Who Was the Father of Cain? Part 2


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

December 3, 2023

Scripture Reading I John 3:12:

“Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.”

A couple of Friday nights ago (11/10/2023), I turned on the television to watch the game-show network and the show “Split-Second” was on.It was in the middle of the game, and the first question that was asked was the following. It was asked to the three contestants.  Who is the father of the following people?

  • Isaac
  • Shem, Ham, Japheth
  • Cain and Abel

The three contestants only answered one of the questions. One contestant answered that Abraham was the father of Isaac. That was the correct answer, but the game show then supplied the answers to the other two questions that were not answered. The answers they gave to the two remaining questions were that Noah was the father of Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Adam was the father of Cain and Abel.

I thought to myself, how would I have answered that question, “Who was the father of Cain and Abel?” Would I have answered that it was the “serpent” that was the father of Cain and “Adam” was the father of Abel?


Have you, at any time in your life, thought about this question and others that are answered in the Bible? What do the churches in our country say about the answer? Most churches never discuss who the father of Cain is, for they say that the most important thing in the Bible is the “salvation of the soul” of everyone who is living in the world.

The mainstream churches are divided into two contrasting groups—Arminianism, “man chooses God”or Calvinism, “God chooses man.”  And it doesn’t seem to matter much in the churches what they teach about this as they accept anyone from almost any church.  The church’s doctrines are unimportant to most of them—for “all can search out the truth.” The main question that they have, is who is “saved.”

But when a Bible student first examines each of the books in the Bible, he/she would find that it’s not about all the different races in the world, at all. In fact, most of the major races in the world are not identified in the Bible. And if they are not talked about in the Bible, there is nothing or very little said about their history, especially their final destiny.

The Bible student is surprised to learn that the Scriptures tell the story of the “good seed” and the “bad seed” warring against each other. A brief look at the book of Genesis will prove this. For example:

Genesis: It gives the beginning of both the seeds, the good and the evil. There is the “counterfeit” Adam and the “real” Adam who both had sexual relations with Eve. For it says in chapter three, verse six, that the woman “took of the fruitthereof, and did eat” (1st), “and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat” (2nd).Two different eatings:  one with an unidentified being (the serpent) with the woman and the other with her husband (Adam).  How could Adam be the father of both? He didn’t “eat”on the first occasion.

But if Adam fathered both Cain and Abel, as many say, what was the serpent doing there? Did he just seduce Eve mentally, and then Eve had relations with her husband two different times to produce the first two children? What was the sin that was committed by the deceived Eve?  What did the serpent seduce Eve to do?  For the scripture says (Genesis 3:13) that “the serpent beguiled me (Eve) and I did eat.”? Eve ate because the serpent beguiled her.

Eve ate first, before Adam.  Adam wasn’t deceived.  If Adam wasn’t deceived, what was the sin that Adam and Eve committed?

Why was there enmity placed in the serpent’s seed and the woman’s seed if the serpent didn’t have intimate relations with her (Genesis 3:15)? For if there were no sexual relations between the serpent with anyone, including Eve, there would be no serpent’s seed and there would be no “enmity” that could be placed in his non-existent seed.

And if Adam was the father of both children, why would the two-family lines (Cain and Abel/Seth) be different? The one-seedliners would say that there was no difference between the two sons fathered by Adam until the first-born child murdered the second-born. Because of that sin, Cain was kicked out of the land of Eden and married inter-racially.  But if that is the case, wouldn’t the line of Adam-Cain have been destroyed in the flood of Noah, just like the line of Adam-Seth was, except for the eight that were in Noah’s ark?  Think about this for a moment.

Another problem is that if Adam was the father of both children—wouldn’t Adam and Eve both be sinless? For the two-seed liners believe that the devil seduced Eve into sin by having a forbidden relationship, then after that, Adam had intimate relations with her in her fallen condition. But if the serpent didn’t have sex with her, Eve wouldn’t have sinned and then Adam wouldn’t have sinned by having sex with her?  Think about this for another moment.

But both the counterfeit/serpent seed and Adam’s seed failed, as both seeds were conceived and born in sin. The counterfeit seed was doomed from its beginning; it produced a mongrel child. But even if the devil did not father Cain, Cain married a woman from another race. And that ill-fated move meant that his family tree could never produce the sinless savior, as all their seed would be mixed-raced.

