Let Us Worship


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

December 6, 2020

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 15:1:   “LORD, who shall abide in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in the holy hill?


The easiest method for the jewish led globalists to get what they openly say they want is to either conjure a crisis or exploit an existing crisis in order to “erode sovereignty”. The current pandemic fits this plan perfectly. But before they can try to annihilate sovereignty on the God of the Bible on a national level, they need to undermine the independence on an individual and church level first. This is what we see happening in the states, particularly the blue states.


Now, we will begin today’s sermon. What great questions in today's scripture reading! These are some of the greatest questions that could be asked by man. What is your answer to these two questions that are asked by King David? What is the answer given by the God of David? The answer is given in the rest of the verses of this short Psalm.

Let’s review the two questions again.

  1. Who shall abide in the LORD God’s Tabernacle?

  2. Who shall dwell in the holy hill?

The word abide means to dwell there continually. It does not mean to visit or to be a guest or spend a short time in worshipping there. The ungodly might worship in the earthly tabernacle, but would they abide in the city where God lives forever?

This is who the God of the Bible says will abide in the tabernacle of Himself and will dwell in His holy hill:

  1. He that walks uprightly and works righteousness,

  2. Speaks truth,

  3. Doesn’t backbite,

  4. Doesn’t do evil to his neighbor,

  5. Doesn’t take up a reproach against his neighbor,

  6. Condemns vile people,

  7. Honors those who fear the LORD,

  8. Swears to his own hurt and changes not,

  9. Doesn’t put out his money to usury,

  10. Doesn’t take reward against the innocent.

Some of these points would eliminate the destiny of many Americans, who claim to be Christians, rather fast. And a few of these points would be a complete surprise to the same group because they are never mentioned in most churches. Why is that? It is because:

  • “Counselling has replaced preaching,

  • Entertainment has replaced worship,

  • Emotionalism has replaced conviction,

  • Frivolous choruses have replaced sacred Psalms and hymns,

  • Religious platitudes have replaced sound doctrines, and

  • Social justice advocacy has replaced Biblical theology.

Traditional Psalms present a more Biblical view of God and sacred doctrines plus with beauty convey the transforming Gospel of Jesus the Anointed that fits the intellectual and emotional bio-rhythm of Western European man…The Bible teaches exclusiveness, that only those written in the Book of Life would enter, and ALL OTHERS were denied!” – Charles A. Jennings, Truth in History.


Ursula Haverbeck was persecuted and imprisoned for claiming that you cannot convict a nation or its people for murder without showing genuine evidence of the victim.Ursula Haverbeck, a 92-year-old German citizen, was born on November 8, 1928. She was released from prison on November 5th of this year. She was a teenager during the World War II, where she experienced near-starvation, both during and after the war. She lived in North Rhine—Westphalia. Her life was preserved in Germany by cooking the small amount of vegetables her family could find, and then cooked them halfway, then finished them off by steaming them the remaining half.Map of North Rhine - Westphalia.

After the war, she fled to safety in Sweden for four years, then to Scotland for two years where she studied pedagogy (theory and practice of learning), philosophy and linguistics.

About 70 years later, she faced the “Inquisition” once again on November 17, 2020 in Berlin in her home country. She is being charged under Germany’s notorious Volksverhetzung law Par. §130.  The hearing for Holocaust denier and right-wing activist Ursula Haverbeck was held at the Tiergarten district court in Berlin. The trial follows an interview she gave to right-wing video blogger Nikolai Nerling, in March 2018, in which she allegedly downplayed the events of the Holocaust. Haverbeck and Nerling were both present in the courthouse with Nerliing being seen removed by judicial officers from the building, after having an argument with the press officer before the beginning of the trial.

The case was heard on December 4th (two days ago). Haverbeck has been repeatedly convicted for demagoguery and sedition since 2004. She is alleged to have trivialized the Holocaust by comparison of the Holocaust with the displacement of Germans from the eastern regions, which is practically unknown throughout the world.

Persecuted since 2004, jailed since 2018, Ursula Haverbeck has been released from her German jail.  Dubbed ‘The Nazi Grandma’ by toxic corporate-owned state-subservient mainstream media, the venerated denizen of truth-over-lies was, in fact, harassed because she determined to put an end to extortion posturing as reparations for deaths that have been constantly shown to be false.The widow from North Rhine-Westphalia has been a repeat offender for years - “she has ten cases behind her,” said her lawyer. She kept asserting that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. There was no mass murder there. In 2004 she was fined for sedition. This was followed by suspended sentences and, in recent years, imprisonment. She was only released at the beginning of November after serving a total of two and a half years. The court said that her statements are likely to disturb the public peace. She is sentenced for a combination of about a year and a quarter in jail. An appeal is expected.

