Dispensationalism vs. Christian Identity Theology - Part 11

What is a Revival? Part 2

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

August 26, 2023

Annual Missouri Homecoming Conference 2023

Galatians 1:13, 14:

13) “For ye [Israelite brethren of the churches in the city of Galatia] have heard of my [Apostle Paul’s] conversation [way of life] in time past in the Jews’ religion [Judaism] how that beyond measure I [Apostle Paul] persecuted the church of God and wasted it:

14) And profited in the Jews’ religion [Judaism] above many my [Apostle Paul’s] equals in mine[Apostle Paul’s]own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my [Apostle Paul’s] father.”

If you were living in France in the year 1240 A.D. at the time of the Talmud trial and later the burning of all these “holy books” in France (about 10,000 hand-written) and all the other restrictions made against the Jews, would you agree with or would you be against these restrictions?  If you agreed with what they did, would you consider this to have been a true revival?

Is the Talmud part of the Christian Bible?  No, the Talmud isn’t even part of the Jewish scrolls. It’s a commentary on the Torah written by Babylonian (in one edition) and Palestinian (in another edition) rabbis, which sets down the oral part of the Law and then interprets the Torah. It’s a purely Jewish document that contradicts Christian theology throughout and says things that are totally against Christianity and its God.  It is the antithesis of Christendom.

No other religion has this antithesis.  For example, the Muslims accept that Jesus was a servant, teacher, and lover of God’s Word, but they do not believe that He was divine or the Son of God. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet who was given a special message to convey to all people. This message foretold the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. Thus, Jesus had a vital and unique role to play in the Muslim faith.

The Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers. Other religions believe that Jesus was a good man (but not divine), others believe that He was wise teacher, miracle worker, spokesman for God, and a holy man.  These are contrary to what the Jews think that He was—that is, a person who was a bastard,  the offspring of an illegitimate birth of a Roman soldier and a whore (Mary), and who grew up to be an imposter, deceiver and blasphemer of the God of the Israelites. 

But the Judeo-Christian believes that Jesus is the Son of God who saved the souls of people of all races—including the Jew.  No one is omitted and includes Indians, Orientals, Pacific Islanders,Negroes,  Hispanics, Caucasians, Jews and Muslims who make up the people who have achieved in some way salvation by repenting.

What is the truth?  The Jewish religion with its Talmud and Kabbalah and the Christian religion with its Holy Bible teach different and opposite theology. They are contradictory to each other.  All theologies can’t be true.  All other religions are universal; only Christian-Identity is exclusive.

There is a false preacher of Christian-Identity, who I will not name, who says: “Jesus was not preaching truth, justice, love, and mercy for one group of people only, namely, the tribal in-crowd. He was preaching these things for all people.” 

This preacher was preaching universalism, so he isn’t a true C-I preacher, even though he says that he is one.  And there are many that are that way in today’s crazy mixed-up world.  Not everyone who says that they are a Christian-Identity preacher or believer is Christian-Identity. 

Is the “gospel of the kingdom”, the gospel that was preached by Jesus and His disciples, only for one set of people on the earth?  Is it for Israel only?  The gospels do not say that “any person of any race chooses God” or “God chooses any person of any race ”preached by the modern-dayArminians or Calvinists!

Look at what the Downtown Cornerstone Church, Seattle, Washington says: “The good news of Jesus Christ is for everyone, everywhere. We see a beautiful truth blossoming in this section: the gospel is for everyone.  Everyone.  No one is excluded from the great grace and mercy in Christ.” 

“No one is excluded” …not even the people who Jesus said were not His sheep!  Not even the people who hated Him!  Not even the people who hated His followers!  Not even the people who desire that the race of His followers become extinct!  Is the shepherd the guardian of sheep or wolves?

John 10:26: But ye [wicked-seed Judeans] believe not, because ye [wicked-seed Judeans] are not of My sheep [good-seed Judeans], as I [Jesus] said unto you [wicked-seed Judeans].

Notice, this verse does not say that Ye are not of My sheep, because ye do not believe” as the Judaized denominational churches claim.  It says the exact opposite: Ye believe not, because ye are not of My sheep.”

