R U Woke?

by Pastor Jim Jester

A series of expositional sermons on race from the Old Testament. The purpose is to challenge judeo-Christians to be racially aware.  Sermons from the book of Genesis will be in a number of parts. Sermons from the book of Genesis will be in a number of parts.

Key Biblical References: A survey and sampling of the “R U Woke?" sermon series. This list is not comprehensive; only one reference per book in the Old Testament.

Supplemental Reading:  Children of God A follow-up from the R U Woke series to identify the phrases the “sons of God” and “sons of men.”

Part 1:  The First Two Chapters in Genesis  In  this first part of the series: Critical Race Theory, Trinity, Gap Theory, the Second Account  Theory (the insertion of Adam) and other kinds of men. This is foundational to racial awareness in the Bible.

Part 2: Chapter Three of Genesis  This continues the study from Genesis, which introduces the insertion of Satan into the Garden of Eden.

Part 3:  Chapter Four of Genesis  A continuing expositional study of Genesis. Quote on idioms by Finck.

Part 4:  Chapters 5-9 of Genesis  This section of Genesis will be a “walk-thru” rather than a verse by verse exposition of the text. First mention of Covenant. “Curse of Ham” theory. Today’s news fits in with our racial study of Genesis.

Part 5: Chapter 12 of Genesis  A review of the curse of Ham theory, thus setting the stage for this section of Genesis. The Abrahamic Covenant. Arranged marriages. Ruling with God. Israel’s enemies.

Part 6:  Chapter 34 of Genesis  Sometimes God uses the wrath of man to punish the wicked, such as with Dinah; and at other times, He steps in himself, as in the destruction of Sodom.

Part 7:  Chapter 38 of Genesis  Translation problems and missing information. Judah marries a Canaanite. Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar is left to fend for herself. In desperation, she uses her beauty to conceive progeny. History regarding Pharez and Zarah. Lessons of Judah’s history.

Part 8:  Exodus  The Israelites meet “Yahweh” the mighty warrior. The corporate nation. Division of race and the kingdom of God. The marriage covenant. A challenge to apostate churches.

Part 9:  Numbers  An observation from a Bishop. Nephilim, giants and strangers. Race mixing at Peor. Revenge of the Almighty. The kingdom is sure. Doctrine of Balaam.

Part 10:  Deuteronomy  My comments on the shootings. Historical news on the last Russian Tsar. Should we let the enemy have it all? An examination of the racial context of Deuteronomy.

Part 11:  Racial Context of Joshua / Judges  About Kaliningrad. Joshua’s address. The recurring cycles of history in Judges.

Part 12:  Ruth  The main lesson taught from the book of Ruth is that Jesus Christ is our “kinsman redeemer.” This book proves that Jesus Christ did not die for the whole world. Ruth, a non-Israelite  nationally, proved her Adamic racial heritage and spiritual capacity by the  choice she made, which landed her a position within the royal line of king  David.

Part 13:  Samuel / Kings  Whites are to rule, therefore our enemy wants to kill us. Other races may learn about the kingdom, and even worship the God of Israel, but they will not have the rulership.

Part 14:  I & II Chronicles Study of the Monarchy. The doctrine of repentance. Arrogance of the U.S.

Part 15: Ezra - Nehemiah  Period of the Captivities. The corruption of people and languages.

Part 16: Esther The unusual book of Esther. What about Purim? Luther and the jews. What jews admit about judaism. Historical record of the Inter-testamental Period.

Part 17:  Isaiah News article on Russia. Exposition of Isaiah chapter 6. Does Isaiah have a prophecy for America? Series update: it has been a year since I started this study through the Bible on race.

Part 18:  The Psalms  An overview of the book of Psalms on the race issue, or different kinds of men. Comparing the righteous and the wicked — the sons of God and the sons of men.

Part 19:  The Song of Solomon  This sermon covers Proverbs, the Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes regarding their racial intimations. The difference between sons of men and sons of God.

Part 20:  Jeremiah/Lamentations Racially relevant Scriptures from Jeremiah; bad figs. The throne of Britain.

Part 21:  Ezekiel  The personification of Jerusalem and its comparison to America. News items: Amnesty for Illegals & The Satanic Temple. The parable of Dry Bones and its spiritual application.

Part 22:  Daniel  The Chaldeans recognize the race issue. Two kingdoms. The handwriting on the wall. A short article from the League of the South.

Part 23:  A brief look at the racial context of the 12 minor prophets. This completes the series.