The Unholy Seed

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

This series contains many examples of how the unholy seed becomes "pricks in our eyes and thorns in our sides" (Numbers 33:55) when we allow any of them to remain in our land.

Part 1: Who were the enemies of God's people from Adam to Jacob?  There were no "Jews" until Esau and they weren't called "Jews" until many, many years later.

Part 2: "Judeo-Christianity"  Many ordinary people are ignorant of the differences between Christianity and Judeo-Christianity.  Do you know?  If you don't, please read this sermon.

Part 3:  "Broken Arrow"  The movie Broken Arrow was made in 1950.  Its main star was Jimmy Stewart.  But some of the rest of the cast, along with its screenwriter, as well as the story had some very  strange and fictional scenes. Learn about who was in the cast and what was wrong with the story.

Part 4:  "Unite" Israel screamed, sang and danced while Moses was up on the mount for a longer time than anticipated.  Is that what Lucifer is trying to get Israel to do today?  Even the United Nations has joined with the music festival in Belgium by giving them a plaque which says they are in agreement in what the music festival is doing.

Part 5:  "The Richest Man in the 19th Century"  In the 1800s, we learn a lot about America's War Between the States.  But what was going on in the rest of the world was even more critical to today's major problems.  Great Britain and the Jews set up an evil alliance that humiliated an entire nation.  Most of the world is unaware of what happened.

Part 6: "The Lone Colonel" This past week was something in Northern Kentucky.  The students from Covington Catholic High School who went on a March for Life in Washington, DC were vilified by a short video that was made at the Lincoln Memorial.  The students were waiting for the bus to take them home.   There was an Indian group and the Black Hebrew Israelites who were there, too.  Guess who was sent death threats?

Part 7: "The American Drug Dealers"  America's and Europe's main fortunes were inherited from the China opium trade that lasted for about 100 years.  It was ended in just four years.  Where did the jewish drug cartel go after China was no more?

Part 8: "In the Beginning" This message tells of some of the reasons why I am not a Roman Catholic or a Judeo-Christian.    It is simply a matter of believing what the Word says versus what the other individuals god(s) say.  It is a contest; it is war.

Part 9:  "The One Religion" Most churches in America are changing.  Baptist churches are not the same that they were 100 years ago; nor are the Presbyterian churches, Methodist, Episcopal, etc.  They have changed...some drastically.  Many have gone from being Calvinistic, to Arminian, to Judeo-Christian, to Hindu-Judeo-Christian.  Most Christian churches now believe many Hindu doctrines.  They are going in the wrong direction.

Part 10:  "What's Wrong with Calvinism?"  In the early days of our White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Nation, there were very few Roman Catholics and Jews who were citizens in our nation.  Maryland and Pennsylvania were the two states that had the most number of Catholics.  But now, Protestants and Catholics are Arminian, with very few Calvinist.  While most Protestant churches were Calvinist in the early days of our nation.  What happened?  And they both correct?  They can't both be right, since they are opposite views.  Are they both wrong?

Part 11: "The Canaanites"  Who was Canaan?  Why was he cursed?  Why was he cursed for the second time?  Who was Mizraim?  What did they both do in the history of Israel?

Part 12: "Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz" Do you know what the holidays of Christmas, Easter are all about?  There is no Scripture that tells us to celebrate the birth or the holiday with eggs, rabbits and a universal salvation.  If this is true, why do the majority of Christians celebrate these holidays?

Part 13:  "Which Side?"  Do you remember Kate Smith.  Is she a racist?  Do you remember Israel Isidore Beline?  Read and find out who he was.

Part 14:  "Who is a Jew?"  Was Dylan Klebold Jewish or not Jewish?  You read and decide for yourself.  And who were the shooters of the STEM high school that was just seven miles from Columbine High School.  Do you know that the much of the case has been sealed by a judge?

Part 15:  "The Goddess of America"  Did God have each member of His chosen family marry acceptable wives to  keep the bloodline pure? That is the question that the Bible has much to say as it gives its answer.  And  that is what the world doesn't want to hear and is trying to nullify.

Part 16:  "Are We Modern-Day Sodom?"  Which side are you on?  Do you believe what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah and the other three neighboring cities?  Or are you in agreement with today's current supporters of LGBTQ?  “Sola Scriptura”, the cry of the Protestant Revolution.  What the Word of God says is how we are to live our lives.  Obey His commands and you shall be blessed.

Part 17:  "Does God Welcome All?"  "God welcomes all" is the cry of the LGBTQ+ churches, because they say, wrongly, that God loves everybody so they must love everybody. If God loves everyone, then this includes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trangendered, and other queer behavior. But does God love everyone? This sermon will give you verses that show that God does not.

Part 18:  "Cincinnati's Redeemer has Died"  Have you ever thought of why the flood of Noah could not have been world-wide? There were only 8 people who got off of the ark.  If they were they only ones left and they were all from the same race, how do we have different races today? For 6000 we have had the battle between the two seed lines fathered by two very different people.  Was one of them destroyed in the world-wide flood?

Part 19:  "Constant Unending Battles" America is split on almost every question.  It is really split on what the Bible says is correct and what the Talmud, Koran, and other man-made rules says. America was never a democracy...that will be its downfall.  For who can change the mind of a person with the poisonous DNA of the serpent?

Part 20:  "Do You Believe?" There are a lot of strange things that are happening today:  i.e. Epstein "suicide" in jail with the two guards asleep and the cameras malfunctioning; shooters in Dayton and El Paso, who have an unusual genealogies; the elimination of whites in Haiti; and the strange location of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, where the hippie movement started.  What is all this about?

