The Unholy Seed - Part 27



Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

November 24, 2019

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:10, 11:

10) “And the disciples came, and said unto Him [LORD Jesus the Christ], Why speakest Thou unto them in parables?

11) He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.”

These are two very interesting verses. The LORD’s disciples asked Jesus a question: “Why do You speak to them in parables?”

The understanding of His answer is practically unknown in Christendom today. For the reason He gave, was because the mysteries (secrets) of the kingdom of heaven would be given unto you (His disciples) and not to them (the unholy seed). There was a big difference. Jesus said that He spoke in parables to reveal secrets to one group of people and to conceal them from another group. Why didn’t He want the unholy seed to understand what He was saying?

The mysteries are secrets previously hidden. Jesus revealed to His people secrets that were unknown to them at that time. They had been hidden since before the foundation of the earth. Wow! What secrets were these?

We won’t deal with those particular secrets in this sermon, but they dealt with the origin and the deceivement ability of the unholy seed. But as time has gone on, are there other secrets that most of the world isn’t aware of either? Would the real preachers of the “gospel of the kingdom” know what some of these secrets are? As the man of God studies, is it possible that more and more secrets will be revealed to him? Is that a possibility? I think that it is.


Has anyone read the following?

  1. United States ex-president and former general of the U.S. army during and after World War II, Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower’s book, Crusade in Europe, 559 pages, or

  2. Britain’s Prime Minister during and after World War II, Winston Churchill’s books, six volumes entitled Second World War, 4,448 pages, or

  3. France’s president during and after World War II, Charles De Gaulle’s books, three volume Memories de Guerre 2,054 pages

That’s 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts) of 10 volumes of material, written by the political leaders [or their ghost writers] of the three major Allied Powers in World War II—The United States, Great Britain and France. The more than 7,000 pages eclipses what the average American has read in their entire life. These three books (including all ten volumes) were published from 1948 to 1959. What major event is missing in these 10 volumes written by Eisenhower, Churchill and De Gaulle?

It is a complete surprise that that none of these three; neither the general or presidents or prime minister, mention not one word that says anything about:

  • Any Nazi gas chambers being in the German concentration camps,

  • Any attempt of a genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, or

  • Any six-million Jewish Holocaust victims in the German concentration camps!

What?! Not one word on 7,061 pages about the supposedly biggest event of World War II, the Holocaust, written by three prominent leaders of three of the most important countries that fought in the war? It is not even mentioned once by these three leaders in their memoirs of the War. [In the current impeachment hearings one Republican stated that there was over 3,500 pages of testimony and not one word of “bribery” was in any one of them. “There is nothing new under the sun.”]

What is the biggest story that the media now presents that happened in World War II? What is the story that we are told that we must never forget? If you only had those three memoirs, how could you forget what you never knew happened?


Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel says there’s no proof that Auschwitz was a death camp and that it is “only a belief.”. She's been convicted of "inciting hatred".To the right is a picture of Ursula Haverbeck, 89, who has been convicted and sentenced to prison on several occasions for writing articles that both deny the Holocaust and cause an “incitement to hate. She has appealed all the decisions, however, and has yet to spend any time in jail.

Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel says there’s no proof that Auschwitz was a death camp and that it is “only a belief.” Those thoughts spoken in a Hamburg, Germany court—and others, such as the “Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history” comment she made on TV in April——are what just earned her a 10-month stay in a German prison. Her crime: inciting hatred. The 87-year-old extremist who’s been dubbed “Nazi-Oma” (“Nazi Grandma”) has been steadfast for years in her conviction that the Holocaust is a sham.

Who is she inciting hatred towards? Is it the Negroes? Is she inciting hatred towards the blacks? No. Is she inciting hatred towards the Orientals? No. The three leaders of the three nations that fought against Germany had nothing, absolutely nothing, to write about the event that we are told we are never to forget. Seems strange to me. She is inciting hatred to the individuals who are making this a big lie. Who has made the Holocaust a major, major story that every child in every school is taught over and over again?  The unholy seed!

Now, look at another current story. It’s from the November 4, 2019 Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, Page 2B. The title of this article is “Rescuer reunites with Jews she saved.” It tells of a 92-year old Greek woman, Melpomeni Dina, who, when she was a teenager, hid, fed and protected a group of Jewish siblings from the Nazis. The descendants of this group, which now number 40, met with and thanked Dina for her kindness that she showed to their ancestors—the Mordechai family.

This will probably be the last reunion, because of age and frailty, said the executive vice-president of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, which sponsors the event and provides $1 million a year in monthly stipends to those recognized. It had started in 1992, but now since either the survivor has passed on, or the “righteous” has passed on, or in some instances either the survivor or the righteous gentile is unable to travel, the executive said, choking up. [Remember my last sermon and the article about Israeli’s biggest charity organization that is sponsoring money to give to Russian survivors of the Holocaust because they are starving to death. If the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous are considering stopping their reunions, then how many Russian survivors are there?]