What are the notorious Volksverhetzung laws Par. §130 that Ursula is being charged?  I didn’t know; so, I looked them up. Here they are:

§ 130 Incitement to hatred (1985, Revised 1992, 2002, 2005, 2015)

(1) Whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace:

  1. incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or

  2. assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning an aforementioned group, segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population, or defaming segments of the population, shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years…

(3) Whosoever publicly or in a meeting approves of, denies or downplays an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the kind indicated in section 6 (1) of the Code of International Criminal Law, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.

(4) Whoever publicly or in a meeting disturbs the public peace in a manner which violates the dignity of the victims by approving of, glorifying or justifying National Socialist tyranny and arbitrary rule incurs a penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine.


This is a very interesting case and should be a warning of what is coming to America. But how many Americans do you think have ever heard of the “crime” of Ursula? How many Americans have ever heard of Ursula? Why is that? The national media is controlled by the same people who control the courts of both countries. In fact, they control the governments of both countries, too. The information in America about this atrocious story is missing. I haven’t seen anything about it on television, on the radio, in the newspapers, or magazines. I found a little bit of information on the internet, but I had to sign up to receive the report that I gave above. What is going on? This should be a big story.

What did this “Nazi Grandma” do to deserve the time that she spent in jail? Did she murder anyone? Did she steal anything? No! She said that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp, not an extermination camp. This is considered serious “holocaust denial” under German law, based on the constitution that was given to the German people (never voted on) by the Allied Control Council after the war. She was on trial several years ago for saying on television that “the Holocaust was the biggest and longest lasting lie in history.”

Is this a true statement or is it false? Why did this elderly German woman go to jail for 2½ years and may be going once again, because she believes the Holocaust was not as big a story as the many post-war Germans being killed and expelled. I guess its an important point to her as she was one of the multi-millions of Germans who were driven off their farms and were expelled.

Was Auschwitz nothing more than a labor camp? Was it not an extermination camp? Were there not six million jews gassed there? Were there not 1.1 million jews gassed there? Were there no jews gassed there? Was there anyone who was gassed there? If it was an extermination camp why are there so many survivors? Does it make any difference? Did Ursula condemn vile people, or did she anger those who have no fear of the LORD God, or did she take a reward against the innocent?

Are the Christian Germans guilty of murdering six million jews or did the jewish authorities frame the Christian Germans? If you agree with the jewish authorities, who deny the God of the Bible, would that disqualify you from dwelling in the holy city? Think about this last sentence for a while.

How long does it take to cremate a person? From the time that the millions of jews went into the shower; the gas came out of the shower-head; the bodies died after breathing in the gas; the guards came in with gas masks (how long would it take for the gas to be gone from the shower room?) and carried them out; they were cremated (with no visible ashes) – how long would it take to murder 1,000,000 jews in each of the six concentration camps? How high would the pile of cremated ashes of a million cremated bodies be?

It takes about 1½ to 3 hours to cremate a body; a couple of hours for it to cool down to ash; and a couple of hours of going to the shower; taking the fake poisonous shower and being carried out dead. The total time would be about six hours. For a million individuals that would come to 6,000,000 hours for one million of them killed and then be cremated. That would take about 72 years, if it was done 24/7 without any breaks in time. And there was never a great big pile of cremated ashes. The Holocaust was the biggest and longest lasting lie in history. Is she telling the truth or is she lying? That is the question. What is our position?

Frequent National Front candidate Richard Edmonds, writes:

“Today I have received a letter from the brave campaigner from Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck. Ursula expresses her astonishment and thanks for the amazing number of letters and cards of support that she receives from Britain and from France, and indeed from the whole world. In her letter to me Ursula H[averbeck] singles out her specific thanks to Michele R. and to Peter R.

Let me repeat here, that letters and cards of support are a God-send to every brave and honourable patriot locked up in a narrow prison cell mixed in together with anti-social types and criminals, and isolated from the world and friendly faces – that’s prison, and in this nightmare ‘modern’ world many of the prisoners will be Third-world criminals with Third-world personal habits.”

Let me ask this question: Are the letters sent to Ursula a “God-send”?

Ursula was a young teenager during the second world war. Look at what Michael Walsh of the Europe Renaissance wrote about her recent release from jail:

“It is with delight that we learn that Frau Ursula Haverbeck, persecuted and imprisoned since 2004 [persecuted since 2004; jailed since 2018], has been released from her German jail. Dubbed ‘The Nazi Grandma’ by toxic corporate-owned state-subservient mainstream media, the venerated denizen of truth-over-lies was, in fact, harassed because she determined to put an end to extortion posturing as reparations for deaths that have been constantly shown to be false.