Adam’s seed with Eve also was a fallen seed and through the years became mongrelized and was finally almost destroyed in the flood of Noah; only eight survivors remained in Adam’s family tree. The sinless redeemer could only come from one of the eight after the flood. After about half-a-millennium, God chose his friend, Abram, and made a special covenant with him and his son (Isaac), and one of his grandsons (Jacob). The possible candidates for the prophesied sinless Adamite had narrowed.

Now if a Bible student reads and studies all these books in the Old Testament, what would he/she learn about Chinese history? Or Inca history? What about Korean, Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, New Guinea, Zulu history, etc? Nothing.

The Bible only gives the information about the history of the Israelites and their genetic, physical enemy—the Kenites-Canaanites- Rephaim-Edomites. It gives a little of the history of the neighboring nations with whom God inflicted judgment on His people. It is basically the story of the two seeds described in the parable by Jesus of the “Tares and Wheat.”

The Bible tells:

  • About the beginning of the good seed,
  • Their almost total ruination,
  • Their being destroyed except for the saving of the eight (if Adam was the father of Cain, his descendants would have drowned in the flood; no matter if it was world-wide or local),
  • The choosing of just one of their descendants and the making of a special, everlasting covenant with him and his son and his grandson and their seed,
  • The formation of them into a kingdom,
  • And later the split into two kingdoms,
  • Their divorcement,
  • Their reuniting back together by the death and resurrection of their sinless kinsman redeemer,
  • Their becoming many nations,
  • Their ultimate victory over their 6000-year physical, genetic enemy, and
  • The reestablishment of the kingdom of God on the earth. 

It tells about Israel’s history. It also tells of the coming of a sinless child being born from the womb of a pure offspring--- a virgin woman--whose child would be murdered by the offspring of the serpent’s seed. And it ends with the annihilation of the serpent’s seed in hell.


Have you ever wondered why the Jews have had a record of persecution throughout the nations of Israel? They have been kicked-out of scores of nations, states, cities, and territories in Europe. Their Talmud has been burned by large bonfires. In fact, in France all the Talmuds in the country were rounded up and burned and their king was made a saint. Their synagogues have also been destroyed. The Jews have been charged and found guilty with the crimes of the ritual murder of many Christians, especially children.

And as compared to the other religions of the world, Judaism is the only one that makes such derogatory and insulting remarks about the Savior of Israel. It must be the poisonous doctrine that their father, the old serpent, passed on to his seed. It is a 6000-year-old poison.

Even the Muslims do not talk about Jesus in such an extremely hateful manner. They and most of the other major religions revere and respect Jesus, as being born of a virgin, being a prophet, who was a wise teacher who worked miracles, and ascended to heaven, and who will come again.

It is the Jewish Talmud that makes all the evil remarks about the most important person in Adam’s history. For example, look at what Judaism in the Talmud says about Him:

In Gittin 57a:3-4, the Talmud teaches that a sorcerer, through necromancy, raised Jesus Christ from hell where he was boiling in hot feces. What kind of perversion is this? Why are Jews dealing with sorcerers and necromancy which God is against? And if this was not bad enough, the Talmud also teaches that Jesus performed sorcery and magic, worshiped idols, led the Jewish people to sin, and that Mary (Miriam), the mother of Jesus, cheated on Joseph, her husband. They say that Mary was a whore who had sexual relations with a Roman soldier.

The Jews, being the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes constantly contended with Jesus, sought to kill Him (over eight times), and eventually succeeded when He gave Himself up. They could not accept Him as the Messiah as they were not one of His sheep.

The fact of the matter is, the Talmud is a vile book that slanders Jesus Christ. It is a book filled with perversion and filth, a book that declares Jews can lie, cheat, steal, and murder Gentiles with no penalty. There is no other vile book like this in the entire world. It was the book that changed Martin Luther’s view on the Jews, and the Jews hated him for it.


  • The modern-day “Christian”is led to believe that the antichristian Jews are God’s chosen people, and
  • The modern-day “Christian” is led to believe that Christians and antichristian Jews are bound together with their values.


Jesus Christ represented the first-born male, born without sin, by means of the Virgin Birth. In the first four thousand years of the history of Adam’s descendants, Jesus was the awaited Messiah. He was the first and only male who was born without any sin, including original sin, in the lineage of the Adamic race! Jesus Christ was very God and very man!

Jesus Christ was the only one who could be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of His people. He met the qualifications. For every member of Adam’s race after the fall of Adam was born with sin; until the Messiah of Israel was born.

“Jesus Christ, by circumventing procreation and being born of the Virgin Mary, had entered the world without sin, as a Firstborn male of Adam’s race. This is the real miracle and necessity of the Virgin Birth!”—Gayman, The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15, Page 17).

