R U Woke?

by Pastor Jim Jester

A series of expositional sermons on race from the Old Testament. The purpose is to challenge judeo-Christians to be racially aware.  Sermons from the book of Genesis will be in a number of parts. Sermons from the book of Genesis will be in a number of parts.

Part 1:  The First Two Chapters in Genesis  In  this first part of the series: Critical Race Theory, Trinity, Gap Theory, the Second Account  Theory (the insertion of Adam) and other kinds of men. This is foundational to racial awareness in the Bible.

Part 2: Chapter Three of Genesis  This continues the study from Genesis, which introduces the insertion of Satan into the Garden of Eden.

Part 3:  Chapter Four of Genesis  A continuing expositional study of Genesis. Quote on idioms by Finck.

Part 4:  Chapters 5-9 of Genesis  This section of Genesis will be a “walk-thru” rather than a verse by verse exposition of the text. First mention of Covenant. “Curse of Ham” theory. Today’s news fits in with our racial study of Genesis.

Part 5: Chapter 12 of Genesis  A review of the curse of Ham theory, thus setting the stage for this section of Genesis. The Abrahamic Covenant. Arranged marriages. Ruling with God. Israel’s enemies.

Part 6:  Chapter 34 of Genesis  Sometimes God uses the wrath of man to punish the wicked, such as with Dinah; and at other times, He steps in himself, as in the destruction of Sodom.

Part 7:  Chapter 38 of Genesis  Translation problems and missing information. Judah marries a Canaanite. Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar is left to fend for herself. In desperation, she uses her beauty to conceive progeny. History regarding Pharez and Zarah. Lessons of Judah’s history.

Part 8:  Exodus  The Israelites meet “Yahweh” the mighty warrior. The corporate nation. Division of race and the kingdom of God. The marriage covenant. A challenge to apostate churches.

Part 9:  Numbers  An observation from a Bishop. Nephilim, giants and strangers. Race mixing at Peor. Revenge of the Almighty. The kingdom is sure. Doctrine of Balaam.