Two Nations in One Womb


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

April 24, 2016

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 25:21-23

21) “And Isaac entreated the LORD for his wife, because she was barren:  and the LORD was entreated by him, and Rebekah, his wife, conceived.

22) And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus?  And she went to inquire of the LORD.

23) And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be born of thee, and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.”

Before I begin this message, I would like to talk about one of the interesting things that happened this week.  The picture of President Andrew Jackson is going to be replaced on the $20 bill by former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman.   Harriet Tubman is a black woman who is known for her work on the Underground Railroad.  She helped rescue over 300 slaves.

The $5, $10 and $20 bills will all be redesigned over the next four years but will be put into production at various times over the next decade.  The long-awaited currency redesign will have a major effect on bills of all denominations over the next decades, as new security features are introduced to make the bills harder to counterfeit. New bills will also have tactile features to make them easier for blind citizens to distinguish.

Among the changes announced:

  • President Lincoln will remain on the front of the $5 bill, but the image of the Lincoln Memorial on the back will be redesigned to depict historic events that happened there: Opera singer Marian Anderson’s 1939 concert and Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • The back of the $10 bill will tell the story of the women’s suffrage movement, which culminated in the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in 1920. Among the women to be honored on the back of that bill:To make room for Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, Jackson will be moved to the back where he’ll be incorporated into the existing image of the White House. The image would depict the statue of Jackson riding horseback in Lafayette Square across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.
    • Lucretia Mott
    • Sojourner Truth
    • Susan B. Anthony
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    • Alice Paul.

Jackson, a Democratic populist who opposed the national banking system, has seen his stock fall in recent years because he owned slaves and persecuted Native Americans.  What is missing is any mention in all the articles and videos that I have seen regarding what Jackson said about the bank and bankers.  I, of course, never saw in any article or video this famous saying of Jackson:

“Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank.

You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin!  Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin!  You are a den of vipers and thieves.  And I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.”      

It sounds very similar to what our Savior said to the same group of bankers in His day:  “You (money changers) have made it (His house of prayer) a den of thieves” (Matthew 21:13b).  And “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? (Matthew 23:33).

The process of changing our history is happening right before our eyes.  What is in the Bible is being eliminated from our understanding and its meaning is hidden from our eyes.  Are we a Christian nation or is America worshipping another god?


It had been twenty years since Isaac and Rebekah had been married.  And they had no children.  So, Isaac, the husband, went to his covenant God and asked Him to help his wife get pregnant.  Isaac was the only covenant child of his father, Abraham, so he had to have children, but he didn’t.  How could Abraham become the father of many nations if his one covenant son had no children?  God did answer his prayers; in fact, Rebekah became pregnant with twins. 

But Isaac’s wife had a problem with her pregnancy.  It seemed like the two future children in her womb were fighting.   So, she went to her covenant God and asked Him about this situation.  God’s reply was:

  • She was carrying in her womb two boys who would become two nations.
  • The descendants of these two nations would become two different manner of people.
  • One nation would be stronger than the other one.
  • The first born would serve the second born.

The first born was named Esau while the younger son was Jacob.  So, Esau would serve Jacob.  Both nations would have to be in existence for one to serve the other!

What nation did the descendants of these two twin boys become?  How different were the mannerism of these two nations?  And did Isaac and Rebekah love both twin boys equally?  The Bible answers that politically correct question with an absolute no!  For “…Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison:  but Rebekah loved Jacob” (Genesis 25:28).  It was a split household.

Later, several years after the twins were born, Isaac received the everlasting covenant that his father had received, when the LORD told him:

  • I will perform the oath which I swore unto Abraham thy father (Genesis 26:3b)
  • I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven (Genesis 26:4a)
  • I will give thy seed all these countries (Genesis 26:4b), and
  • I will give to thy seed a blessing from all the nations of the earth (Genesis 26:4c).

Which of their two children would be the seed that would receive this covenant blessing:  Esau or Jacob?  It doesn’t say seeds, plural, but seed, singular.  Remember:  Isaac loved Esau.  But something happened that caused Isaac to become grieved over Esau.  “And Esau was forty  years old when he took as his wife Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath, the daughter of Elon the Hittite, who were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Rebekah” (Genesis 26:34, 35). 

