The Unholy Seed - Part 34



Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

April 5, 2020

Scripture Reading: Exodus 23:32, 33

32) “Thou shall make no covenant with them [Hivite, Canaanite, and the Hittite, verse 28], nor with their gods.

33) They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.”


“Dear friends and supporters,

I wonder . . . just how many times have I seen these words posted on the doors of businesses, and printed on signs, in emails and on websites, etc., over the past three weeks.  These words are everywhere!

Due to Covid-19, please stand back six feet.

Due to Covid-19, you shall not enter here.

Due to Covid-19, we will be changing our hours.

Due to Covid-19, we will be closed indefinitely.

Due to Covid-19, we will not be reopening.

Due to Covid-19, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

And worst of all . . . Due to Covid-19, our church is now closed!  ‘Find us’ on Facebook or Twitter!

I’ve got to where I am SICK of the words, Due to Covid-19 . . . !!  And something tells me you are probably just as SICK of them as I am!

Well, I’ve got one for you that should do your heart good . . . 

Due to the greatness of our God, we will not fear!

Due to the greatness of our God, we will trust in Him!

Due to the greatness of our God, we will OPEN the doors of our church, that God’s people may have a refuge in the storm, for we do not fear what man can do unto us!

Due to the greatness of our God, we will stand for the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what, because we know that we can do all things through Christ, ‘for the Scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed!’

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me!’

So . . . I challenge all who read this to join me in trading Due to Covid-19 for Due to the greatness of our God and living that abundant life of faith that we are called to live.

Greater is He that is in me . . .

Dr. Kenneth C. Kemble, Minister”

Notice the pattern between coronavirus and sanctuary cities in the United States.CORONAVIRUS AND SANCTUARY CITIES

Did you notice the pattern between coronavirus and sanctuary cities in the United States? It shouldn’t be surprising. If we disobey God’s Law, what else should we expect? It is God’s law that we should obey.


Wednesday (March 18th) an earthquake rocked the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, causing the statue of phony Moroni, situated atop the temple, to lose its trumpet. As the Mormon legend goes, Mormon had a son named Moroni, who led the army of the Nephites that was destroyed by the enemy. Moroni then supposedly recorded the history of his people on golden plates, which he buried in New York state and later, appearing as an angel, showed them to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church. Joseph Smith then published these records as The Book of Mormon in 1830.

Maroni on top of the Mormon Temple lost his trumpet due to the earthquake that struck Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.Maroni on top of the Mormon Temple has lost his trumpet due to the earthquake that struck Wednesday, March 18th.

I see the Moroni trumpet’s fall as a sign that false gospels are falling to the ground. It is the counterpart to the true Gospel of the Kingdom which we preach. And since most churches are closed throughout the nation due to the coronavirus, the Judeo-Christian churches are unable to preach their gospel, except on internet, television or radio. There is less teaching and preaching of the false gospel in person in the nation at this time.



  1. When did the Jews immigrate to Britain for the first time?

  2. What city did they migrate from?

There is no record of Jews in Britain in Roman times. There had been none of them who ever lived there for a thousand years after the birth of Jesus the Christ. There were Jews in Spain, France and Germany; but none in Britain. And that was the way that it was. The Saxons in England retained their freedoms from the Roman Catholic feudal system and its tax system.

So, when and how did the Jews come to live in Britain? Was it by war? Was it by immigration? Was it by invitation? And in what city did they used to live before they came to Britain?

Map of Anglo-Saxon EnglandThe answer to these two questions that are given above is:

  1. They came in 1066 AD for the first time

  2. They emigrated from Rouen, France

Wikipedia says:

“There is no record of Jews in England before the Norman Conquest in 1066. Believing that their commercial skills and incoming capital would make England more prosperous, William I (William the Conqueror) invited a group of Jewish merchants from Rouen, in Normandy, to England in 1070.  However, Jews were not permitted to own land (as most Britishers were not allowed to own land) or to participate in trades (except for medicine). They were limited primarily to money lending. As Catholic doctrine held that money lending for interest was the sin of usury, Jews dominated this activity.” 

Map of FranceMap of France Do you see Rouen, France?

Who was living in England before they were invaded by the French in 1066? It was the Anglo-Saxons, who lived mainly in the Southern portion, with the Danes and Norwegians invading and staying in the other part of Britain.

The Danes even took over the nation and provided the kings for England. Some of this royalty was murdered. Some were assassinated. Some were exiled. There was constant fighting and peace treaties. The Dukes of Normandy were quite happy to allow these Danish adventurers to use their ports for raids on the English coast. The result was that the nation of England and part of France, Normandy, became increasingly hostile to each other.  

