CPAC 2022

By Pastor Don Elmore

August 7, 2022

There have been two things that I have constantly said, and I’ve never heard anyone else on television say it…until this week.  And I heard them both said on Friday, August 5, 2022.  And they were both said as CPAC, i.e. the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Dallas, Texas.

First, there was a group discussion in which the new Republican nominee for governor of Arizona was taking part.  She had just won the nomination for governor this week in the primary in Arizona.  It was a very close race.

She was an evening news reporter on a big-time television station in Phoenix.  She gave up that job in order to help fix our nation.  She figured that it must be fixed in the next two years or it will be a very long time before there is another chance.

Her name is Kari Lake.  She believes that the last election was stolen for Joe Biden, who campaign in his basement and yet received the most votes of any president in the history of the United States.  If she wins against the Democrat in November, she will greatly change the way votes are handled in Arizona, including getting rid of the voting machines.

But she said in the group discussion, that as soon as she takes her hand off the Bible, she will focus on the Southern border of the United States.  She will not wait for Joe Biden.  He will never do anything.  She will declare what it is:  an invasion.  Then she can call up the National Guard to protect the border.  She will also finish building the wall that Trump had almost completed. 

Did you hear that?  She said that she would call us the state's National Guard and protect the border with them.  That was the first time I have heard anyone say this.

Secondly that night I heard Steve Bannon speak at the Conference.  I had heard about his difficulties with the January 6 Committee and the subpoena that they had sent him.  But I was very impressed by his speech.  He said the second thing that I have been saying that I have heard no one else on television ever say. 

He said that the Federal Reserve had to go.  Not be audited but be completely ended.  He told the audience that the Federal Reserve was run by the Wall Street firms, but he did not say that it was the Jews.  I wonder when he will be assassinated.

Not bad for just one day.  There is a furious fight that is taking place.  America is acting just like China did when they turned communist.  Now who are the Communists? 

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.