Satan’s effort to adulterate God’s pure seed in the earth was accomplished when he seduced Eve. This line has continued and will continue until the end of this age.

Weiland quotes Pastor Gayman in his book, The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15:  “…that while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat,…and the tares, the seed of the wicked one, were sown in this field (the world) by the Devil,…” (Page 72). 

(Weiland gave the wrong reference from this quote on Page 112 of his book.  It should have been Page 40 instead of Pages 32-33.)

But Ted Weiland (in his book, Eve: Did She or Didn’t She) doesn’t agree with Gayman that the enemy that came and planted the tares was the seed of the wicked one, or devil.  He says that this parable is: “simply contrasting righteous Israelites with wicked Israelites…”,

not the two different seed lines (Page 72).  

But he doesn’t give any answers to what it says about the destiny of the two types of seeds.  The good seed are the “children of the kingdom” (verse 38), while the bad seed will be “gathered and burned in the fire” (verse 40).

Weiland believes, like most of Christendom, that salvation is not by race, but by grace.  He says in his book that both the “wheat” and the “tares” are Israelites, both fathered by Adam, although the tares are said to be sown by the devil.  (I guess that he believes that Adam was the devil and that he denies that the descendants of the Adam-Cain were not destroyed in the flood).

In the book of Genesis, it says that there were two trees that matched the wheat and the tares.  The tree of life represented the wheat, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represented by the tares, who were sown by the devil. Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden for their sinful interaction with the second tree, represented by the serpent. The Adamic race was doomed until it would be saved by one from his own race.

But Israel, in its history, constantly committed this evil sin. The ancient and modern Israelites engaged and are engaged in idolatry and race-mixing, where it says in the book of Jeremiah that they turned into a “degenerate plant of a strange vine.”

The evil tares, which was adulterated wheat, was not God’s creation. It was a plant which our heavenly Father had not planted. It was created good when the Father created it, but the devil adulterated it by having intimate relations with it. This evil seed line that has been at war with God and His followers for six thousand years. It shall be rooted up and destroyed at the end of this age. 

Matthew 15:13 “But He answered and said, Every plant, which My heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

But Weisman said that the tares were “followers of the devil” rather than being tares because they had been planted by the devil. Who do they say are the plants that are not planted by God?

The parable of the Tares and the Wheat had been given to reveal things kept secret “from the foundation of the world”(Matthew 13:35).  So, if these things were kept secret for that long a time, four thousand years, the events would have already occurred. The planting of tares among the wheat must be talking about the events described in Genesis, and the subsequent scattering throughout the Adamic world of the children of Cain, the Rephaim, the Canaanites and Edomites.

And when Cain murdered Abel, why wasn’t he immediately executed. Cain was the only one of the “seed of the serpent”at that time, and if he was eliminated what would happen to the enmity between those two seeds? Another proof that the serpent had a seed with Eve.

The true Adamic seed line, descended from Seth, represents a new recreated seed of Adam with access to the tree of life. Jesus Christ has purchased by His own blood, eternal life for those that have kept their blood-line pure. The true Adamic seed, who were doomed to death without His sacrificed offering, have had their sin debt paid.The seed line of Adam-Seth did not save themselves; it was the sacrificial Second or last Adam who saved them!

And it was the “blood of the everlasting covenant”, that was the perfect sacrifice for our sins, both original sin and our actual sins. Adam’s race was barred from the tree of life until Jesus Christ got the victory over death and the grave. The sentence of death, levied against all Adam Kind, is now lifted.

Hebrews 13:20 “Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,….”


Why should Christian-Identity believers be told to read the books of individuals who are not Christian-Identity preachers? If they read their books, they are in danger of being entangled in many heresies. Here are fifteen of many reasons why they should not read these two books. 

1.  It is very necessary to remember that if one denies the physical seed of the serpent, then it is possible that one CAN, it doesn’t mean that they will, eventually end up identifying them as the “Children of God.” This is precisely what the nominal Church has done. If the serpent seed had been properly identified, the modern church would not have let them usurp the place of true Israel, the “seed of the woman.”But if there is not a “serpent seed,” then it is extremely easy to call all races equal.

Also, the identity of White Christian Israel has been lost. The failure of theologians to identify the “serpent seed” also resulted in their failure to identify the “seed of the woman.” Today the entire religious “Christian” world and our own nation worships the International Jew as the Chosen people of God because the wicked seed was not correctly identified.