Eventually, Æthelred, the Anglo-Saxon king, sought a treaty with the Normans, and ended up marrying Emma, daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy in the Spring of 1002, which was seen as an attempt to break the link between the raiders and Normandy. Then, on St. Brice's day in November 1002, Danes living in England were slaughtered on the orders of Æthelred.

Map of western Europe in the later part of 1000 AD.After this, there were constant invasions, peace treaties, and wars between the Danes and AEthelred. When AEthelred died, Edmund took his place. Edmund fought the Danes, winning some and losing some. Eventually, the Danish ruler, King Cnut, and the British ruler, King Edmund, agreed to split the kingdom in two; with Edmund ruling Wessex (southern England) and Cnut the rest. Britain was split into two sections; the minor, but the wealthiest being ruled by a Saxon, while the remainder being ruled by a Dane.

In 1017, King Edmund died, and Cnut was confirmed as king of all England. The new King of England appointed people of Denmark to be Earls in the kingdom. When Cnut’s brother, Harald II, King of Denmark, died in 1018, Cnut went to Denmark to secure that realm. Two years later, Cnut brought Norway under his reign. So, Cnut was the king of three nations: Denmark, Norway and England.

After Cnut’s death, there was disagreement on who should be the next king. There were three candidates who fought for the right to be king in England after Cnut’s death:

  1. Cnut’s son with AEifgifu, Harefoot

  2. Cnut’s son with Emma; Harthacnut

  3. AEtheired’s son with Emma, Edward

All three eventually served as king over England. Edward was exiled to Normandy after he failed in a battle to take over as England’s chief leader. As a result of his failure, Harald Harefoot became king of England till his death in 1040.

After Harefoot’s death, Hathacnut became king. But he became so unpopular because he imposed high taxes, that Edward was invited to return from exile to be recognized as Hathacnut’s heir. Harthacnut died in 1042 and Edward the Confessor became king for the next 24 years.

Four claimants to the English throne after Edward the Confessor. Harold was crowned King on the same day that Edward was buried.But as Edward the Confessor was dying, there was another controversy about who was to be the next king:

  1. Harold Godwinson: Earl of Wessex
  2. William: Duke of Normandy (France)
  3. Harald Hardrada: King of Norway
  4. Edgar AEtheling: Great-nephew of Edward

Harold Godwinson was the only claimant who had the support of the powerful English nobility; therefore, he was best suited to both protect and rule England after Edward’s death. Harold had proven himself to be a strong leader with great military and diplomatic ability, having spent many years ruling England on Edward’s behalf. Harold was crowned King on the same day as Edward was buried. The one blood claimant, Edgar Atheling, who was only a teenager at the time, was too young to bear the challenges of the kingdom.

But the Norwegian king and the Duke of Normandy both would challenge the king. First, the Norwegian king, Harald Hardrada, would attack from Normandy the northern portion of England. King Harold was waiting for the invasion of William of Normandy at Hastings in the south of England. He left two of his major Earls to meet the attack of the Norwegians at Fulford, outside of York. But their forces were so decimated that they were unable to compete any further in the campaigns of that year.

The Battle of Fulford was a major disaster for King Harold II. He had expected his northern Earls to defeat the Norwegians while he waited for Duke Willian’s invasion from the south. Harold reacted to the surprise defeat by marching his army from Hastings north for 210 miles in five days. That’s marching at a rate of 42 miles a day! That’s like marching from Union, Kentucky to Knoxville, Tennessee in five days. The Norwegian army was surprised, and King Harold defeated them at Stamford Bridge in two days.

But King Harold lost 1/3 of his forces while killing most of his foes, including their leader—Harald Hardrada. The remainder of the Norwegian forces were permitted to flee back in 1/8 of the boats that they came to England back to their country in total defeat.

After a major defeat at Fulford, King Harold II marched his army 210 miles in five days. TThe Norwegian army was surprised, and King Harold defeated them at Stamford Bridge within two days.But these two battles, Fulford and Stamford Bridge, occurred in one week. But King Harold had no time to enjoy and rest from his great victory. For while he was gone to fight the Norwegians, William of Normandy had landed in England with no opposition.

Battles of Fulford and Stamford Bridge

King Harold marched his army back down to the south coast, where he met William’s army at Hastings. But he had lost 1/3 of his army, and at the speed that they march back, they left another 1/3 who could not march at that rate. King Harold picked up another 2000 men who were inexperienced and not very well trained. Harold was killed when he fought and lost the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066.

These two back-to-back wars were devasting to the Anglo-Saxon kings and their relatives. All of them were either killed in one or the other battle and their wives were either dead or childless.