Eventually, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and then Jacob, with the help of his mother, deceived his father in order to steal the covenant blessing from Esau.  Esau hated Jacob very much for this deceptiveness and as a result planned his murder. 

It was when Rebekah heard this news that she had a talk with her husband and they decided to send Jacob to her brother’s house in Syria for the purpose of Jacob finding a suitable wife.   When Esau heard that his father told his twin “Do not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan” (Esau 28:6b), and that his two wives of Canaan did not please his father, Esau then married a daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s first born son of the Egyptian handmaid.

But that was too little, too late.  For Ishmael, even though Abraham loved him, was told by the God of Abraham that he had to be kicked out of his house and that he would not be a part of his inheritance.    But Ishmael’s descendants would become a great nation. 

This was the daughter of Ishmael’s history:  it was who Esau married for his third wife.  All of Esau’s wives were descended from the wrong birth line.  This was the reason why Esau is said to despise the covenant—because he married outside of his kind.

When he sold the birthright for a bowl of lentils it was because he knew that it was his last meal--he was going to be killed.  But it didn’t come to pass.  Esau survived and then he wanted the covenant back.  But he had lost it forever.  His children could never be a part of the covenant that God made with his grandfather Abraham.

Rebekah, it seems, once her son went to her brother’s to find a wife, never saw Jacob again.  She passed from this life and history without even a record from the Scripture.  Thus, what God has for us, if we take it by dishonorable means, will be accompanied by all the consequences of the Law, and God’s will cannot be circumvented, impeded, or altered.  

It is possible that Jacob earned the right of being the firstborn because he and Esau struggled in their mother’s womb.  Could it be that Jacob would have been born first, and should have, but Esau muscled him out of the way?  Yet Jacob held on to Esau’s heel, refusing to give up what was his by right. 

Nevertheless, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, it proclaims the following:  “God hated Esau.”  And in describing Esau’s grandson’s descendants:  “The LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”  The prophet Obadiah proclaimed that there would be none of the House of Esau left alive—they would be utterly destroyed by the Israelites.  So, how could there be no racism?  How could there be an equality of the races?  How could God love everyone if He states in both Testaments that He hates someone?


Why were the Israelites forbidden to marry into the Canaanite blood, just like Esau did?  “Cursed be Canaan.”  It was because of who Canaan married.  He married into the line of the descendants of Cain. 

There has been this war that has been going on for over 6000 years.  The descendants of Cain, the descendants of Canaan, the descendants of Esau verses the covenant people of God.  And they have almost defeated us several times.  For example in the pre-flood years, the pure descendants of God’s people were down to only eight. 

And this brings up a very controversial subject that many very scholarly, excellent Bible students are in disagreement over.  I believe that there were GIANTS in the earth as the result of fallen angels’ miscegenating with the wives who were the daughters of Adam.  It has been the purpose of the fallen angel, Satan, to completely destroy any pure Adamite stock through whom the seed of the woman should come.  This would avert their own doom and make it possible for his kingdom to survive.  In fact, this is the only way they can survive—kill off the entire pure stock of Adam.

Many men who lived before Noah’s flood, lived over nine hundred years—over 900 years!  That is about 15% of the entire time of the existence of the White race on the earth.  How much math could we know if we could study the subject for nine hundred years? 

The “Nephilim” the “Gibbor” the “Anakims” the “Zamzummim’s” the “Rephaim” the “Gittites” the “Emims” are Hebrew words that are all translated or said to be “giants.” 

Even individuals are named as being giants, for example:  Goliath, and his four brothers and Og, the King of Bashan.  The Promised Land was so full of these giants that the Israelite spies said that was the main reason that they were afraid to attack the land.

Could this be what Egypt, Persia, Greek and Roman mythology tries in vain to give us?  The revelation of the giants known to them as being divine.  The giants became gods; gods of the Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Micas, Aztecs, Indians, Kenites, Canaanites, Edomites/Jews, etc. and even the majority of the world today.  Even the Israelites of today actually believe in the doctrines of these hybrid-creatures and not the doctrines of their own Creator god.