Jesus plainly told the “Jewish” Pharisees, ye are not My sheep(John 9:40, 10:26). Since they are not the LORD’s sheep, then He is not their shepherd and they can never believe!  If they are not part of His sheep, then they could be wolves.  No Jew can ever, nor has one ever been saved. A wolf can’t change into a sheep.  There is nothing more blasphemous than to imply that Jesus the Messiah was a racial brother to the “Jews”!

Sheep need to have a shepherd.  A false shepherd can lead the sheep over a cliff, or a good shepherd can lead them into a beautiful green pasture.  Sheep will follow even a very bad shepherd, even a wolf-shepherd. We are being led over the cliff by many hierlings, so attach yourself to a good shepherd.

John Lightfoot said in his Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica, volume 3, in reference to John 8:37:

John 8:37: “I [Jesus] know that ye [Pharisees and Jews] are Abraham’s seed; but ye [Pharisees and Jews] seek to kill Me [Jesus], because My [Jesus’] word hath no place in you [Pharisees and Jews].”

Lightfoot says on Page 334 in the above book:

“Again, I would remind everyone who is not aware of it, we are in a WAR. This WAR has been going on now for about 7,000 years. This WAR is between the GENETIC children of Yahweh and the GENETIC children of Satan; this WAR is between the White children of Adam and Eve and the [mixed-racial seed of the] offspring of Satan through Cain whom we know today as ‘Jews.’ Yes, the ‘Jews’ are the literal progeny of Satan walking about today in shoe-leather. The ‘Jews’ of today and the scribes and Pharisees of Messiah’s time should not be confused with the true Tribe of Judah.”

Lightfoot was one of many earnest Christian scholars of his time.  He possessed the classical learning of those days. He was articulate in Latin and Greek and a master of classical Hebrew.

Aside from Lightfoot’s scholarly writings and productive teaching, he took part in the Westminster Assembly, from 1643 to 1649. Lightfoot lived in troubled times. Born in the last days of Queen Elisabeth I, he was a boy when the King James Version was published.

He sat in the Westminster Assembly while the Long Parliament beheaded King Charles I, then somehow survived the chaotic eleven years of England having no monarchy, then the restoration under Charles II, all the while maintaining a real Christian testimony and making an important scholarly contribution to Scripture study.

From his commentary one would hardly guess at the dangerous times in which he lived. In the days of Calvinist Oliver Cromwell, when Lightfoot was at the height of Cromwell's powers, the Jews were allowed again in England after close to 370 years of prohibition.

While Lightfoot was a Puritan,he was a scholar wrapped up in many of the theological debates of the time.He didn’t have anything to do with the resettlement of Jews in England.  That was ultimately settled by Oliver Cromwell.

Lightfoot knew the truth about the Jews, but his knowledge did not prevent the Jews from beginning their destruction of Western Christian Civilization.  His truth did not spread to enough of God’s people to prevent the disastrous readmittance of the Jews to England. The English needed a revival and didn’t have one!

Questions: Does Everett Ramsey know the truth about the Jews?  Does Charles Jennings?  Does Tom Robb?  Does Dan Gayman?  Does Reed Benson?  Have they prevented the Jews from destroying the nation that Almighty God gave to us?  They are in the same situation that Lightfoot was in.  We need a revival!


King Louis IX of France, who lived about four centuries before John Lightfoot, was one of the most popular leaders in French history. He put the Talmud on trial and the Talmud lost.  The Catholic church even made him a saint.

St. Louis set the stage for Martin Luther.  St.  Louis was about 300 years before Luther began his reformation of the Catholic Church.  Luther, the Father of the Protestant Reformation, was at first supported by the Jews.  But late in his life, Martin read the Talmud, the Jewish “holy book.” This caused Luther to change his message and add his “antisemitic” comments.  In his 1543 treatise, “On the Jews and Their Lies,” Luther called for:

  • Jewish synagogues to be burned,
  • Jewish homes to be destroyed, and
  • Jewish people to be expelled from their communities,
  • Usury should be forbidden to be charge to us and all gold and silver jewelry should be confiscated, for all their possessions have been stolen from us by their usury. 

The famous leader of the Protestant Reformation referred to Jews as venomous beastsand that they were “rejected and condemned by God.”

