Same-sex Marriage Debacle Part 12

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Robert McCurry, Editor & Publisher
June 19, 2012

"Same-sex marriage" Debacle
Part 12

by Robert McCurry

The Darkness Deepens:  Obama holds 'gay pride' reception at  White House

Associated Press - 6/16/2012 11:30:00 AM

President Barack Obama is telling "gay" supporters that they will have a friend and "fellow advocate" in the White House as long as he is president.

Obama spoke to lesbian, "gay," bisexual and transgender guests during a White House reception marking LGBT Pride Month. He touted his administration's work on homosexual rights issues, including repealing the military's ban on openly homosexual service members. He said even though it may have taken more time than they would like, homosexuals have seen progress and lasting change under his administration.

The president also referenced his recent public embrace of same-gender "marriage." He said that while some Americans may still be "evolving" on same-sex marriage, he and wife, Michelle, "have made up our minds on this issue." The remark drew extended applause.

Retailers join forces to destroy marriage

J.C. Penny Celebrates Mother’s Day With Ad Showing Lesbian Partners

Same-sex sells. At least the companies behind a wave of gay-themed advertising hope so.

J.C. Penney incurred the wrath of a conservative group by showing lesbians with wedding rings and their children in a Mother’s Day catalog. The caption declared, "You'll often find Wendi, her partner, Maggie, and daughters elbow-deep in paint, clay or mosaics." One Million Moms accused the retailer of taking the wrong side in a culture war.

In an email statement, JCPenney said that “We want to be a store for all Americans. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re proud that our May book honors women from diverse backgrounds who all share the heartwarming experience of motherhood.”

J.C. Penney Homosexual Father’s Day Ad

June 2, 2012 | Filed under: Business & Finance | By: Editor

A popular department store is again coming under fire for promoting homosexuality in its monthly catalog.

JC Penney recently released its June publication, which highlights deals geared toward Father’s Day. Inside the catalog features an advertisement with homosexual “couple” Todd Koch and Cooper Smith, along with their two children. Adjacent to the photograph reads, “What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver — all rolled into one. Or two.”

When asked about the advertisement, company spokesman Joseph Thomas stated, “In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re proud that our June book honors men from diverse backgrounds who all share the joy of fatherhood.”

Last month, JC Penney featured an advertisement with two lesbians in its Mother’s Day issue, causing much discussion nationwide.

From its website the company states, "J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) is re-imagining every aspect of its business in order to reclaim its birthright and become America's favorite store."

Ellen DeGeneres, an open homosexual, is the company’s current spokesperson.

It is well established that James Cash Penney, the founder of the J.C. Penney Company (JCP), was a Christian who lived his life and ran his business by the principles of God's Word. Sadly, the re-imagining of the present-day J.C. Penney Company indicates a departure from biblical moorings and Mr. Penney's leadership by taking sides in the cultural war in celebration of homosexuality.

Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!

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