And what do the occultists’ say about this?  And what do they say about the period of time when our new nation was being constructed?  Pastor Mark last week mentioned that there were two very different sides that to major events that were happening this year.  The same thing happened in 1776!

Do you know who Thomas Jefferson, for example, studied?  He studied the works of Francis Bacon and Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.  Who was Francis Bacon?

Francis Bacon was born in the midst of the Protestant Reformation.  He was born in 1561, almost 44 years after the Protestant Reformation began.  He grew up in a very political and intellectual environment, and received a good college education.  He is the founder of the scientific method and was the author of several innovative books, one being The New Atlantis (1626).  His talented writings and philosophies influenced Queens, i.e. Queen Elizabeth; Kings, i.e. King James and Presidents, i.e. Thomas Jefferson, and the construction of a nation, i.e. the united states of America.

Jefferson’s interest and membership in a secret society led to his curiosity in the mysterious organization of the Freemasons.  He also knew a key player in the organization, Benjamin Franklin.  Benjamin was a reliable source for the information that he learned about the Freemason.  Jefferson’s admiration of Bacon’s work and the society of Freemasons likely influenced many of his ideas. 

Religion in the 16th and 17th century was under attack and reexamination.  During this time Bacon was generating and reexamining his views on how religion could be used in his theories.  Bacon’s Christianity became more than a belief system; it was integrated into his philosophy.  The Protestant Revolution (1517-1648) had been sparked by the disapproval of the church selling indulgences, and people began to view the church as a corrupt institution. 


The New Atlantis illustrates Bacon’s reconstruction of philosophy and its role in society.  New Atlantis is a story of shipwrecked sailors.  They sailed from Peru and landed on the Island of Bensalem (Son of peace).  On this Island they received treatment for their sick and satisfaction of their needs from the Islanders’ generous hospitality. 

As the story unfolds we learn, from the king of Bensalem, more about this utopian society, consisting of two simple values:  religion and science.  The seafarers soon discover that Bensalem is made up of two main parts:

  1. A utopian “Christian” society that is
  2. Governed by an order of pagan philosophic priests, called the Society of Solomon’s House

“Christianity” and Judaism were two of the main religions on this Island.  Bensalem was a secret Island that was non-existent to other countries.  Like the citizens of Bensalem, the Masons keep their society and information that they know a secret.   The Masons have many rituals that are seen in the society of Bensalem. 

In Bacon’s Utopian society it is apparent that there are many religions on this Island whose members live together on an equal level.  No religion is constructed superior to others and everyone has access to the same liberties.  Jefferson was likely influenced by the New Atlantis and wanted Bensalem’s policy of religious freedom to be incorporated into American policies. 

We can see his attempt to insert religious freedom in the foundation of American society in the Declaration of Independence:  “all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Jefferson is wise with his word choice in this important document.  He had to be able to use a vague but highly effective phrase that could generalize and be all-inclusive to the American population and their beliefs.

Secret knowledge is the source of true power.”  Francis Bacon claimed that he received this secret knowledge from his conversations with demons.  He was a master Jewish/Cabbalists who concealed his demonic intercourse by starting the Rosicrucian’s Society:  The Rose and Cross.  John Dee, an advisor to Queen Elizabeth, was a sorcerer and passed the torch to Bacon. 

They both believed that the legendary land of Bensalem would rise again as the United States.  Let me repeat what I just said:  John Dee (the original James Bond) and Francis Bacon believed that the United States was the New Atlantis! 

Let’s review:  The New Atlantis told of the construction of a:

  • Utopian “Christian” society ruled over by
  • A pagan, philosophic priesthood. 

A priesthood dedicated to the doctrine and execution of the Luciferian agenda.   The Old Atlantis was the time when Atlantis reigned supreme, and the civilizations of the earth were higher and nobler, possessing secret knowledge and advanced technology. 

Here is a list of some of the technologies that Bacon wrote about in the 17th century.  It was the technology that was common in Old Atlantis:

  • Underground facilities
  • Sky scrapers (1/2 mile high)
  • Wind and water turbines
  • Artificial atmospheric devices
  • Electrical devices
  • Genetic laboratories
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Lasers
  • Powerful telescopes
  • Eye glasses
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Audio amplification (headphones)
  • Advanced firearms and missiles
  • Airplanes
  • Submarines
  • Holographic projections

All this technology was written about when the Pilgrims had only be on American soil for seven years! 