St. Louis also was ahead of Ezra Pound by about 700 years.  Ezra was a distinguished poet and writer who believed Jews to be responsible for a multitude of the world’s problems and embraced the little spoken but truth about Jewish control of the media and banking industries.  Pound came to believe that World War I had been caused by finance capitalism, which he called “usury”, and that the Jews had been to blame

Ezra was arraigned on November 27, 1945 on charges of treason, and on December 4 he was placed in a locked room in the psychiatric ward of Gallinger Hospital.  He became friends with Eustace Mullins, who had first gone to him for help in becoming a first-class writer.  Eustace did research for Ezra and eventually became a person who soon discovered the evilness of the Jews.

Ezra Pound was one of the greatest poets in American history. And he was a great mentor to other poets and writers. He mentored T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost, and Ernest Hemingway.

St. Louis was over seven centuries ahead of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.  Farrakhan said that the Jews were responsible for the transatlantic slave trade. Jewish merchants owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles. Jews were the slave auctioneers, the brokers, the wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money.  There were rabbis who owned, rented, and sold slaves and denounced abolitionists.  And they sold to plantation masters everything from slaves to drugs to whips to shackles, and chains. Jews are “slave masters” and “slum lords” who prey on Black people financially. Farrakhan argued that Jews have “a devalued view of blacks” as well as other people of color, because they allow them to suffer. He also repeated that Jews are responsible for all the filth that comes out of Hollywood that perverts the minds of the American people. 

Charles Lindbergh was an aviator who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He was also a Nazi sympathizer and unapologetic anti-Jewish. In a speech in 1941, Lindbergh claimed that Jewish people were trying to drag the United States into World War II for their own benefit. He even gave speeches in which he warned of a Jewish “stranglehold” on America and praised Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews.St. Louis was seven centuries ahead of Charles Lindbergh who was one of the greatest American heroes. He was an aviator who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He was also a Nazi sympathizer and unapologetically anti-Jewish. In a speech in 1941, Lindbergh claimed that Jewish people were trying to drag the United States into World War II for their own benefit. He even gave speeches in which he warned of a Jewish “stranglehold” on America and praised Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. As late as April 1939--Germany overtook Czechoslovakia—supported Adolf Hitler through speeches.   In a 1941 speech, Lindbergh said of the Jews, “Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.”

St. Louis was six centuries ahead of Charles Dickens who was an English writer and social critic who created some of the world’s best-known fictional characters and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. His works enjoyed unprecedented popularity during his lifetime and, by the 20th century, critics and scholars had recognized him as a literary genius. His novels and short stories are widely read today. His works, however, clearly have their anti-Jewish aspects. For example, along with Shakespeare’s Shylock, Dickens’s Fagin is probably the best-known Jewish character in English literature — and perhaps also the most repellent. He is described in Oliver Twist as “a very old shriveled Jew whose villainous-looking and repulsive face was obscured by a quantity of matted old hair.”

St. Louis was five centuries ahead of the first president of the United States under the Constitution, George Washington, also a Mason, who said of the Jews: “They [the Jews] work more effectively against us [United States] than the enemy’s armies.  They are a hundred times more dangerous in our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each State long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society, and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

Everyone can’t be right.  Now, who is right? 

Is it Louis IX, the beloved king of France; or John Lightfoot, scholar of the Greek and Hebrew; or Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation; or Ezra Pound, one of the greatest of America’s poets; or Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam; or Charles Lindbergh, famous American aviator; or Charles Dickens, famous genius author; or George Washington, America’s hero?  Or is it that Jesus, the Apostles, and the first church were all Jews, and the Jews are equal to everyone else?

From King Louis IX's actions as king of France and John Lightfoot’s comments on John 8:37, we can plainly see that they understood the “Jews” were the seed of the serpent of Genesis 3:15. This is the same position as taken by today’s teachers of two seedlines. There is much evidence that the two seedlines doctrine has been around for quite a long time.

These are two opposing doctrines that everyone must have an opinion on if they seriously study the Bible.  Which one is correct?

  • Are the Jews a genetic evil people who hate our Savior and His followers, who are the reason for almost every war that has taken place in the world, who have never been converted, or
  • Are the Jews just like everyone else? 

John 8:44a: “Ye [Pharisees (v. 13) or Jews (v. 22, 31, 48, 52, 57)] are of your [Jews’] father the devil, and the lust of your [Jews’] father ye [Jews] will do….”

What would happen if a presidential candidate of the United States would state that the Jews were the offspring of the devil;  that they are not equal in the eyes of God with the Whites and that they are liars, murderers and hypocrites? 

