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Jews and Christian Identity - Part 2


Sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

March 24, 2024

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:39, 40:

39) “The enemy that sowed them [tares] is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40) As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this world.”

These are the concluding scriptures of the parable of the wheat and the tares. The wheat was sown by the Son of Man, while the tares were sown by His enemy, the devil. Who are the tares that are to be gathered and burned in the fire? The wheat is to go into God’s kingdom, while the tares are to go to the place where the Talmud, the Jews “holy book,” says that Jesus is now—in hell....

Christian Identity today is split into three main groups.  Why is this?  This message gives one opinion.

Jews and Christian Identity - Part 1


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

March 3, 2024

Scripture Reading: John 10:26

America has experienced and is experiencing the judgments of Almighty God. Texas and a small part of Oklahoma are experiencing the greatest bush fire in its history. Close to one million acres has already burned. California and Nevada are experiencing a huge windstorm (up to 100 mph) and as much as twelve feet of snow. What will we experience next week?

Brother Nathanael Kapner grew up in a Jewish household. Both of his parents were Jewish, and his father took him behind the scenes,when he was young, to where the B’nai B’rith met after the synagogue meeting was over. As a result, he was an eyewitness to a lot of the evil work that the Jewish influencer of Freemasonry (B’nai B'rith) had accomplished and were accomplishing.  He is a Jew who claims that he is now an Orthodox Russian Christian.

Wars of the Lord


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

February 11, 2024

Scripture Reading: Numbers 21:14

Beginning from the separation of Joseph from his older brothers to the reuniting with them in Egypt,\ after being in Egypt for 215 years and experiencing the miraculous escape from the Egyptians, to their being punished for forty years before they could enter the Promise Land, to their wanderings on the eastern side of the Jordan River, we come to one of the most intriguing events in Israel’s history. For the land east of the Jordan River was ruled by two Amorite kings; Sihon and Og.Both nations of Amorites were very strong and had a reputation of great military might.  God gave His covenant people instructions on how they were to fight any battle.

Who Killed Jesus?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

January 28, 2024

Scripture Reading: Acts 5:30:

“The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.”

Who is the “ye” in this sentence? Who this pronoun represents identifies at least one of the killers.

Who is represented by the pronouns in the Bible is a big key to understanding the Scriptures. A pronoun can never be used first before the noun that it represents. The noun must be used before a pronoun is used to replace it. Pronouns refer to a noun that has already been mentioned. If the pronoun is used first, then the reader doesn’t know who it represents.

Rebekah's Gift to the Covenant


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

January 7, 2024

Scripture Reading: Genesis 17:4-6

Why is this subject almost never, if ever, talked about in most of the Christian churches of our day? The Bible is clear with the details of the people who are closely involved in this covenant and the ones that are put off to the side. The descendants of the objects of the covenant are very important because it is an everlasting covenant. It would be very important for the churches to study this most special event in the history of the world and see who is included and excluded. 

2 Kings 19



Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

December 17, 2023

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 20:4

God gives His covenant nation, Israel, the rules for war in this chapter. He says in verse one that when you go out to battle against your enemies, and see their weapons of war and their soldiers, don’t be afraid of the armament or them.  For when you are close to battle, the priest (of Israel) shall approach and speak unto the covenant people (Israel) and say unto them (Israel) that they should not let their (Israel) hearts be full of fear or be terrified against your (Israel’s) enemy. For the LORD your (Israel’s) God will fight for you (Israel).

Let’s investigate the Bible for a story of one of Israel’s battles against an enemy. It was a battle in which they were so overwhelmed that the King of Judah (southern Kingdom of Israel) had no good option to do except one. It was a very dark moment, one of the lowest in the history of God’s kingdom on earth. The kingdom was about to be destroyed forever.

Who Was the Father of Cain? Part 2


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

December 3, 2023

Scripture Reading I John 3:12

A couple of Friday nights ago (11/10/2023), I turned on the television to watch the game-show network and the show “Split-Second” was on.It was in the middle of the game, and the first question that was asked was the following. It was asked to the three contestants.  Who is the father of the following people?

  • Isaac
  • Shem, Ham, Japheth
  • Cain and Abel

The three contestants only answered one of the questions. One contestant answered that Abraham was the father of Isaac. That was the correct answer, but the game show then supplied the answers to the other two questions that were not answered. The answers they gave to the two remaining questions were that Noah was the father of Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Adam was the father of Cain and Abel.

I thought to myself, how would I have answered that question, “Who was the father of Cain and Abel?”

Who Was the Father of Cain?

by Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1:  Why do the Kenites, Canaanites and Jews, if their ancient father was Adam, have no chance of salvation, but are guaranteed a place in hell?  Remember the law of “kind after kind”.