But look at what else this article in this month’s Cincinnati Enquirer says:

“About 6 million European Jews were killed by German Nazis and their collaborators during World War II. More than 27,000 people, including 355 from Greece, having been recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations,” Israel’s highest honor to those non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust… The names of those honored for refusing to be indifferent to the genocide are engraved along an avenue of trees at the Jerusalem memorial. Only a few hundred are believed to still be alive.”

It seems we have a major disagreement! Who is correct? The three leaders of the “free-world” who said nothing of the Holocaust or the “Nazi Grandma” who denied the death camps or the organization, “Righteous Among the Nations” who say that there were six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Why would the leaders of Great Britain, France and the United States omit from their record of World War II, the mention of more deaths than any nation suffered in the War? Six million deaths!

What is the truth of this question? Which side are you on? All three opinions can’t be correct. Do you agree with the writers about the war or the judge or with the Nazi grandma? Is the Holocaust the biggest and most sustainable lie in history? And does denying the media’s holocaust incite hatred? Does this German grandma, 89-years-old, deserve to go to jail for 10-months?

Who would our Savior say is right? Have you ever thought about this? Would He agree with the “Nazi Grandma” or with the German courts? Is the Holocaust the truth or a lie? Would He be in favor of letting the “Grandma” go free or would He be in favor of putting her in jail? Can you believe what you want and not go to jail?

How did this supposed murder of six million Jews occur; when none of the leaders of the nations that were adversaries of Germany wrote anything about it? They didn’t even write one word about the concentration camps. How could Eisenhower, Churchill and De Gaulle, prominent figures in World War II, overlook the deaths of six million people? The deaths of any group of people of that magnitude would deserve at least several chapters describing what happened.

Six million Jews, gassed to death in concentration camps, would be about 40% of all the Jews in the world! Compared to Germany, who suffered about 5,000,000 deaths of its soldiers; the United States lost around 500,000 soldiers—don’t you wonder why all the deaths of the six million Jews were not mentioned? There were supposedly 12 times the number of Jews gassed to death in the German concentration camps as the United States lost in death of all its soldiers—in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc.—in all the battles of the war. Maybe the Jewish media didn’t invent the story till several years after the War!


Let us look at another major mystery of the kingdom of God. Is the unholy seed involved again?

In the year 1290, Britain expelled the Jews from their nation. Once again, the Jews were kicked out of another nation.  Jews had been expelled 47 times out of cities, states, and countries. This has happened more to the Jews than to any other group of people. Why?

King Edward I in 1290, kicked them out for their usury banking and ritual blood murders, i.e. drinking the blood of murdered Christian children. Is there any other group of people who is guilty of these crimes?

The Jews were expelled for a long time from Britain; longer than the United States has been a country – over 120 years longer. What happened that allowed the Jews to return to the British Isles? Why would Britain let the forbidden unholy seed back in? Is this reason one of the mysteries of the kingdom of God?


Britain was fighting a civil war. The fighting was over whether Parliament would wind up having the final authority or it would remain in the hands of the “divine right of the Monarchy.” It was an epic changing war; Parliament versus the King.

It had been 20 years since the first Pilgrims had arrived on the American shore (1620). The Pilgrims had left Britain and relocated its church in Amsterdam, Holland. From there about 100 of them made their famous trek to America via England on the Mayflower and Speedwell. Is it ironic that the city the Pilgrims began their journey to America from became involved in the British civil war—Amsterdam, Holland?

Beginning in 1655, Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with the Jew Menasseh Ben Israel and his Jewish brother-in-law David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England. King Charles I (Britain) was fighting against the Puritan Parliamentary leader, Oliver Cromwell. A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and people into one solemn bond was disrupted by Protestant Calvinistic uprising. The Jews of Amsterdam exploited this civil unrest and made their move.

Many Christians in the Calvinistic Reformed churches have a certain amount of reverence for Oliver Cromwell, the usurper of the English throne, if for no other reason than he led the Puritans to political victory in Britain. But Oliver was a Rosicrucian Mason who was well versed in the Jewish Kabala. Oliver Cromwell is rated, along with the two Churchills, John and Winston, as the evilest traitor in British history.

Oliver Cromwell

Is this one of the mysteries of the kingdom of God? It is a secret that very few high school and college history students have been taught. They have not been instructed that as a result of the first British Revolution the unholy seed emerged upon the world stage as a political power. The first revolution in the 1640s gave the Jews the unprecedented execution of the king, followed by the return of the Jews to England, who had been banished for almost 400 years.

Jewish bankers from Amsterdam led by the Jewish financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643.

Oliver Cromwell was aided in his military successes by his superb intelligence network which always knew the movements of Charles’ armies. The intelligence was supplied by English traitors and Jewish infiltrators. One of the more prominent traitors was John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and ancestor of Winston Churchill, who abandoned service to the king, in favor of a 6,000-pound annual stipend from the Jew Solomon Medina of Holland.