William made his march to London. It took him two months. He would go to a new area, build a castle, and then take over the inhabitants of that land. After Harold’s death, Edgar AEtheling was elected king of England, but was not coronated. But as William approached London, the teenager, who had been born and lived most of his life in Hungary, and his friends, met and did obedience to William. The Conqueror was crowned king, with the Pope’s representative present, on Christmas Day in 1066. The Duke of Normandy was now king in England.

But his reign was brutal. He soon returned to Normandy to fight battles in Europe, leaving two of his closest friends to rule England. But his friends, who were rulers over England, were harsh and mean.

In the next ten years, William had to constantly return to England. He fought many battles in the northern part of the country issuing orders to lay waste the land and burn all the cattle, crops and farming equipment and to poison the earth. His “scorch the earth” policy, made over 100,000 people die of starvation. By the time of William’s death, most of the Anglo-Saxon cathedrals and abbeys had been demolished and replaced with Norman-style architecture.

The Anglo-Saxon kings had been dethroned and most of the inhabitants had been either killed, starved to death, or exiled. The Anglo-Saxons were greatly reduced in number in Britain.

The Normans (France) arrived in great numbers. They became the dominant number of people in the country. The nation changed in other ways too. The nation was never the same again. But it wasn’t just the French who were immigrant.  For the first time, the Jews, who lived in France, set foot in Britain.

The Jews arrived after William of Normandy invaded Britain in the Norman Conquest of 1066. They helped finance his campaign. They were Jewish financiers who came from Rouen, France. They prospered in England, gaining a quarter of all the land in the entire nation.

Who financed William and who told him that he could attack Britain? Was Britain ripe to be exploited? Spain, France and Germany had Jews. Britain had none. It was the Papacy who contracted with William of Normandy to conquer England.

“The expedition had the solemn approval of Pope Alexander II” is what the Encyclopedia Britannica said in Volume #23, page 609.

William’s father, Robert the Devil, was the son of Viking invaders. Why is he known as Robert the “Devil?”

Legend says that he is the son of Satan. His mother, despairing of heaven’s aid in order to obtain a son, had asked for help from the devil. Robert’s satanic instincts propel him into a violent and sinful life, but he eventually overcomes them to achieve repentance.

He went to Rome, cast himself at the feet of the pope, made confession to the Roman priest, subsisted himself to the harshest kind of penance, and swore that henceforth he would taste no food that he has not first wrested from the jaws of a dog.

Or, if the above is false, he could have been born of a Jewish mother. Robert the Devil could have been Jewish. That means, William of Normandy could have been Jewish.

Falaise France, near the center of Normandy, where William the Conqueror was born.Legend states that Robert was on the walkway of the castle at Falaise, France looking down at the river and saw a beautiful young girl, Herleva, washing clothes. He asked to see her, and she became his mistress. She would become the mother of William the Conqueror.

So, William of Normandy, was a bastard son of Robert the Devil and his mistress, Herleva. When his father died on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Crusades, William was left as his successor. With the help of his overlord, Henry I of France, William put down a rebellion against his rule when news of his father’s death was received.

William of Normandy put down a rebellion against his rule, defeating and killing King Harold at the battle of HastingsAfter defeating and killing King Harold at the battle of Hastings, William continued fighting in England for years. There were several revolts which William used as an excuse to confiscate English land and declare it his personal property. But it was the Roman Catholic Church who really owned all the land in Britain. This was one of the most drastic changes.

Hastings FranceHe then distributed the land to his Norman followers, who imposed their unique Roman Catholic feudal system. Eventually, Normans replaced the entire Anglo-Saxon aristocracy.

William, however, retained most of England’s institutions and was intensely interested in learning about his new property. He ordered a detailed census to be made of the population and property of England —which was compiled in The Domesday Book (now an invaluable source of historical information and still in the Public Record Office in London).

William proceeded to install the Roman Catholic feudal system over the rest of the land.

  1. The first caste was the Roman Catholic Church. They owned the land.

  2. The second caste was King William and his warriors who protected the land and collected taxes, tithes, and offerings.

  3. The third caste were the merchants and farmers.

  4. The fourth caste were the formerly free Saxons, now virtually slaves, holding only small lots of ground from the farmer-overseers placed over them.

England had become feudal states with its caste system. They were now well organized and were great producers of revenue for the Church.

King William brought the Jews into England to do the work that the Catholic Church couldn’t do as it claims that it is God’s representative on earth and custodian of the Scriptures. Therefore, to profit from usury, they used the Jews.