Part 2:  If Adam fathered Cain, why would their descendants not have been destroyed in the flood of Noah? If the serpent didn't have a seed with Eve, then there is no physical enemy of God.  Then who are the Jews?

Who Was the Father of Cain? Part 1


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

November 5, 2023

Scripture Reading: John 10:26:

If the Jews are not one of Jesus’ sheep, then what does today's scripture reading mean? Doesn’t that mean that they have another different father than the Sheep have?  Didn’t Jesus tell them that: “I [Jesus] speak that which I [Jesus] have seen with My Father; and ye [Jews, verse 31] do that which ye [Jews] have seen with your father.”  John 8:38

The Jews have a different father than Jesus had!  What father is that?

Five Objections to Calvinism


Sermon notes from Pastor Don Elmore

October 15, 2023

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:4-6

I was brought up as an Arminian; that is the belief that a man chooses God.  Briefly said, in our church when the children reached the age of twelve or thirteen, they took a few classes and then went to the front of the church and said that they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts.  After doing this, the future new church members were candidates for baptism and their first Lord’s Supper.

The American Baptist Church that I went to with my parents never explained what the word “election” meant in the Bible.  The word was in the Bible, but the church basically ignored it.  They did the same thing with similar words/phrases that are also in the Holy Scriptures: “predestination”, “God chose their seed”, “God elected” and “foreknowledge of God”.   The Arminian church that I grew up in never talked about these terms.  They just continued to invite people up to the front of the church every Sunday service to make their decision.

Lying Evangelicals


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

October 1, 2023

Scripture Reading: Galatians 3:28, 29

What is one of the reasons for people to study history?  Is it not to see what happened to major powers that are no longer major powers?  What occurred to cause them to lose their power and how can we use that knowledge to prevent that from happening to our nation?  What happened to Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Assyria, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, Germany, United States, Russia, China, etc.?

Who Financed the American Revolution?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

September 3, 2023

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 22:7

There were three main financers of the American Revolution which was fought against Great Britain.  You can’t fight a war if there is no money to pay the soldiers, pay for the ammunition, the guns, the swords, horses, food, clothing, etc.  Without these three financers there would be no Unites States of America, for there would have been no revolution or it would have ended very quickly.

Dispensationalism vs. Christian Identity Theology - Part 11

What is a Revival? Part 2

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

August 26, 2023

Annual Missouri Homecoming Conference 2023

Galatians 1:13, 14

13) “For ye [Israelite brethren of the churches in the city of Galatia] have heard of my [Apostle Paul’s] conversation [way of life] in time past in the Jews’ religion [Judaism] how that beyond measure I [Apostle Paul] persecuted the church of God and wasted it:

14) And profited in the Jews’ religion [Judaism] above many my [Apostle Paul’s] equals in mine[Apostle Paul’s]own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my [Apostle Paul’s] father.”

Is the Talmud part of the Christian Bible?  No, the Talmud isn’t even part of the Jewish scrolls. It’s a commentary on the Torah written by Babylonian (in one edition) and Palestinian (in another edition) rabbis, which sets down the oral part of the Law and then interprets the Torah. It’s a purely Jewish document that contradicts Christian theology throughout and says things that are totally against Christianity and its God.It is the antithesis of Christendom.  No other religion has this antithesis. 

Dispensationalism vs. Christian Identity Theology - Part 10

What is a Revival? Part 1

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

August 25, 2023

Annual Missouri Homecoming Conference 2023

Scripture Reading: Galatians 1:13, 14

What is the Jews’ religion?  It is Judaism.  Saul, before he was converted and changed his name to Paul, was in the Jews’ religion, which led him to persecute the church and blaspheme Almighty God.  Paul was suddenly converted when he was on the way to arrest members of the Lord’s church and after a period of over four years became one of the hardest workers and writers for the New Covenant Church.  He was a pure-blooded Israelite. 

And what did the mixed-racial Jews do who remained in their synagogue of Satan?  They continued persecuting the new church and its eternal God; including the man who later became the Apostle Paul.

Is that still true today?  Who persecutes the Christians who have the truth of God’s word?  Do the people who believe the Talmud and Kabbalah persecute Christians and are they the descendants of the ones who assassinated the Kinsman Redeemer of the Christian/Israelites?

Dispensationalism vs. Christian Identity Theology - Part 9


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Compiled from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

August 6, 2023

Scripture Reading: John 7:13 and John 20:19a

13) “Howbeit no man spake openly of Him [Jesus] for fear of the Jews.

19a) “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews,…”

It seems that America and most of the rest of the world is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. But their European ancestors weren’t. For they kicked the “Big Bad Jews” out of their cities, counties and nations many times in the past--over 100 times. But now, many of these same nations have laws that one can go to prison for saying anything that is against the Jews, even if it is true. Russia was the first nation to have these laws, called antisemitism hate laws, after the Bolshevik Revolution and the penalty was death!


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