In effect, Ursula Haverbeck was persecuted and imprisoned for claiming that you cannot convict a nation or its people for murder without showing genuine evidence of the victim.

Well, Ursula is not a No Body anymore is she? In fact, it is the esteemed heroine’s triumph. Her persecution and her imprisonment have drawn international attention to crimes of the German judiciary and the foulest media that ever blemished the fair face of freedom.”

Just like everything about the “Holocaust” non-historical narrative, trying to get an accurate picture of the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck is made very difficult by the mainstream media.

In the United States, we should know the answer quite readily. For do the people who voted for Joe Biden (especially the ones who voted early) know of his past criminal activities which benefited his family to the tune of over $300,000,000? Do they know that he and his son, his brother, his wife have been under investigation for money laundering for over a year by the FBI? How do you think a man, who at one time was a regular middle-class guy, could have bought five mansions costing multimillion dollars apiece on a Senator’s salary? Do they know that he has had two brain surgeries? And he is the guy who was running on integrity?!

Now, the answer to the question. Just like everything about the “Holocaust” non-historical narrative, trying to get an accurate picture of the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck is made very difficult by the mainstream media.

The jewish accusation that the Germans allegedly murdered six million Jews during a brief two and a half year period in World War II is tantamount to a “blood libel,” and these false accusations have never been allowed to be publicly debated or refuted by the accused Germans.

All Christians should be aware that Satan is the “false accuser.” Ursula Haverbeck has decided to stand against the false charges that have been made against her people – the Germans. She is defending the Christian German people against this false blood libel made by the enemy, i.e. the descendants of the murderers of Jesus the Christ. The charges are made by the jews who universally deny the deity of Jesus the Christ.

The jews have literally made it an imprisonable offense to challenge any aspect of their spurious claims of genocide, so much so that even if you are telling the truth, you will still go to prison. You can watch the “offensive” and “illegal” interview [https://archive.org/embed/ Ursula-Haverbec-Interview] with Ursula which landed her in prison. In that interview she proved every single fact that she brought up with documented proof that would indeed stand up in credible court and would be accepted by any half-way decent historian of World War II.

The Orwellian nightmare that Haverbeck is living is proof that the jews themselves are responsible for “anti-jewishism”, as this kind of ruthless form of oppression will always create resentment against the jews. This resentment, may in some cases, boil over into violence, which, despite all their protestations, they welcome as it become prima facie evidence that even more draconian repression and punishment is necessary to silence their “anti-jewish” critics. It is “anti-jewish” behavior that they are accusing the Christians of Germany of doing.

That is, they say the Germans committed genocide against the jews, while the truth is just the opposite. The jews committed genocide against the Germans. They were responsible for the murder of more Germans after the peace treaty was signed than were killed in the war.

Apparently, “downplay” is double-speak for revisionism. Nowhere does Haverbeck deny that crimes or atrocities were committed against jews (and others). Nor does she refuse to accept that they were rounded up or persecuted. Rather, she speaks mostly that Auschwitz was a labor camp, not an extermination camp; no one was gassed in Auschwitz; there were not six million jews killed, the lie about Auschwitz and other concentration camps was to keep hidden the starvation and bombing of the German people which was devastating. She lived through that mostly unknown story and was expelled to other countries.

Vice-president Joe Biden meets with Benjamin Netanyahu, March 9, 2016.PRESIDENT-ELECT BY FRAUD

Joe Biden, former vice-president and possible future president of the United States corporation, is pro-Israel. His vice-president is an unpopular, very liberal senator whose husband is unknown to the Very few know that Kamala Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, is a jewish mega-wealthy lobbyist and litigator who made his fortune promoting and defending the socialist/Marxist agenda within the entertainment and media industries, which are dominated by Zionists.masses. Very few know that he is a jewish mega-wealthy lobbyist and litigator who made his fortune promoting and defending the socialist/Marxist agenda within the entertainment and media industries, which are dominated by Zionists.

His name is Doug Emhoff. Her name is Kamala Harris not Kamala Emhoff. Strange marriage isn’t it!

Kamala is Doug’s second wife; he is divorced. They had two children together. Kamala was a three-year mistress with Willie Brown, 20 years her elder, mayor of San Francisco who was married during that time. In other words, she slept with a married man for three years. I have never heard it brought-up in the mainstream press.

“Here is the big disconnect among evangelical Christians and conservatives: They don’t understand that:

Socialism,  Marxism, Communism, and Zionism  are one and the same.