William's relationship with the Jews was standard procedure. The Jews had been allowed to live and practice usury in Catholic-Christendom for centuries before William. And they did the same thing in England during and for a little more than two hundred years after. William’s introducing them into Britain was to comply with general Church policy to exploit the land.

But by 1290 AD, the King (King Edward) secured the land from the Jews and put them to work elsewhere. They were forced to leave England and set up businesses in France and Germany. The rule in effect at that time:

“All property obtained by usury…fell into the king’s hands on the death of the usurer.”

The religious dogma of the Catholic Church is subject to its primary business—which is “business”. Its foremost tenant is to spread “Dharma-ecumenism” among peoples and territories it wishes to exploit. All are accepted who will work with the system—and this includes the Jews. The Catholic Church and the Jews are bound together with golden chains hundreds, if not thousands of years in the making.

The Catholic Church has murdered French Protestants, German Protestants, Irish Protestants, English Protestants, Scottish Protestants and Italian Protestants. This gives rise to a question. Why haven’t Catholics killed Jews that they have vilified so often?

Could it be that the Jews are only “cold war enemies” that are in fact “secret friends?” Could it be true that the Jews are a secret order of the Catholic Church whose mission is to do that which the Catholic Church dare not do directly. If this is true—it would explain what is otherwise inexplicable. (“In the Beginning…” Richard Hoskins, pages 146-151.)

The Jews prospered greatly during their tenure of 2 ¼ centuries in Britain. But due to usury and child ritual sacrifice, the Jews were expelled from England in 1290. Britain followed God’s law and was separated from “the unholy seed” once again.

It wasn’t until 365 years later, that the Jews were able to return. The Protestant Reformation had put Britain into a turmoil once again. King Charles I was involved in several Civil Wars until he was beheaded by the Parliament.


The people of God were separated from the Jews for many years. Many nations were keeping this part of God’s law:

Leviticus 20:26: “And ye shall be holy unto Me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be Mine.”

But William the Conqueror allowed the Jews into Britain for the first time. They stayed there for 224 years. Then they were kicked out of England in the year 1290 by King Edward I.

But they returned in 1665 when Oliver Cromwell made a deal with them. They stayed and aided William of Orange in 1688, and got their National Bank chartered in 1694. They soon owned most of the country.

The Jewish international moneylenders agreed to accommodate the British Treasury to the extent of £1,250,000, providing they could dictate their own terms and conditions. This was agreed to. The terms were in part:

  1. That the names of those who made the loan remain secret; and that they be granted a Charter to establish a Bank of England.
  2. That the directors of the Bank of England be granted the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency by which,
  3. They could make loans to the value of £10 for every £1 value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults.
  4. That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt; and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation of the people.

Thus, for the sum of £1,250,000, King William of Orange sold the people of England into economic bondage. The Edomite Jewish moneylenders gained their ambitions. They had usurped the power to issue and control the currency of the nation. And, having secured that power, they cared not who made the laws.

By aren’t these the individuals that our Savior had a problem with?

Matthew 21:12, 13:

12) “And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.

13) And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

The Jews in America have established a caste system that they supported in India and Europe. Only the names have changed.

India and Europe’s Feudal system:

  1. The priest;

  2. The king and his warriors;

  3. The farmer or storekeeper; and

  4. The workers.

Today’s caste system:

  1. The usury banker acts as surrogate for his priest. It is his god’s laws which are the ones enforced today;

  2. The media-elected or media-appointed and their enforcers;

  3. The entrepreneurs/investors;

  4. The corporation president down to the floor sweeper.

And how long will the coronavirus pandemic last? “We don’t know. Weeks, months . . .  People are in a panic and survival mode. We are in total financial collapse! This is the process toward an end game that has continued progressively since the inception of the Federal Reserve System back in 1913. The central banking system and the subsequent International Monetary Fund and World Bank have had as their end goal to control and dictate the entire international economic system…They” (the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve System) “have deliberately created the financial collapse we are experiencing today.  This is not a test. This is the real thing. Some who understand the false ‘money’ system knew it was coming. We just didn’t know when or how. As to the ‘how’ we now realize it is being done under the cover of medical martial law.

What we are seeing now is extreme draconian measures to suppress people and apply such pressure for as long as it takes to bankrupt most of them so they will be conditioned to accept any solution to be saved from total financial ruin with no hope of recovery. Can’t work, pay the bills, or feed your family. Lockdown, shutdown, takedown.” Lawrence Blanchard, email Lockdown, Part 4).

“You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the Jew. And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.”

Exodus 23:32, 33:

32) “Thou shall make no covenant with them [Hivite, Canaanite, and the Hittite, verse 28], nor with their gods.

33) They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.”

Nothing new under the sun.”

To be continued.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.