There is a reason practically every Christian minister and politician in the western world reveres the Jew as the Chosen of God. . . that blasphemous lie has come about because the“seed of the serpent” was not identified.  Both political parties in America claim their support of the antichrist Jews. Neither the Republican or Democratic parties reveal that the antichristian Jews say and teach that Jesus Christ is now and forever in hell! As a result, they promote their evil institutions, like usury banks that they are the owners and rulers over. 

  • According to Weisman, if Adam were the father of Cain and Abel, and the family lines were always called after the men; then if Cain married a pre-Adamite or non-Adamic wife, why do the deniers of the two seedline doctrine not say that his children are of the race of Adam, as Seth’s children? And that both seed-lines became mongrelized and drowned in the flood of Noah, except for the family of Noah.
  • If Adam was the father of Cain, why would it be ONLY this ONE family line that would produce the most vehement hatred of Jesus Christ and His followers? Why would none of its descendants be “saved,” according to both Arminians and Calvinists in the first four thousand years of their existence? Why wouldn’t it be another part of the White race, or the Oriental race or the Negro race that would utter these blasphemous views that the Jews say and teach in their “holy books”? Why would it be the descendants of Cain who teach the following?

The Jewish Talmud says that Jesus Christ was an illegitimate bastard conceived during menstruation to a prostitute who had intimate relations with a Roman soldier.  Jesus is now in hell suffering in a boiling caldron of hot excrements for all the sins that He caused the Jewish people to commit. 

4.   It is written in Genesis that:

Genesis 5:3And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his [Adam’s] own likeness, after his [Adam’s] image; and called his name Seth.”

From this verse, Cain was not Adam’s seed nor was he of his image or likeness. After Abel’s death, Cain was still living, Seth was born, who was of his seed and image, “…he begot a son in his likeness after his image.”  This verse implies that Cain was not after Adam’s likeness or image.

And Weisman also failed to explain, that if the “sons of God” were the sons of Cain, as he insisted, and if he believes that Cain was a son of Adam, as he also insisted, and if the sons of Cain were in the image of God, as he had further insisted, why wasn’t the family line of Adam-Cain destroyed as was the line of Seth for race-mixing?  Seth was also in the image of God, being in the image of Adam his father and their race was destroyed for race-mixing except for eight people.  Weisman never explained this in his books.

  • If Adam was the father of both Cain and Abel, then what was the purpose of the serpent seducing Eve?

Revelation 12:7-9:

7) “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

8) And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

9) And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Verse nine equates “that old serpent” with “the great dragon, the Devil, and Satan.” To believe that the “old serpent” did nothing to attempt to destroy God’s creation, while now his offspring is advocating the miscegenation of the entire White race is hard to believe.

6. Why would our Savior tell the Edomite/Jews that they had a different father than He had,if they didn’t (John 8:38)? Why would our Savior tell the Edomite/Jews that their father was the “devil”,if he wasn’t (John 8:44)? Why would our Savior tell the Pharisees that they were the “offspring of the viper”(Matthew 12:34), if they weren’t?

Why would He use this derogatory language if it was not true? Would our Savior lie? No, for He can’t and doesn’t ever lie. If Adam was the father of Cain, wasn’t the Savior calling their father, Adam, the “devil” and the “viper?” And if Adam was their father, wouldn’t they have the same father?

7.If one of the two seed lines, Cain and Seth,are spiritualized, then the other is denied too. But Jesus Christ clearly identified these two seeds in scripture.

In speaking to the “seed of the serpent,” i.e., the Jews, Jesus Christ told them that they were not of His sheep (John 10:26).

John 10:26“But ye [Jews, verse 24] believe not, because ye are not of My sheep, as I [Jesus] said unto you.”

In this next verse, Jesus said to the descendants of the other seed (Adam-Seth) line of Genesis 3:15:

John 10:27My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

What nations have heard His voice and became Christians? Pure white people.

What people to this day have utterly rejected Jesus Christ and the Christian faith? Mixed-racial Jews.

These two seeds of Genesis 3:15 are the seed plot of all theology and must be labeled and identified. But this contradicts what Weiland said in his book, Eve: Did She or Didn’t She, page 74, when he commented on these two verses in John, chapter 10.  He said it was not based on race:

“This passage [John 10:26-27] is not saying that those who do not hear and respond to the shepherd’s voice are spurious Jews and thus the seed of Satan as seedliners insist.  Instead, it contrasts the remnant of Israel who hear and respond to the shepherd’s call to other Israelites who spurn their shepherd’s beckoning

In such passages, Yahshua was speaking of a spiritual seed out of the physical seed line of Israel who would be saved, not by race, but by grace through the blood of Yahshua the Messiah.”