Their central banks are stealing money from the depositors, and for that crime the punishment is death as they are charging usury to the Sons of God and that makes them the head and us the tail!

They advocate for abortion, the murder of children in the mother’s womb, which in America has caused over 70 million deaths.  There were only 620,000 deaths in the War of Northern Aggression!

They are in favor of homosexuality and lesbianism and other perverted sexual ways which also constitute the death penalty. 

They advocate the breaking up of the nuclear family by making it hard for a family to subsist without both mother and father, working.  They also advocate that the children belong not to the parents, but to the whole village.  They do this by making people get a marriage license and a birth certificate.  The schools then keep secrets from the parents when the child wants a gender swap, yet if he wants an aspirin, he must have parental permission.

But didn’t Jesus the Christ say many of the same things about the Jews?  We need a revival!


The biggest problem within Christian Identity communities is the fact that most of its adherents, as well as most of its preachers, have come from Judeo-Christian denominational churches.  So it is not surprising that most of the Christian-Identity churches have many of the doctrines of those denominational churches hanging on to them.  Most members and clergy are either Arminian or Calvinistic, and a few are a combination of both.  Many Identity pastors believe in dispensationalism and have never let go of their seminary training, and that also exacerbates the divisions among Identity Christians.

So, Christian-Identity suffers many disputes.  There are arguments over whether the holidays of the Mass of Jesus the Christ and Easter are to be celebrated.  What form of baptism is correct? There will be no Jews who have ever or who will ever be saved.  There will be no ruling together of the two genetic groups who hate each other in God’s Millennial Kingdom.

But there should be the freedom to agree or disagree on many parts of the Scripture.  If you don’t, you will never learn.  But we should maintain that there are a few doctrines that there can be no compromise.

  • Our race is different from all the others, for we are the only ones that are the pure descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his seed.
  • All the promises made to our fathers in this everlasting covenant are exclusive with our race and to no others.
  • We have been at war since the Garden of Eden with the same genetic enemies.
  • Our enemies are the descendants of Cain, Canaan, Edom, Rephaim and Ashkenazi who have never and will never be converted.
  • God has instructed us from the beginning that we are not to have sexual relations with any other race than our own. 
  • God has always been faithful to His covenant and will never be unfaithful to it.  That is the only reason why we will be victorious. 

We need a revival!

This quote was provided to me by Richard Ibbett of Australia, who relayed to me a quote from Grattan Guinness, in his book, “Light for the Last Days”, written in 1886 on page 213.


“4. That since the middle of the last century [1700s ]a complete change has passed over their [Jews’] condition, and they [Jews] have been everywhere uplifted, emancipated, recognized as equals by all nations, given rights and privileges as citizens, a share in popular representation, seats in councils and senates, a position among the aristocracy, and in the national administration of the countries where they reside that they have risen to eminence in finance, in literature, in music, in war, in government, in politics, and in education; that their wealth has become enormous, their position secure, their influence great and their scattered families reunited in one great national organization.

5.  That since the year 1808 efforts have been made to evangelize them [Jews], and that in recent years very considerable numbers of them have been converted; also that within the last decade a movement for accepting Christ as the Messiah of Israel has begun among themselves, and though still only incipient is promising to spread.”

Beginning right after the United States became a nation, the Jews experienced something that had never happened before in the history of the world. As a result, efforts were made to get many of the antichrists converted.

There were and are many efforts to convert the Jews, but it has been a complete failure.  No Jews have ever been nor will ever be saved. The devil’s genetic people were living in practically every country in the world (globalists) and were influencing and deceiving most of the nations, if not all of them. 


What is the meaning of a revival?  There are members of several Judeo-Christian churches that are against race mixing, the integration of the schools, military and churches, against sodomy and other perverted sexuality, and other things that are either taught or just ignored in their home church.  Many have never heard of Christian-Identity churches.

Christian-Identity can reach these individuals and teach them about the correct heirs of the Abrahamic covenant.  In addition to this, the God of this covenant is the only one who has remained faithful to it.  And then, we are fighting a war.  The identity of our genetic enemy is crucial to the safety of our genetic race. 