Karl Marx was a Zionist [jewish]. Joseph Stalin was a Zionist. Vladimir Lenin was a Zionist. The communist revolution in Russia was a Zionist-led revolution. And the push for Marxism in America today is being facilitated by powerful Zionist flatterers such as Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff.

As for Donald Trump, he did more to promote Zionism than any other president in United States history. Behind the scenes, Trump’s Zionist daughter Ivanka and Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner constantly pushed the Zionist agenda in Trump’s foreign and domestic policies.” – Chuck Baldwin.


I keep seeing this commercial on television that is an ad for the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews. It is about helping, with your donation, the cause of taking care of the “tens of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust. Wait a minute! How many survivors do you think are left of the Holocaust today? The concentration or extermination camps ended 75 years ago. Most of them are said to have been gassed to death. If they are alive, they would be about as old as the German Ursula Haverbeck who was imprisoned over the Volksverhetzung laws.

If a person was in the concentration camp was 30 years old in 1945, the year the peace treaty was signed, they would be 105 years old today. I don’t think there is anyone who was over 30 years old when the war ended that needs financial help, even if they are alive. They are all dead, except for less than maybe a dozen.

If the person was 20 years old in 1945, they would be 95 years old today. I don’t think there is more than a handful of these survivors alive today, if any. They would be the age of Ursula Haverbeck. She is 92 years old.

If the person was 10 years old in 1945, they would be 85 years old today. But how many 10 years old do you think were in the concentration or extermination camps in 1945? How many do you think survived the camps? How many do you think are alive today? How many do you think are living in total poverty in the former Soviet Union?

But if you believe what these deniers of the deity of Jesus the Christ are saying, and you have the resources, you can donate your money to the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews and be fleeced. It is another lie that is told by the premier liars promoted by the judeo-Christian 700 Club to its followers.

Ursula Haverbeck became 92-years-old on November 8th of this year. How old was she in 1945? She was 17 years old. Is Ursula in a destitute condition today, like the survivors of the Holocaust are shown in the TV ads? No. She is an excellent speaker and seems to have all her mental and physical abilities functioning very well. She is in a lot better shape that the media’s choice for the next possible President of the United States. Hmmmm.

The media is powerful. The Communists have controlled the media in the United States since a decade after the War Between the States.

How can you explain the situation the President-elect of the United States has been shown to have been involved, even being on tape, with extortion money from several nations and no national media coverage was given? Why is there no media on the cheating in the several states that are being challenged by the current president? Pennsylvania is the worst – the governor and his allies changed the laws that were set by the state legislature; which is unconstitutional. For example, they allowed no signature requirements, violation of deadlines, early voting, using faulty computer programs, and late counting on mail-in ballots.

So, we have Germany’s media and the United States media being in cahoots. There were riots in Seattle, Portland, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., etc. in the United States over the summer due to the supposed systemic racism of the police force against unarmed black citizens. It has been proven to be a staged event – just as staged as the War Between the States.

There were only nine unarmed black individuals (doesn’t mean that they were not innocent or dangerous) who were killed by the police in the year 2019. There are about 41,000,000 black people in the United States. The nine blacks out of 41 million is about .000022% of the black individuals who were unarmed were killed by the police. That is why America was experiencing the burning of their Democratic Party-run cities this summer.

In fact, there were 18.5 times as many policemen (and policewomen) killed by blacks instead of the other way around. Ninety-three per cent of blacks that are killed are killed by other blacks.

Black Lives Matter is the greatest lie that is being both told and believed in the United States. Sounds like what Ursula said: “The Holocaust was the biggest and longest lasting lie in history in Germany and other nations.”


But there is something else that happened that very few people were aware of until recently. There was an individual that had run for a congressional seat in California on a very conservative platform. He lost.

Then, the coronavirus hit. He went to the cities that experienced rioting and brought his missionary efforts there. He once was a missionary to third world countries, but that was stopped by the virus from China. But then he held religious concerts that were a One of the artists backed by Bethel Church of Redding, California, Sean Feucht held religious concerts that were a response to racial justice and racial reconciliation and encouraged his audience to keep “Jesus” at the foremost in their conversations. He held “church protest services” because many of the churches were closed by the government. response to racial justice and racial reconciliation and encouraged his audience to keep “Jesus” at the foremost in their conversations. He held “church protest services” because many of the churches were closed by the government. So, he goes to these cities and holds “rock gospel hymn concerts” and preaches about Jesus. What?

Who is this long-hair singer?

Bethel Church meeting with Trump at the White House on December 6, 2019. Sean Feucht has his hand on Donald Trump's arm.There he is again with a group of people in a meeting with President Trump exactly one year ago. Who are all these people with him? Look to the right of the President; he has his right hand on President Trump’s left arm. He is the long-haired singer in the previous picture.

