If Jesus Ran for President

by Jim Jester

  1. Jesus would not have the money to run a successful campaign.

    Although Jesus was not the poorest man in the world, he certainly was not wealthy enough to buy today’s media.

    The media would smear Jesus as being a male chauvinist because He had no female disciples; homophobic and hater because God’s Law condemns homosexuals; racist because He was sent to no one else but the sheep; and even anti-Semitic because of His condemnation of the Pharisees with the words “you are of your father the devil.” Jesus, therefore would be rejected as a serious candidate. As past elections have certainly revealed, only the dishonest and wealthy will have a hearing before the jewish owned media.

    Speaking of money, wouldn’t Jesus expect our country to have honest money? Jesus would want to audit the Fed (as Ron Paul). However, He would do much more than just audit – He would abolish the Fed, just as He did before when He overturned the moneychanger’s tables. God’s Law forbids interest, on which the U.S. (jewish) economy is based.

  2. Jesus would campaign for a return to the Law of God in America.

    The majority of Americans would never support the Law of God becoming a part of the U.S. Constitution. Why? Because the Law of God forbids usury (interest), homosexuality, interracial marriage, and non-white immigration. Not even the Christian right would support these policies because their churches have taught them that God’s Law has been abolished. Most of them have accepted interest on their bank accounts. Some professing Christian churches have accepted homosexuals into their congregations. They have also been taught that interracial marriage and non-white immigration is not against the Law of God. The evangelical’s famed Billy Graham has said there is nothing in the Bible about race and therefore interracial marriage is not against the Laws of God (yet the Bible contains many examples). Today these Judaized, 501c3 government churches have instead promoted these various policies hoping to “convert” the heathen races. Since the churches would never vote for Jesus and His doctrine, the election would be lost to a more “liberal” candidate.

  3. Jesus would be charged with the crime of “anti-Semitism” (the term used today by the jewish establishment even though Jews are not descended from the Semites – descendants of Shem, son of Noah).

    According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ clearly had a problem with the Jews. He condemned the religious leaders of His day saying they were of their father, the devil, and that they would do the works of their father (such as lying and murder). He also said that they would not come to him and could not hear His words. Because of Jesus’ anti-Jew stance, they sought to kill Him on various occasions. As we know, the Jews eventually succeeded in murdering Jesus Christ and used the Romans for their dirty work.

    Today, Jesus would oppose any support for the IsraeLIE state in the Middle East because of their terrorist activities. Therefore, Jesus Christ would not get enough public support, especially from the so-called Christian right to win an election.


I predict that America will have to go through much more turmoil, persecution and destruction before Americans will wake up enough to support a run for the presidency by Jesus Christ (or anyone with these unpopular views).

There is no doubt that Jesus would support the Law of His Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Therefore, Jesus would oppose the evil doctrines of multiculturalism and integration of the races. This alone would disqualify Him as president in the opinion of 21st century Amerika.