Who Chooses?

by Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1:  The Mainline churches in America have changed a great deal since the country became formed.  Their main theology has changed greatly.  Very few churches teach the doctrine of God's sovereignty, but teach free will.  They then added the false holidays of Christmas and Easter and just like ancient Israel, they worship the false god Baal.

Part 2:  Did God chose the beast of the field to be His people?  Who are they anyway?  What does the Bible tell us?

Part 3:  What do you  believe about psychology?  Is it Christian or does it come from another source?  If it is not Christian, why is it taught in many if not all Christian high schools and colleges? 

Part 4:  Who are the "wizards behind the screens" in the countries that are controlling them and are basically unknown to the general population?  This sermon tells of the "wizards" in the North and South War.

Part 5:  A study in the change of America to its Jewish and Roman Catholic domination.

Part 6:  There is a very conflicting view on salvation:  Does God choose or does man.  You can't hold both positions.  It has been argued and debated for centuries in Christendom.  What is the correct answer?

Part 7:  Israel has always followed this pattern:  1.  They sinned (many times it was mescegenation) 2. They are punished 3 They repent 4  A deliverer is sent. God  has not changed.  It happened in the Old Testament and it happens now.

Part 8: If Jesus were alive today, would he be serving time in Canadian and German dungeons and banned from the United States by Homeland Security like Ernst Zundel was?  This proposed circumstance is answered in this sermon.

Part 9: Kalergi was a mongrel from Europe who organized the alien immigration of Europe. The main thesis in the world today is the thought that  are people are equal in the eyes of God. That is certainly in opposition to what the Bible says.