Doctrine of Balaam

by Walter Giddings

Part 1:  In the book of Jude there are three main topics that are very seldom mentioned as sermon topics in most main-stream churches. They are (1) The Way of Cain, (2) The error of Balaam and (3) The perishing in the gainsaying of Core. The seminary trained preachers lead the flock astray to the world's Jesus, and not to The Good Shepherd of the Bible.

Part 2:  Balaam taught Balac to do three things.  This message will tell you what they were.

Part 3:  What is “the Act of October 6, 1917”?  And what is “the Act of March 9, 1933”?  FDR omits the names of both Acts in PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION 2040.  Find out what happened in regard to this two Acts in this sermon.

Part 4:  As of March 9, 1933, we had completed 90 years of War/Emergency Powers governance, a permanent state of national emergency!!!