Positive Christianity

by Pastor Mark Downey

May/June 2016

This was a term used by Germans during the Third Reich, which was synonymous with National Socialism. Much disinformation has caused wholesale slander against Germany during this era, which is corrected in this article.

Part 1: An honest depiction of Adolph Hitler and National Socialism as seen from a Christian perspective, delivering Germany from jewish parasites and communist degenerates.

Part 2: The German Christian discovers that their love of God is the administration of Divine Law and blesses their nation.

Part 3: How God empowered Positive Christianity to rout the jew from the body of Christ and how this might be a precursor to the daughter of Zion.

Part 4: An explanation of the Swastika; Hans Schmidt recounts living in Hitler's Germany; the Pax Judaica coming to an end.