Part 21:  "Ancient Israel Battles the Unholy Seed" When did the Jews believe in marrying people of other races?  When did that happen?  It has only been 200 years since they were given their emancipation.  Thie sermon will tell who gave them their freedom to do so.

Part 22:  "The Birthright"  Did Shelah, one of the sons of Judah, marry a Canaanite? I believed that Judah married a Canaanite and his son, Shelah, married a Canaanite. This is one of the seeds that the Jews say that they originate from. If Shelah did not marry a Canaanite, then why was it so important for Tamar's twin son to be determine who was born first? It was the birthright.

Part 23:  "Why All the Differences?  America in its very beginning had Calvinistic churches in which God chose His people.  Later, with John Wesley, the churches began to change to believing that people chose God.  Then in the 1800s came the universalist belief that God loves everyone without exception.  Had did all of this happen?

Part 24:  "Something to Think About"  This sermon, I hope, will give you something to think about.  It did me.  Discussion of the sabbath day and the difference between the Biblical calendar and the Catholic calendar.

Part 25:  "Racial Reconciliation"  Is racial reconciliation what our God wants, or is it what He hates?  Romans 15:8 provides the answer.

Part 26:  ""Don't Marry a Canaanite" Have you noticed that many of the United States political leaders are either Jewish, their wive(s) are Jewish, or their children have married Jews. Why is this?  Richard Hoskins give us a reason from the booklet that he wrote, called "Why Fight Iraq?"  It is a classic.

Part 27:  "Two British Revolutions"  Why did our Savior speak in parables to the unholy seed?  Maybe it's the same reason that we see the unholy seed being commentators on both sides of the impeachment hearings.  Is that the same reason the the unholy seed was able to get back into England?

Part 28: "The Stuart Family"  The Old Testament has many stories that are incredible:  murder, assassinations, double assassinations of two kings from different countries on the same day, marriages to seal treaties, hidden coronation, charges of treason, etc.  But what about the royalty of England; they had some incredible king and queens too--beheading, murders, who was next in line to be king or queen, mistresses, burning at the stake, was the king or queen catholic or protestant, a queen who was coronated when she was 6 days old, another queen who was told to abdicate her throne and turn it over to her one year old son, etc.  "Nothing new under the sun."

Part 29: "Does America Have the Best Government in the World?" What happened in England that caused many of its citizens to leave England and come to the new world? In fact, England became a Commonwealth for 11 years before they became a Monarchy again.  Was it good or bad?

Part 30:  "The Divine Right of Kings"  Charles I's head was chopped off by the British Parliament.  The Monarchy was abolished. Was this good or evil?

Part 31:  "England's Confusion Religions" King James VI of Scotland was king of Scotland and Ireland for 36 years.  Queen Elizabeth died, childless.  The next in line was the King of Scotland and Ireland.  So, King James VI became King James I of England.  He had a very difficult job--for he ruled over three countries, under two parliaments with three main religions:  Scotland:  Presbyterian; England:  Pope-less Catholic; and Ireland:  Catholic.  James I and his son, King Charles I had a very difficult time.  Civil War erupted.

Part 32: "The Mysterious Glorious Revolution"  Did what happened in Britain show what is happening in America today?   It seems to me that it has.

Part 33:  "There are Wolves in our Land"  We are getting near the end of this age.  The coronavirus has changed life in America and in most of the world. Trust in the LORD God of Israel and look to Him for protection and healing.

Part 34:  "How did England Change Drastically?" When did the Jews first enter England?  Where did the Jews come from that enter England for the first time? The history of England is full of murder, thievery and the Roman Catholic caste system.They join the Roman Catholic caste system, not by choice, but by invasion.

Part 35:  "Yogaville"  Woodstock was a music festival that attracted 450,000 mostly youngsters in New York.  Do you know who gave the introductory prayer to kick off the festival?  Do you know who was one of his devoted followers who gave him over 600 acres in Connecticut?  If you do, you are one of the few that knows.  If you don't, read this sermon and find out.

Part 36:  "The Invisible Enemy"  Has does Israel's enemies control the minds of the people of God?   They buy and control the Media. For the last two hundred years they have done this with much success.  In this sermon I give some examples of what has happened because they have controlled of the media.

Part 37:  "Who Did  Cain Marry?"  What is the main doctrine of the modern-day universal churches?  One seed line.  But what if this doctrine is false?  What if there is at least two seed lines?

Part 38:  "What is Going On?"  What is so unusual about George Floyd?  He was not the clean, helpful mature martyr.  He was a criminal.  He had spent five stints in jail and was high on two drugs when he was arrested trying to pass a $20 bill to a merchant.  He also had corona virus.  He had abandoned his son.  His son, who is in his 20's said he had seen his father since he was four or five years old.  Don't get caught up in this false scenario:  black vs. white.  Who is it that is prospering?  Follow the money.

Part 39: "Is Homosexuality a Sin?" Most of the nation is supporting, even financially, Black Lives Matter.  But do you know who the founders of this organization are?  If you do, I don't know how any true Christian can give them any support.

Part 40:  "The Christian Church is Backing Down" Who is Warren Wilhelm Jr.?  Who was paroled in the 16th year of a 58 year sentence and is now the main financier and fund raiser for BLM?  Why is a Democrat not apologizing about being loyal to Black Lives Matter when they don't say a thing about all the black lives that are murdered in abortion clinics?   These and other questions are answered in today's sermon.

Part 41: "We are All in this Together" The world has gone up-side down in its morals. What used to be a sin is now politically correct. The BLM movement is one of the communistic change agents that is trying to transform our nation.