims.”

Hoping to emerge from bankruptcy, Without Walls International Church says it is close to selling its longtime home near Raymond James Stadium to a real estate developer. Attorneys for Without Walls said that a sales contract with the Richman Group closes soon. The developer plans to pay $12.6 million and build multifamily apartment units on the W. Columbus Drive property. Without Walls and the Richman Group struck a similar deal last year, but the church "refused to close on that sale at the last second," according to documents filed in the bankruptcy case. The $12.6 million exceeds the amount of loans backed by the Tampa property but is still far less than the overall $29 million that Without Walls owed its lender, California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union, as of last month.

Church officials announced their latest plans to move to a new location at Sunday’s worship services. Spokeswoman Susan Funk said leaders have not yet settled on a location, though court documents say the church has a rental agreement to use Blake High School.

Over the years, Without Walls took out four loans — worth a total of $29 million — from the credit union, using its Tampa campus and a Lakeland church as collateral, the court documents say. But after Without Walls stopped making its payments, the credit union began foreclosure proceedings on the two properties in October 2012.

The church filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March. The credit union took the Lakeland property by making the top bid at a bankruptcy auction.

The 12,000-member church was established in 1991. About 4,000 members attend one or more of its three weekly services at the Tampa site, according to the church. The church also operates an after-school day care center at the location. Last year, Without Wall's gross revenues totaled $2.2 million, according to bankruptcy documents.

Randy White, who resigned as senior pastor in 2009 because of what he described as health concerns, returned to Without Walls in July 2012. In the year preceding the bankruptcy filing, White received a salary of $156,000 plus benefits, the church said in court documents. White also made $800,000 in unsecured loans to the church, the March documents say.

Without Walls once boasted 22,000 members and was among the fastest-growing congregations in the United States. But half its members left after White's 2007 divorce from his wife, Paula, now a senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, near Orlando. The church also has endured tough news media scrutiny, an inquiry into its finances led by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and the ongoing foreclosure issue.

Zachery and Riva Tims founded New Destiny Christian Center in 1996 and grew it to a 7,000-member congregation. There was disagreement among members over Paula White, reportedly Tims’ “spiritual mother,” being installed as NDCC’s senior pastor in January 2012. White was formerly pastor of Without Walls International Church, in Tampa, Fla., which her ex-husband Randy White now leads. But since then, Without Walls church filed for bankruptcy and has been demolished. Randy now preaches in a small, very common looking building.

The founder of New Destiny Church died of a cocaine-heroine related overdose while he was in New York on church related business. But Paula needed a church. She came and and lied about the situation that had happened at her previous churches. There was a big uproar about her becoming pastor of a mostly black church. Riva Tims, Zachery’s widow, went to court to keep her from taking over her late husband’s church. But she soon dropped the charges. Paula became pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center. Riva pastors her church in the Orlando area.

“Paula White Ministries Unleashed Conference at New Destiny Christian Center is all about unlocking your destiny and getting into position. EVERY single person on this earth is destined for a specific assignment. Join Pastor Paula White-Cain and some of the most influential leaders of our time for 3 power packed days of discovering, cultivating, and UNLEASHING your GOD GIVEN PURPOSE.” This is what their website says.

Popular televangelist and President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Paula White, reportedly lost hundreds of members and thousands of dollars in weekly donations from her predominantly black congregation at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, because of her relationship with the president, her only child and associate pastor at the church, Bradley Knight, says. His wife, Rachel, is also a co-pastor at the church. They preach when Bradley’s mother goes to Washington to meet with the president.

“Her relationship with the black community got really frayed because of President Trump,” the 32-year old Bradley revealed. “She got messages from black leaders, saying, ‘You betrayed us.’” Knight, who is the son of Paula and her first husband, revealed that New Destiny lost between 200 to 300 people because of his mother’s support of the president and that giving has dropped off by $10,000 weekly.

Despite the claims made by Knight, however, the loss of members at the church appears to have started as far back as 2011 when his mother, who was accused of deception in her takeover of the church, assumed the lead pastor role when co-founder Zachery Tims died. Tims’ ex-wife and co-founder of New Destiny, Riva Tims, who tried to stop White’s takeover of the church, told that she has no idea what has happened with New Destiny since White took it over with 8,000 members, but suggested “it’s very quiet over there.”

Riva Tims, pastor of Majestic Life Ministries in Orlando, Florida, who co-founded the now Paula White-led and once popular New Destiny Christian Center with her late husband Zachery Tims. Sources who say they have worked closely with New Destiny in the past have said that attendance has dropped dramatically since White took over and they estimate the congregation currently stands at about 500.

Tims currently leads the 1,700-member Majestic Life Church in Florida, and released a new book this year, titled When It All Comes Together. It focuses on recovering from her husband’s death and losing New Destiny to White.

“We’re in the same city but honestly we don’t know anything that’s going on at New Destiny. It’s very quiet over there. … I do love Paula White with the love of Christ, but as far as her ability to advise the president of the United States, I would not recommend it. I could not give a recommendation because I don’t know her like that,” Tims added.

Riva will host a big super bowl party today at her church as well as a lot of other things that she does. She is a motivator, and not a true preacher of the gospel of the kingdom.

  • Did the God of the Bible anoint anyone, except a man of Judah, to be king over His kingdom?

  • Did the God of the Bible anoint anyone, except a man of Levi, to be priest of His temple?

  • Did Jesus the Christ choose anyone, except men, to be His twelve disciples?