Is Weiland a Christian-Identity preacher? He doesn’t believe in race, but the God of the Bible does? Weiland is saying that Jesus was referring to all Israelites in these two verses. This former Church of Christ preacher is saying that the ones that are not His sheep are not the “spiritual seed” of Israel which are saved by grace by the blood of the Messiah.  He says that they will not be given eternal life (verse 28). Weiland still agrees with the baggage that he received from his former church, that the determinate policy of all races is determined by grace and not by race.

Weiland constantly does this in his book.  For example, he says on page 72, referring to the parable of the Wheat and the Tares: “…this parable [Wheat and the Tares] is simply contrasting righteous Israelites with wicked Israelites, much the same as the good and evil figs of Jeremiah 24.”

But this is easily disproven.  For Jesus says in John 10:24, that He was speaking to the Judean/Edomites or Jews.  He instructed these same people, just two chapters previous, that His Father was not their father.

John 8:38“I [Jesus] speak that which I [Jesus] have seen with My Father; and ye [Jews, verse 31] do that which ye [Jews] have seen with your father.”

After Jesus finished His discord with the Jews, not Israelites (John 10), the Bible says that “the Jews took up stones to stone Him [Jesus] (John 10:31). 

8. Both Charles Weisman and Sheldon Emry taught that the serpent was an “intelligent being” with its own order contrary to the order of God.  Then they made suggestions that the devil is merely the “flesh.” This is an inconsistency since the serpent can’t be both an “intelligent being” and the “flesh” of every person at the same time.

Sheldon Emry believed and taught from the Holy Scriptures and says in his "We believe": And “that the ‘satan’ or ‘devil’ of the Bible is an ‘adversary’ and in most cases is repre- sentative of man’s own lusts (James 1:13- 15), his own “flesh” (James 4:1-7), his wicked heart (Jer. 17:9-10); and that there are people who are so under the control of this ‘adversary’ that they will not hear God (John 8:44-77).

9. Weisman then says in his book, in the chapter, What About the Seedline Doctrine?

“The evil and ungodliness of the Jews is actually derived from certain members of our race, the white Adamic race, which have been cursed or rejected by our God.  Persons such as Cain, Canaan, Ishmael, Esau, Amelek [sic], the evil figs of Judah, and the Judeans who reject Christ were all of the white Adamic race.  All of these people were cursed by God, not by Satan, and thus their descendants would be against God and His people. Throughout the centuries these cursed and rejected people have mixed with other peoples become the ‘Jews’ of today.”

Weisman denies two-seed doctrine and does not understand that the Judaeans and others mixed with the seed of the serpent and became the Jews at the time of Christ. He either lied or was mistaken about all the people that he said were of the white Adamic race. For example:

  • Cain was not a pure member of the “white Adamic race” but was a mixed-seed bastard from his birth.
  • Canaan was cursed by Noah, not by God. He married into the seed line of Cain.
  • Ishmael was not cursed by God either but was rejected by God. He was rejected as the heir of Abraham. He had to be sent off so that he would not compete with Isaac, but he was blessed after he departed out of his house, rather than being cursed. His descendants eventually inter-racially married.
  • Esau was not cursed by God either, as he was rejected from having the birthright after he had sold it to Jacob. It was because he was a fornicator, a race-mixer, having taken wives of the Hittites and one wife from Ishmael.
  • Amalek was the grandson of Esau; therefore, he was an Edomite (descendant of Esau), not as Weisman says, “of the white Adamic race.”
  • Evil figs of Judahwere not of the pure white race either. But the “evil figs” were the result of the miscegenation of the Judahites and Edomites.
  • Judeans who rejected Christ. There were two different types of Judeans at the time of Christ who lived in Jerusalem. The “evil seed” and the “good seed”. The Judeans who rejected Christ were not of the white Adamic race but were the mixed seed caused by miscegenation with the Edomites.

In the last paragraph of his book, he concludes: “Satanic Seedline advocates see an inherent evil and anti-Christian nature in Jews and want to separate themselves from the Jews by having the source of evil come from outside their race. To do so, their doctrine had to be based upon speculation and bad interpretation, and is thus false.”

But Weisman himself had said in this chapter that the Jews were Satanic and that they had “innate characteristics” which they have “exhibited throughout the centuries” in opposition to Christ and the White nations of Christian Europe. Weisman ignores all the history and Scripture which proves that the Jews are not pure Israelites.