Look to the left of the President. The fourth person from him is Paula White, the infamous Pentecostal preacher who is at the head of religious organizations in the Trump administration, who prayed at his inauguration.

But who is this group that is attending this White House meeting? It is Bethel Church of Redding, California. This Church publishes a catalog of popular Christian artists, many of who are featured at a “faith briefing” with President Trump at the meeting. One of their many artists is Sean Feucht, the long-hair blond missionary who is seen touching the President on the arm.

Sean’s Facebook presents the following information:

“Sean Feucht is a husband, father, missionary, musician, artist, speaker, author, activist, and the founder of multiple worldwide movements.”

According to his website, one of those worldwide movements is Hold the Line, “a political activist movement seeking to rally the global church to engage in their civic duty – to vote and stand up for causes of righteousness and justice in the governmental arena.”

Feucht has taken advantage of the unrest in the nation and the oppression of the churches by holding concerts in the rioted cities across the nation. The concerts are called, “Let Us Worship”.

It is very similar to Aimee Semple McPherson, who was the founder of the Foursquare Church and was a relentless and unashamed self-promoter. There is a Foursquare Church in downtown Hamilton, Ohio. She was a classic revivalist who, while she predated the film world, would see no camera that would be too far and too outrageous for her to try and occupy in order to talk to people about Jesus. I think that there’s a kind of traditional revivalist bent [to Feucht’s work] where there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“Let Us Worship” gathering in Washington D.C. – by holding the largest prayer meeting in front of the Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade! Thousands then gathered at the Lincoln Memorial and in front of the White House to pray for healing and unity in our nation.

We aren’t stopping this moment of revival – because God is ALWAYS moving in our midst and stirring his church to action.

Join our movement by donating today!

Make this a monthly recurring donation” 

Donation suggestions run from $25 to $3000.

Question: Is God always moving in the midst of their rock & roll music services that they provide? Has entertainment replaced worship? Why should anyone donate to this group?

Then I received the following email Wednesday night (November 11th) after I got home from work. It was entitled, “Fighting the double standard”. When I clicked on it, I was shaken by this initial email message. Here is what I saw:

Let Us Worship logo“This past week I was interviewed by the 700 Club (the same so-called Christian organization who went along with the Fellowship of Christians and Jews ad about old jewish survivors of the holocaust who are in poverty) to discuss the fire in our nation’s heart to gather together and worship the Lord. I have taken a lot of flak for leading worship services across the country, but as I read the Bible, it’s clear nothing significant ever happens without resistance and controversy.  

We are still fighting the media’s double standard that attacks Christians for gathering together to worship, while praising violent protesters, and liberals gathering to celebrate the election results.

Preaching the Gospel, in the middle of all of the division taking place right now, is the only way to heal our nationWe hope you join us.  God Bless, Sean Feucht”

Sean Feucht at one his rock and roll worship meetings. Is God always moving in the midst of the rock & roll music services that they provide? Has entertainment replaced worship?Sean Feucht is the leader of “Let Us Worship” concert meetings. When I pressed a link to watch a video, I got a video of his 700 Club interview along with a picture taken of him at one of his meetings.

Is Sean doing the only thing that will heal our nation?

  • Is he causing God’s covenant people (Israel) to humble themselves?

  • Is he causing God’s covenant people to pray?

  • Is he causing God’s covenant people to seek God’s face?

  • Is he causing God’s covenant people to turn from their wicked ways?

  • Is he causing God’s covenant people to sin by singing frivolous rock and roll choruses?

He isn’t. He has individuals of all races in his rock & roll services. He is entertaining them.

I got another email from this organization last Tuesday (December 1st). It asked for money on the day of giving.


There is Ursula Haverbeck, a 92-year-old German resident who has been jailed for saying that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. We have the supposed 90+ year-old jewish Holocaust survivors, who are very destitute living in the former Soviet Union, who are being rescued from starvation and keeping the jewish Hanukkah, by donations for judeo-Christians and members of the 700 Club. And we have a rising star of the missionary front, Sean Feucht, who has appeared on Fox News and many media publications and shows, who is conducting “rock” concerts for Jesus. Which one of the three is the most Christian of the group? It is always the one the media treats the worst.

To conclude, look at a paragraph that Chuck Baldwin wrote and ask yourself, Is he correct?

“Ask yourself: What has one hundred years of our pastors and churches preaching the false doctrines of Christian Zionism (what an oxymoron!) done for America? Do you think there is a connection between the increase of this false teaching and the decrease of true Christianity in this country? I do!”

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.