The aim of the New Agers is to rebuild Old Atlantis.  So, like Old Atlantis, New Atlantis is filled with both “Christian” jargon mingled with the language of the mystery schools, particularly the Freemasons.  It is the basis of the Rosicrucian Society. 

Examples of Rosicrucian Society symbolsHere are two symbols of the Rosicrucian Society.  The cross represents “Christianity” while the rose symbolizes “pagan religion.”

In the late seventeenth century, following a plan originally proposed by Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis, a colony of Rosicrucian leaders was organized to establish the Rosicrucian arts and sciences in America. In 1694 Rosicrucian settlers made the perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a specially chartered vessel, the Sarah Maria, under the leadership of Johannes Kelpius, master of a Rosicrucian Lodge in Europe. Landing in Philadelphia, the colonists established their first settlement and later moved further west in Pennsylvania to Ephrata.

These Rosicrucian communities made valuable contributions to the newly emerging American culture in the fields of printing, philosophy, the sciences and arts. Later such eminent Americans as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine were intimately connected with the Rosicrucian community.  In fact, many Rosicrucian’s played an important role in the great alchemical and social process leading to the founding of the new nation.

The old Atlantis symbolizes the old world order—i.e., the time before the flood.  The building of a New World Order is the goal of all secret societies.  It is to reestablish from the ashes the utopia of the Old World Order. 

“One of the most ancient of man’s constructive ideals is the dream of a universal democracy and a cooperation of all nations in a commonwealth of States.  The mechanism of the accomplishment of this ideal was set in motion in the ancient temples of Greece, Egypt and India.  So brilliant was the plan and so well was it administrated that it has survived to our time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished. 

Bacon quickly realized that here in the new world was the proper environment of the accomplishment of his great dream, the establishment of the philosophic empire.  It must be remembered that Bacon did not play a lone hand; he was the head of a secret society including in its membership the most brilliant intellectuals of his day. 

All these men were bound together by a common oath to labor in the cause of a world democracy.  Bacon’s society of the unknown philosophers included men of high rank and broad influence.  Together with Bacon, they devised a colonization scheme” Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America.

Sir Walter Raleigh, another Rosicrucian, was instrumental in getting the land for the country’s capital—Washington, D. C.  Bacon’s secret society was set up in America before the middle of the 17th century.  He made sure that the American colonists were thoroughly indoctrinated with the principles of:

  • Religious tolerance
  • Political democracy
  • Social equality

The Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics, and Rosicrucian’s were the incisive instruments of Bacon’s plan.  Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places. 

But their plan became more complicated when a group of separatists, led by William Bradford, came to America.   They created the duality that became a major part of our nation.  Cabalists and others were coming to America to rebuild New Atlantis while the Pilgrims were coming to be “a city set on a hill.”  Jacob and Esau were fighting once again.   

Benjamin Franklin was an occultist of the highest order.  He was very instrumental in the Revolutionary War and the government that came after it.  Franklin was also, like Bacon, involved with demons. 

“Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest [mystery schools], and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members.  The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier.  The rise of American democracy was necessary to a world program.  At the appointed hour, the freedom of man was publicly declared” Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America.

Thus, we have the present day war. 

Psalms 2:1-3:

1) Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? 

2) The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying,

3) Let us break their bonds in pieces And cast away their cords from us.” 

Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis is coming into being actually as he had planned.  Bacon’s New Atlantis has been called The Land of the Rosicrucians and that is exactly what America has become, thanks to the secret societies.  The rise of paganism in our country is no accident; it was planned from the beginning. 

What is their plan?  To reinstitute the Old Atlantis and their gods.  To reestablish the hybrid-age of the old.  For not only was the world before Noah a land of hybrid-giants but hybrid-monsters; angels miscegenating with animals.

“Occult philosophy teaches that even now, under our very eyes, the new Race and Races are preparing to be formed, and that it is in America that the transformation will take place, and has already silently commenced, Madam Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine.


The United States is a duality nation, just like Old Atlantis. Why was the country named America?

  • It was named after Americus Vespucci, a famous explorer and means “heavenly land.”