10. If the Nephilim (giants) were simply human, where did they come from that they would be fighters against our LORD and His people? Weisman answers none of this. He only wants his readers to accept his explanation, “Oh, they were people too”, and leave it at that without explaining the reason for the sin of Genesis 6.

Genesis 6:4 does not say what Weisman claims that it says. 

Genesis 6:4: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

There were giants in the earth before and after Noah’s flood, so Weisman had to answer how the giants were already in the earth when God did not create any giants in the first chapter of Genesis.  How did the giants get here? 

The descendants of Adam-Seth were destroyed in Noah’s flood except for Noah’s family.  The giants were not punished, and neither were the children of Cain and all the other races. Weisman denies this truth and he does not even bother to sufficiently explain why.

11.  Who would be the murderers of Jesus the Christ? If Adam were the father of Cain, then all the descendants of Cain would have been destroyed in the flood.  But if, as Weisman and Weiland say, they somehow survived, and they did, how could they unless they had a different father than Seth?

And why would it be these descendants who would have the intense hatred to try to prevent the Savior of Israel from coming into existence and growing up?  Why would it be this seed line that would try to kill the only hope that pure Israelites would have had to have eternal life? The answer is that they didn’t have this hope!

But Weiland tries to prove that the scribes and Pharisees were true Israelites when he made the following statement from his book, Page 68 and he makes the same claim on Page 94:

“Seedliners claim that because the Pharisees and their progenitors were charged with the murders of all the righteous from Abel to Zacharias, they cannot be Israelites but instead must be Cainites of the seed of Satan. The truth is that because the Pharisees and their forefathers were indicted for the murder of the righteous martyrs, they cannot be Cainites but instead must be Israelites.”

But why would it be that it was Cain’s descendants, who married Hittites, who married Edomites,who after four thousand years, would bribe the Roman soldiers about what they saw at Jesus’ resurrection.They are the ONLY people on the face of the earth who are guilty of the murder of our Savior. Neither the many Asians, nor the negros, nor the Incas, nor the whites nor anybody else in the history of the world, nobody but this antichristian seed is guilty of the most terrible attempts to murder the King of the other seed line.

We know that He was crucified in Jerusalem at Passover. There were only “good seed” Judeans (pure Israelites) and “bad seed” Judeans (mixed-blood Edomites) living in Judaea at this time. Over 90% of the true Israelites where not even living in Judaea when His death occurred? Why did the Edomites (descendants of Esau) have a hatred of Jesus from the start? They attempted to murder Him from the time when He was a young child. They looked for a time when they could kill Him. It was so well known that there were so many of these evil Edomites living in Jerusalem, that His family decided to live in Galilee and not Judaea. There were over eight times when this wicked seed line tried to kill Jesus.

But Weiland denies this and says on page 79 of his book, that: “In the first seven chapters of Acts, God informs us five times that is was Judahite Israelites who murdered Yahshua, not Cainite Jews.”

Weiland gives as one of his proofs, Page 79. “The God of our fathers raised up Yahshua, whom ye [men of Israel—verse 35] slew and hanged on a tree…(Acts 5:24-35).

I don’t think Weiland thought any or very few of the readers of his book would check out what he just wrote. He did what he accuses two-seed line preachers of doing—speculation, circular reasoning, or rearranging verses to make the Bible say whatever they want it to say. If a person read the ten verses that he gives, I would think that they would come away with a different opinion than what he arrived at. 

The apostle Peter and the other apostles were in prison.  The high priest, the captain of the temple, and the chief priests (Edomite Jews) said to the apostles,

Did not we [Edomite Jews] straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name [Jesus]? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s [Jesus’] blood upon US[Edomite Jews]” (verse 28). 

The Edomite priests of Jerusalem accused the apostles of saying that they murdered Jesus.Then the apostles answered the religious leaders of Judaea by saying that they “ought to obey God rather than men.”

Then the apostles further added in the next verse:“The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom YE [Edomite Jewish priests] slew and hanged on a tree.

The apostles accused the Edomite Jews of murdering Jesus once again.  But Weiland rearranged the verses in Acts 5:24-35 to make it say what he wanted it to say so that: “There is not one passage in the entire Bible that indicts the Cainites or the Edomites for Yahshua’s assassination” (Page 79).

Weiland says it was the “men of Israel”, not the Jews, who murdered Jesus. He is like the Catholic Church who blames the Romans, not the Jews, for the death of our Savior.

