Introduction to Luther's Quotes

by Pastor V. S. Herrell

History records that Martin Luther did not become fully aware of the character and threat of the atheistic Zionist Jew until relatively late in his reforming ministry.  Nevertheless, Luther did identify the Talmudic, atheistic Jew as the formidable anti-Christ and organized enemy of Christianity.  For this reason, the Zionist Jews would later declare that the road to world domination by the Jews had to go through Germany.  That was true for two reasons: 

  • Because Luther’s awakening to the living antichrists became part of the Christian understanding of Germany, and the Jews soon found that they were not going to be able to use and manipulate the Germans against the Roman Catholic Church in order to feather their own bed and further their own Zionistic and anti-Christ aims; and,
  • Because the German people were indeed the genuine and true example of the white race.

For the last fifty years, since World War II, the Jew, with his insatiable hatred for the German people, has used the National Socialist Party of Nazi Germany as his excuse to visit all manners of crimes upon and against the German people throughout the world.  The Jews and their atheist, communist allies have gone to great extremes to pervert justice and common-sense sanity, all in an effort to realize a perverse vengeance against the German people whom they have hated since the time of Martin Luther.

Only someone completely ignorant of history would dare imagine that the Zionistic Jews’ hatred for the German people only began with Adolf Hitler.  The Jews have sought to destroy Germany and its people ever since Luther identified them as the true power of the antichrist upon earth.  Though the German people were one of the primary building forces of the United States of America, their contributions to America have been covered over and downplayed, so much so, that many German-Americans have been made to feel ashamed of being German.  This has all been due to the relentless, Zionistic, and Jewish propaganda machines we call the media. 

The 1880’s would appear to be the decade when the Jews declared all-out international war against the German people.  Anti-German propaganda became the international coin of the communists, atheists, and humanist throughout the world.  The hateful and lying assaults of atheistic Jewish people against the Christian nation of the Germans had its result in World War I and World War II.  One needs only to check the history books to find the Jewish inspired hysteria against the German people.  Everything German became an object of hatred, though history records clearly that it was the English and their maniacal desire for empire that were the true culprits of World War I.  But, behind the British Jews were the international Jews, relentlessly working to turn world opinion against the German people.

Today, the atheistic Jew continues to avoid the real issues by creating phony issues that paint the Jew as the victim of the white man.  But the truth is that it is the atheistic Jew who is the liar and always projects upon the innocent and others his diabolical and godless motives, while the Jew teaches uncompromising hatred for the white man and especially against Jesus Christ.  He accuses anyone who resists him and his antichrist philosophy of hatred against humanity.  But it is the Jew who is guilty of the hatred.  It is the Jew’s religion that hates all order and decency.  It is the Jew who seeks world domination while accusing others.  And as history unfolds, it will be the Jew whose too loud protests finally display himself and his atheistic king as the true haters.

Today, America is the last lingering stronghold of freedom from Jewish socialism in the entire world.  Yet, we Americans are losing the principles that constituted our unique confederation.  The Jewish diabolical genius has been his ability to use the white man against the white man.  This still continues to be the atheistic, Christ-hating Jew’s method of operation even today.  While the Christian Separatist Church by no means endorses all of Martin Luther’s theological positions to be valid, it is still important to recognize that the true Martin Luther was very much against the self-proclaimed antichrists, and that the sooner had Luther passes from his mortal life, that the Jews moved against his faithful assistant Melanchthon to discredit and denounce him so that the Jew forces in the Lutheran movement could take power in the Lutheran Church.

The proof of this statement can be seen in the present condition of the Lutheran Church in terms of its gross Judaization.  For anyone to claim to be a Lutheran and to fail to endorse the follow statements of Martin Luther is to be a liar and, according to the Scriptures, an antichrist.”

by the late Pastor V. S. Herrell (d. 2018)