Wouldn’t this be a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. King Louis IX was one of the most beloved kings in the history of France while Ezra Pound was called insane and placed in an institution for several years.  What happened to Charles Lindberg?  Wasn’t his young child kidnapped and murdered?  Why is what Martin Luther who wrote at the end of his life about the dangers of the Jews unknown to most Christians, including Lutherans?  How many people hearken to what Eustace Mullins had to say?  Why do most people, even so-called Christians, not pay any attention to what the Identity preachers have to say?

Christianity was winning back in the 1200s and 1300s, when Jews were expelled from both England and France.  For while Western Europe was moving toward the Renaissance, the Jew was being dragged into a Dark Age. The antichrists would have little but tragedy until their readmittance into the British nation, their establishing usury once again in England, and their gaining control of the British Stock Market and money supply and emancipation after the French Revolution.

Do we want a revival?  America is unaware of who its enemy really is. The average Christian believes that the enemy of God and Christians can be anyone of any race, just like anyone of any race can become a follower of God.  They believe that neither one is racial.

The last two presidents (Trump and Biden) have children who have married into the anti christian line by marriage!  The president before them (Obama) was the offspring of a Jewish Communist woman and a black man!So, Obama is Jewish too. Has any of the media mentioned this evilness?And we are still a Protestant nation?

We need a revival!

The Judeo-Christians believe that Jesus Christ was a Jew, His apostles were Jews, the first church was composed of all Jews, so the Christian church of today is descended from the Jewish church.  Jews teach in their Seminaries, some are clergy in their churches, some are guest speakers at special events in their churches, some are Sunday School teachers, some are writers of Sunday School booklets while others are leaders in our commerce and politics.   Like a trojan horse, the enemy is destroying our institutions and our civilization.

No matter what happens in a revival, it will have no benefit if the identity of the enemy is not exposed.  If every White person in America is serving their God and they still don’t know who their enemy is, we would still all be slaves. “Millions could be saved” and there will be no great difference if the Jew is not identified as our eternal enemy. When supposed Christian pastors refuse to identify those enemies or acknowledge that they even exist, they themselves must be counted among our enemies.


There is only one type of revival that I want in America.  It is the only thing that will cause a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. It encompasses the resurfacing of a love for God.  Can you love God and ignore His enemies?

How can you survive if you are unaware of who is your life-long enemy, whose main desire is to see your people become extinct?  And when you preach this doctrine, will you suffer like your Savior suffered?

Usury to God’s chosen people was forbidden; but it can be charged to a racial stranger.  What about the reverse?  Can a racial stranger charge usury to God’s chosen people?  That’s what has been done since the 1660s.  Jewish people came to live in the Israelite nations, and that nation always took a downward turn when usury and miscegenation were introduced. 

Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries throughout history—particularly because of their practice of usury and the fact that their ancestors murdered Jesus the Christ.  And who are the powerful bankers running the world today?  They are Jews!

For as the richest man in the world, the Jewish banker, Nathan Rothschild made this famous statement in 1815:  “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets.  The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

And who controls America’s money supply?  Is it the Federal Reserve System?

So, if one wants a true revival, and all one does is see how many converts that they can have, without exposing who their enemy is, it will be failure. One can curse the Roman Catholics, or the Protestants, or the Moslems, or the Buddhists, or any other religious group, but one will always be called “antisemitic” if one curses the Jews.  But that is the point…one must expose the theme of the Bible…the battle between the two genetic seed lines.

The Jews are of the line from Cain, Canaan, Rephaim, Edom, and Ashkenazi.  They have been the enemy of God and His covenant people since before the Garden of Eden.  They have won many battles, but they will never win the war.  Our Kinsman-Redeemer who has never failed His commitments given in His covenants will save us, His covenant people, once again. It is not a numbers game.

Remember the parable that our Savior gave of the Tares and the Wheat?  In the middle of this parable is His statement that “…I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world” (Matthew 13:35b).  He then revealed the significance of the parable as meaning He had fathered the good “seed” (wheat) and that the bad “seed” tares were fathered by the “wicked one”(v. 38), an “enemy” (v. 25, 28, 39), the “devil” (v. 39).

Judeo-Christianity claims that the “tares” are the same as the “wheat.”  One-seedliners declare there are no “tares.”  Only the messengers of Two Seedliners fit the description as messengers.

Do you want a revival that says that the Jews are equal to God’s genetic people?  Do you want a revival that says there are no genetic evil seed lines?   

You can do want you want, “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” (Joshua 24:15).”

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.