Great Britain's Chaos

by Pastor Don Elmore

This will be a four-part history lesson.  It will tell of the chaos that occurred in Great Britain during the hundred years of the Stuart dynasty.  I hope that you will find it as fascinating as I did researching for these sermons. 

Part 1:  The Covenanters  Most Christians are aware that it was James I of England who had the Kings James Version of the Bible translated.  But few are aware of what he tried to do to the Presbyterians in Scotland and the Puritan Parliament in his own country.  And very few are aware of what that meant for the English colonies in the America.

Part 2:  Presbyterianism vs Episcopacy While the US was a colony of Great Britain, Great Britain was in complete chaos.   Protestant/Catholic royalty was against Protestant Presbyterians, Puritan Protestants were against Roman Catholics.  Protestant/Catholic Royalty thought that they had the "divine right of kings", there were three civil wars in ten years, there were wars among the countries of Great Britain.  The US had refugees and slaves from Great Britain...what do you think that they thought of when they were under Great Britain as they lived in the colonies?

Part 3: What about the Enlightenment? What did all of the chaos in Great Britain have to do with the Enlightenment thinkers that came on the scene during this time. Did it affect other countries and colonies?

Part 4: The Pathway to Democracy  Great Britain was in complete chaos.  It was a monarchy for a time, then a Commonwealth for 11 years then back to a monarchy.  But who was to be king or queen.  Was it a Catholic or a Protestant?