Here is verse 30 of chapter 5 of the book of Acts and then compare it to what Weiland wrote:  “The God of our fathers raised up Yahshua, whom ye [Edomite high priest, captain of the temple, and the chief priests] slew and hanged on a tree” [verse 30].

But Weiland added THREE words,“MEN OF ISRAEL” (verse 35) that he inserted in the middle of the words in verse 30. So, it read like this: “The God of our fathers raised up Yahshua, whom ye (verse 30) [MEN OF ISRAEL] (verse 35), slew and hanged on a tree [verse 30]….”

Peter can only be erroneously charged with blaming the assassination of the sinless Savior on his own brethren, if you use verse manipulation like Weiland just did. The Apostle Peter accused the Edomite religious leaders of assassinating the Savior, not the Israelites.

12. If Adam fathered both Cain and Abel, then why would there be any hatred against anyone making this statement?  But if the serpent (the devil) slept with Eve and produced Cain, which eventually became the Jews, that would produce intense hatred about what you were saying. Wouldn’t the Jews claim that “antisemitism” was being spread?

13. Most anti-seedliners trace the “bad fig” Jews back to Esau. But if Adam fathered Cain, and the Hittites married the descendants of Cain, how could the descendants of Esau become “unsavable” just because Esau married a couple of Hittite wives? What made the Hittites so forbidden to marry? Scripture definitely proves that Esau’s children had Cain’s blood flowing in their veins, as confirmed by our Savior in Matthew 23:35: “That upon you [scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites, verse 29] may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye [scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites] slew between the temple and the altar.”

Only the descendants of Cain [scribes, Pharisees, Edomite Jews] could be held responsible for the recent death of Zacharias, who they killed, and the ancient death of Abel, who was murdered by their first father. Now, who was the father of their first father—Adam or the serpent?

14. Who wrote the following words?

“Our Lord also calls them [Jews] ‘Vipers.’[Matthew 12:34…In] Verse 44: ‘Ye [Jews] are of your father, the Devil.’

This was unbearable for them [Jews], that they should be the children of the Devil, as they cannot bear it yet.”

It was one of the founders of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther in his booklet entitled, "The Jews and Their Lies.

15. Who embraces the book written by Ted Weiland?  Who says the following?

“The seed line doctrine has a long history. Modern proponents, like those of the past, have embraced this doctrine as a means to explain how certain evil persons came into the world. Eve: Did She or Didn’t She? discloses the inconsistencies, speculations and misinterpretations that are used to support this doctrine.  In this book Ted R. Weiland examines all of the scripture verses, arguments and counter-arguments of this hypothesis, and in doing so, he also provides lessons in biblical exegesis”—Charles A. Weisman, Author. He was not a pastor, let alone a Christian-Identity pastor, of any church. He was known as being a recluse.

This book by Weiland also has an endorsement from another Historian & Author:

“As a historian my first concern is maintaining strict adherence to the documentary record and the rules of evidence. Ted R. Weiland is not only a scholar by the preceding criteria, he is the consummate scholar of Christian Identity theology and Old Testament law.  In this important book, he delivers a devastating critique of both the seedline hypotheses and the repeatedly parroted media mantra, which characterizes the entire Christian Israel movement as believing with one mind that “Jews” are the descendants of Satan. After reading Eve: Did She or Didn’t She?, an honest person can no longer be deluded into accepting either the unscriptural seedline hypothesis or the media mantra by which a legitimate school of Christian hermeneutics is perpetually maligned and distorted”—Michael A. Hoffman

Michael’s father was a German, while his mother was Italian. He was raised a Catholic. He has written several books which depict the evilness of the Catholic Church. The Catholics at one time blamed the Jews for the assassination of Jesus Christ but have recently switched their opinion that the Romans did it. He endorses a book that says, “There is not one passage in the entire Bible that indicts the Cainites or the Edomites for Yahshua’s assassination” (Page 79). Weiland continues that “God informs us…that is was Judahite Israelites who murdered Yahshua, not Cainite Jews” (Page 79). 

This famous historian, (he is not a theologian) writes that if you are an honest person and you read Weiland’s book, you would no longer by deluded into accepting the unscriptural seedline hypothesis or the media mantra by which Christian Identity view is perpetually maligned and distorted.