Women have taken over in our lifetime. They are mayors, senators, representatives, governors, preachers, priests, police officers, deacons, elders, CEOs, principals, presidents, soldiers, etc., for they don’t believe God. They believe that the two genders are equal.

Also known as the “Name-it-and-claim-it gospel,” the prosperity gospel doctrine was formed by focusing on Biblical verses and stories that include the words or theme of abundance, blessings, and wealth. The origins of the movement are attributed to Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin, Jr. However, it was Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II, known as Revered Ike, who popularized it, especially among African-American Christians.

Benny Hinn was married with 4 children when he was caught having an affair with Paula White.But that is not all. The story continues. We have another big-time preacher—Benny Hinn—who was married at the time, with four children, who went to Rome to help with some project in the Vatican. But who was he photographed holding hands with by a paparazzi photographer? Divorced and single Paula White. The National Enquirer had a big, big scoop. Big time preacher having an affair with a two-time divorced preacher. They stayed in the same room at a 5-star hotel for three nights.

That led to Benny Hinn’s divorce from his wife. Paula had told her church that she was on vacation, but didn’t tell them where she was going. This story is so inconsistent that it sounds exactly like the government’s stories about “9/11”, Newtown massacre, the Stay family massacre in Texas, Las Vegas mass killing, etc.

Both Benny Hinn and Paula decided that it would be best if they weren’t seen together again. So, they both went their own ways.

And then what happens? Paula marries for the third time at three separate wedding engagements to a man who was twice-divorced too. Was he a preacher? Was he a church member? No. He was a secular rock-and-roll keyboardist. Since their marriage he was inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

Their first marriage ceremony was conducted by a black archbishop, Duncan Williams, in the summer of 2014 in Ghana, Africa! It was supposedly for family only. Later they said that they would have another ceremony in April of 2015 for the rest of the family who couldn’t go to Africa and the next day for the church.

Her third husband was brought up as a Roman Catholic. He was in Catholic schools and was a survivor of Our Lady of the Angels school fire in Chicago that took the lives of 92 of his classmates and three nuns. He turned to music as a safety valve for the tragedy.

He said that God told him to divorce his second wife, Elizabeth Fullerton and to abandoned his three children that he had with her. He said that he met Paula on a Southwest Airlines airplane and they soon started dating. His real name is Jonathan Friga but he goes by the stage name of Jon Cain. Paula goes by the name of Paula White-Cain.

I didn’t have the time to do the research that was needed, but I believe if you went back in the family tree of Jon you would find a branch that goes back to Cain of the Garden. Jonathan has continued his secular rock band and goes on tour on a regular basis. He goes by the name of Jonathan Cain not Jonathan Friga.

Paula goes by the name Paula White-Cain and not Paula White Friga. White-Cain. That is the plan of the descendants of Cain for the annihilation of the white race. Racial intermarriage. And the worst one of them all—marrying into their wicked seed line.

  1. Paula marries musician Dean Knight (she has her only biological child)

  2. Paula marries Randy White (she is his 2nd wife). She is proposed to when then are touring Israeli.

  3. Paula had an affair with Benny Hinn (while he was still married). Their affair was discovered while they were touring the Vatican.

  4. Paula marries musician Jonathan Friga (Cain), (she is his 3rd wife). She says that they had three separate wedding ceremonies. She tells president Trump that she supports his decision of Israeli’s moving its capital city from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Paula White's church is made up of mostly blacks.  She has a lot of black preachers come and preach at her church. Her church is made up of mostly blacks. And she has a lot of black preachers come and preach at her church.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Paula White-Cain, Franklin Graham, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Samuel Rodriquez, and Rabbi Marvin Hier all gave prayers at the Trump inauguration:  Two prosperity gospel preachers, one Roman Catholic cardinal, one the son of the great ecumenical leader, one a leading Hispanic preacher, and the last one was an official of the Samuel Wiesenthal Center, a Jew.Paula first met Mr. Trump when the businessman gave her a call after seeing her preach on TV. They became friends. In the past year, Paula-Cain has spoken at Trump rallies and helped organize meetings between the candidate and evangelical leaders. She went on CNN last month to talk about his faith. She delivered a closing prayer at the Republican National Convention and gave the prayer at his inauguration.

Deuteronomy 4:44-49

44) “And this is the law whichoses set before the children of Israel;

45) These are the testimonies, and the statues, and the ordinances, which Moses spoke unto the children of Israel, after thy came forth out of Egypt,

46) On this side of the Jordan, in the valley over against Beth-peor, in the land of Sihon, king of the Amorites, who dwelt at Heshbon, whom Moses and the children of Israel smote, after they were come forth out of Egypt.

47) And they possessed his land, and the land of Og, king of Bashan, two kings of the Amorites who were on this side of the Jordan toward the sunrising;

48) From Aroer, which is by the bank of the river Arnon, even unto Mount Sion, which is Hermon,

49) And all the Arabah on this side of the Jordan eastward, even unto the sea of the Arabah, under the springs of Pisgah.”

This was followed by the following verse:

Deuteronomy 5:1: "And Moses called all Israel, and said unto them, Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judgments which I speak in your ears this day, that ye may learn them, and keep, and do them.”

Moses set before the children of Israel the law of their God. All Israel had to do was to just keep His law. How are we doing? Are we keeping the Law of our God?

And we have the president of our nation, Donald Trump, having one woman, one black man, one Hispanic man, one Roman Catholic cardinal, one son of the greatest ecumenical leader of the country’s history and one individual who hates the LORD God of Israel, a jew, say the prayers at his inauguration.

May our LORD God forgive us.

To be continued.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.