  • It was named after what the Indians named the land—it meant the “land of the feathering serpent.”
  • Were the founding fathers Christians?
  • Some claim that many of the founding fathers were Christian.  David Barton, Dr. James Kennedy and many other prominent men teach with strong conviction that most of the founding fathers were Christians and that the United States was/is a Christian nation.  Barton talks about the first meeting of the United States Congress that was begun with a three hour prayer service and of all the bibles that were printed and recommended by the Congress.  The Congress of the United States printed the first Bible in English.  It was to be used in the public schools.

Painting of George Washington performing a Masonic ritual in 1793 during the lay down of the cornerstone for the Capitol building.OR

  • Others claim that that the United States was not founded on Christianity.  For example, George Washington was really a Mason for he was dressed as one at the cornerstone of the capitol in Washington, D. C.

Fredericksburg Lodge claims that General George Washington was one of the early members.Fredericksburg Lodge claims many notable men among its members: Most of the mayors of Fredricksburg have been members, many Revolutionary and Civil War leaders, Grand Masters as well, but probably they are most proud of the fact that General George Washington was one of the early members.

Freemasons are proud to claim The Father of His Country as one of their own. George Washington was initiated into Freemasonry in the Fredericksburg Lodge on November 4, 1752. He was passed to the second degree on March 3, 1753; and raised to the third degree on August 4, 1753. The Bible used in those ceremonies remains in the possession of the Lodge, together with several other Washington relics. Washington then left to fight in the French & Indian War, after which he relocated to Northern Virginia. He remained a member in loyal good standing of Fredericksburg No. 4 until his death.

George Washington Masonic National MemorialGeorge Washington took the oath of office under the Masonic Bible from the St. John’s Lodge in New York City.  And why would the Masons build a National Memorial for the first president under the Constitution if he were not a Mason? 

Benjamin Franklin was obviously not only a member of the occult, but one of its main leaders.  Thomas Jefferson studied Francis Bacon and tried to follow what he wrote about the new country being the New Atlantis.  Paul Revere, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and many others can be cited.  Of these, only John Jay was an orthodox Christian and he argued (unsuccessfully) for a prohibition forbidding Catholics from holding office. 

But the point is, where are we now?  We are living in a nation that does not follow our God’s laws. They, for the most part, are following laws that are diametrically opposed to them. 

The Canaanites were the source of many of the hybrid-giants who lived on the earth.  Esau, who his descendants are now called Jews, married into this anti-God family. 

From Freemasonry to Gnosticism to Homosexuality to Wiccan and everything in-between, there is a Christian denomination that will welcome you in. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you cannot be any of them, you are set apart, in the world, but not of the world.

Does God allow support of Luciferianism? No, He absolutely, positively, does not. You simply cannot serve both God and Satan, or Lucifer.

The present New Age movement, with its distinct Druid, Magick, Luciferian worldview, is nothing but a re-emergence of the spiritualism of the ancient past, traceable to the Nephilim, fallen Angels teaching in our own day through the Mystery Religions. The Indian, Tibetan esoteric, Hindu and Buddhist religions also play a central role in the Mystic Theosophy teachings of today, and this current re-emergence of the philosophy associated with the Nephilim/Aryans/ Atlanteans has no salvation value to you or anyone you meet and will only darken the hearts of those who adhere to it and accept it.

Now multiculturalism MISCEGENATION, which is accursed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 1:11, 25; 2:17; 3) is protected and encouraged by law. Miscegenation was the original sin that hybridized Adam's race both physically and spiritually: God destroyed that “world” by the Flood. 

It appears non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews are the vanguard of today’s genocidal miscegenation of Adam’s race.  They have attempted to recreate this great sin once again by making all races a brown multi-racial color.  For they say that that would solve the race question forever.

Was Prince murdered in Illuminati blood sacrifice ritual conspiracy after he broke the oath of exposing chem-trails publicly?  And the revealing of the Arch of Bel in London.  Almost 1000 other cities to have this Arch in their city.   It was revealed on the beginning of the 13 Days of the Blood Sacrifice to Bel.  Has the New Atlantis come into existence as Francis Bacon wrote? 

God forbid.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.