Because if you believed what is written in Weisman’s and Weiland’s books, you would no longer believe:

  • That the descendants of the serpent seed of Cain were the murderers of Jesus Christ, but it was the Judahite Israelites.What about the ten tribes (over 90% of the Israelites) who were not even living close to Jerusalem at this time?
  • That the serpent had intimate relations with Eve and produced Cain, but it was Adam who had relations with his wife, Eve, and they produced Cain.
  • That the serpent seed produced a mixed-seed mongrel, but Adam and Eve produced a pure seed child named Cain.
  • Since the serpent seed child was not racially a pure Adamite, its descendants would not have drowned in Noah’s flood; but since it started out as a pure seed Adamite, and then was mongrelized, although it should have drowned, but it is said to have survived the flood. How, I don’t know.
  • The children of Cain, were of the wicked serpent, married into the children of Canaan, then who did the children of Esau marry? Why did that make them “unsavable” and make God to hate Esau as he despised His covenant?
  • The majority of the Pharisees during Jesus’ time on this earth were Edomite/Jews, but they were all Judahite Israelites, but now in today’s world, Edomites and Khazars are no longer racial Israelites (Weiland, page 71).
  • Cain was the first mixed-seed mongrel of the Adamic race, not that it is “Israelites who are not born again[should be born from above] and who habitually sin is deemed ‘children of the devil;’ whereas born-again [should be born from above] Israelites, who through the Spirit have put to death the deeds of the flesh, are reckoned ‘sons of God’” (Weiland, Page 35).
  • The first-born descendant Adam-Abel and later Adam-Seth seed were the priests of God until Israel was about to enter the Promise Land, but the serpent seed first born was not the priest of God, or any of his descendants.


To the preachers who tell their congregants to read the books written by Weisman and Weiland, for the purpose of keeping the unity of both parties—have they read the books?  Are you saying, as Weiland says in his book, that the pastors, like:

  • Dan Gayman (Church of Israel),
  • The late Arnold Murray (Shepherd’s Chapel),
  • The late Wesley Swift (Church of Jesus Christ—Christian),
  • The late William Potter Gayle (Ministry of Christ Church),
  • The late Bertrand Comparet (Kingdom Identity Ministries)
  • Jarah B. Crawford (First Assembly of God Church)
  • Everett Ramsey (Faith Baptist Church) and
  • A host of others are,

“…teaching false doctrine, especially doctrine injurious to the gospel of Yahshua the Christ”Weiland, Eve: Did She or Didn’t She, page 1.

Weiland goes on and says that: “By ignoring the rules of sound interpretation, the Bible can be made to say anything a person wants it to, and this is precisely how proponents of the seedline doctrine have arrived at their conclusions” (Page 2).

Weiland continues to say on page 3: “The infrastructure of the seedline doctrine is speculation.  If a person highlights the conjectural statements of those who teach the seedline doctrine, it becomes apparent that most of their doctrine is based upon wishful thinking and circular reasoning.  Remove these unsupportable foundations and their house of cards caves in.”

Weiland then goes on and then slams Pastor Dan Gayman on what he says in his book, The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15. “Without the proper understanding and placement of this [seedline version of the] truth into the total Cannon [sic] of Divine Truth there will be very little, if any, progress made in lifting the veil of darkness from our people now in bondage in the churches now making up the Protestant and Catholic church world” (Page 8).

Weiland says after quoting Dan, “Just the opposite is true. It is the absurdity and vulgarity of the seedline doctrine that keeps many people in our modern churches from accepting other biblical truths presented to them” (Page 8).

That should be enough. If one reads Weiland’s book, it says that all two-seed line preachers have ignored the rules of sound interpretation (page 2); that there is no “biblical support for at least one” of their doctrines of serpent seed (page 3); they take “passages…out of context” (page 6); “they are also quite skilled at putting the average person on a guilt trip if they do not accept how these scriptures are presented” (page 6); the doctrine of the serpent seed line “is absurdity and vulgarity” (page 8); and that the two-seedline preachers “speculate a great deal, while they reject unequivocal scriptural declarations” (page 9).

You can read the books written by Weisman and Weiland, but they are NOT Christian-Identity books. They are written by universalists, (Weiland; audio CD, You Might Be a Christian if... Pt. 9), just like Judeo-Christians, including what Protestants and Catholics would write. If you read these books and you are convinced by them, you will no longer be a Christian-Identity believer. 

But I will follow preachers like Gayman, Comparet, Murray, Swift, Gayle, Ramsey, and many others like Charles Jennings, Larry Blanchard, Tom Robb, the late Mark Downey, Reed Benson, and check the scriptures like the Bereans did.  For no one has all the correct answers, but they don’t tell their congregants to read these two non-Christian-Identity books.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.