The Justice of the Roosting Clintons

By Matthew Luckey

I was born in 1970, and still remember that old breed of American men:  the guys who grew up during the Great Depression and fought in WWII and Korea.  They were as tough as nails and had a moral character made of granite.  I can still remember the quiet and stoic strength of this, and perhaps the last, generation of “real” American men.  They commanded fear and respect from us young boys merely by their presence; it alone told us they would tolerate no nonsense.  This was also a time in America when some children were still respectful and teachable.  Most of all I recall how these men — who had struggled early on through dire poverty without asking for a hand out from the government and who faced mortar shells and machine gun fire on the battlefield — disdained talking. 

They were men of action and to them talk was too easy.  Anyone can talk:  it is the great equalizer with such human scum.  Talk requires no cost, no demonstration, and no accountability, which is why it attracts the worst types:  hustlers, cowards, sissies, and ne’er-do' wells.  These great men I knew as a child held themselves in too high regard to be equalized with such human scum.  They didn’t talk so much because they “did:”  They proved themselves with hard work and physical courage.  But when they did speak you can bet everyone shut up and listened, because they knew it was important.  Our true American men have been replaced by ever chirping parakeet males who will be our downfall.  Our manly values and institutions have been supplanted by those of the chirper.

The opening quote from In The Beginning is as simple a statement as it is profound; another example of the unequaled genius of its author Rickard Kelley Hoskins.  (Reading Hoskins is like gold mining the mother-load:  his works are chalk full of such little gems, simple sentences so deep in meaning that an entire book alone could be written to elaborate on each one.)  He has hit upon one of the most disturbing facets of modern culture.  Human discourse has devolved to a condition in which  everyone shares in a generalized shamelessness and inability to be embarrassed by their vices.  One value-system has replaced another value-system right under our noses and we never even noticed, because they both use the same language although in a different way. 

In the past the purpose of language was to refer to reality.  When a sentence accurately described a physical reality this was called “truth.”  We have sunk to such a low moral state that our language has become indifferent to reality and truth.   Now language only refers reflexively back on its own structure and rules — it has become an antisocial and amoral language-game.

In the past we lived according to Christian Law which prohibited the “reality” of sin.  Today reality has been rendered irrelevant.  All that matters is how technically proficient one is at  playing the language-game.  If one’s sin is exposed publically this doesn’t mean — as it did in past time — that the sin is the problem; now the problem is that one failed to be technically expert enough at the language-game to get away with their sin.  It is a failure of procedure skill, of the efficient operation of the language-game system, and not a failure of real moral sin.  One’s source of shame is that they have proven themselves to be substandard language-game players.  The greatest embarrassment that can be suffered by our younger generation — especially those twenty-something, tech-savvy, and soulless drones perpetually plugged into some electronic device — is to lose at the language –game. 

Our society celebrates nothing more than it celebrates a successful criminal, mostly for his cleverness and cunning  in  getting  away  with  his crime.  This has practically become an American value and institution.  A movie may be made about how skillful a criminal was at the language-game of getting away with his sin.  He may even get his own reality show.  One who is caught stealing is no longer punished because of the reality of his crime, but because he has shown himself to be technically inferior.  He was guilty of not getting away with it!

Americans commonly watch politicians campaigning for election on their televisions.  We have entered the absurd world in which the candidates know they’re lying, everyone watching knows the candidates are lying, and they know that we know they’re lying, and we know that they know that we know they’re lying; but all of this is completely irrelevant, because all that matters now is how expert they are at lying. 

We approve of and vote for a candidate for the one reason that he is really good at playing the language-game of lying.  Conversely, there is nothing so unforgivable as someone lying to us poorly.  We will become outraged and offended because it insults our intelligence and pride: 

  • “How dare he offend us viewers by being so incompetent at lying to us!” 
  • “Does he and his party not realize what savvy and discriminating viewer we are?” 
  • “We know what counts as expert lying because we fancy ourselves expert at it as well” 

His career in politics is over.

Before America perishes physically it must first succumb to a moral and spiritual leprosy.  Without Christian Law as our moral immune system we are without any barrier of protection against those who would conquer  us, enemies both within and without.  Who’s responsible for this collapse of our moral immune system and the replacing of it with the language-game? 

Can there be any doubt that it is a complex and hostile coalition of evil deliberately intent on destroying America and prospering off its decomposing corps:  liberals and progressives, free-market Luciferians  and Judeo-cons, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, atheists and sorcerers, secular-humanists and religious Universalists, and countless more besides all under the direction of our age-old adversary the subversive Jew.