Prior to open hostilities, the Jew Fernandez Carvajal, used 10,000 operatives to exploit the country’s continuing religious division, particularly with the question of the observance of the Sabbath. The Jews had taken up residency in the Netherlands during the 16th and 17th centuries, after the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions, where they financed Cromwell on the condition that he allow them back into England upon destroying the English monarch (Charles I).

There are quotes from letters between Cromwell and the Jew Ebenezer Pratt who promised generous funding in exchange for the death of the king. It was agreed that the king had to attempt to escape before he could be beheaded.

But no Englishman would draw up charges against the King, so Cromwell brought in the Dutch Jew Isaac Dorislaus to be the person who drew up the charges. After the kangaroo court gave the King his predetermined outcome, the King was beheaded (murdered) on trumped-up charges in 1649. [Does this remind you of the kangaroo congressional impeachment hearings this past week? Ukrainian Jew Lt. Col. Vindham testified against President Trump with Jew Adam Schiff lying that he didn’t know the whistleblower?]

Parliament won! The king lost! The Jews were to get the imprint on their first big nation in their goal of the world-wide empire!

Beginning in 1655, Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with the Jew Menasseh Ben Israel and his Jewish brother-in-law David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England. Menassah had exploited the British Israel doctrine with the expectation that the Messiah would not return until the Jews were scattered in all the earth. Since the Jews were forbidden to enter England, the Messiah could not return until they [the Jews] could enter. The Jews were entering England after almost 400 years of being forbidden to enter. It was very similar to Israel’s High Priest, Hyrcanus’, evil deed that happened almost 1800 years previously. Israel, once more, ignored the WORD of their LORD.

With Charles I beheaded, who was the next king? There was no one because the king lost the civil war. There was no single English head of state, as England was ruled directly by the Rump Parliament with the English Council of State acting as executive power during a period known as the Commonwealth of England.

After a coup d’état in 1653, Oliver Cromwell forcibly took control of England from Parliament. On April 20, Oliver Cromwell, with forty Musketeers, entered the House of Commons and forcibly dissolved the Rump Parliament leading to Cromwell becoming Lord Protector and instigating military rule.

What in the world was happening in Britain? It makes America’s circus impeachment hearing in Washington, D.C. seem like a Sunday School party. They are accusing President Trump of doing what ex-Vice-President Joe Biden did in firing a top Ukrainian official in order to hire his son who had no creditability to be paid $50,000 a month to work for a corrupt power company!

How would you like to live in Britain during this Revolution? Let’s review what was happening in Britain. A civil war. The king lost. The king was beheaded. No king was crowned. Parliament was now in power. Parliament was dissolved. Oliver Cromwell became the Lord Protector.

All this happened a century or more before the formation of the united states of America. There was no king or queen in Britain for 11 consecutive years. No monarchy; it was Parliament for a few years and then the Lord Protector—Oliver Cromwell.

While not officially monarchs, the holder of the office of Lord Protector passed from Oliver Cromwell to his son Richard. Richard lacked both the ability to rule and confidence of the Army, and he was forcibly removed by the English Committee of Safety under the leadership of Charles Fleetwood in 1659.

England again lacked any single head of state during several months of conflict between Fleetwood’s party and that of George Monck. Monck took control of the country in December 1659, and after almost a year of anarchy, the monarchy was formally restored when Charles II returned from France to accept the throne of England. This was following the Declaration of Breda and an invitation to reclaim the throne from the Convention Parliament of 1660.

And do you know what happened to Cromwell after he died? Two and a half-years after his death, twelve years on the exact date of Charles I’s beheading, Oliver Cromwell was dug up from the grave and hanged and then he was beheaded. A dead man was beheaded! A man who had been dead for almost three years, lost his head!

His skull was placed, along with the heads of two other traitors, on poles, where it stayed for 24 years! Because of a big storm, the stick broke and his head fell to the ground. It was pick-up by a guard who kept it hidden in his chimney; eventually it passed from one to another until it was given to the Puritan school, Sidney Sussex College, that Cromwell had attended. They buried him on their campus.

The following is a plaque at the College:

Plaque at Sidney Sussex College, the Puritan school that Cromwell had attended. They buried him on their campus.

This sounds like a fairytale. Oliver Cromwell was a Calvinistic Protestant; there was a war going on with the Catholics. The death of Charles I by beheading so angered his son, Charles II, that when he was finally put back on the throne, after 12 years, he had the body of Cromwell dug-up from his grave, hanged him, and then beheaded him. He put his head on a stake, so Britain got to view the head of the treasonous traitor. For 24 years it was in public view, until a storm broke the stake. A guard stole the head and hid it and then passed it along from one generation to the other until it was finally given to the college that Oliver was an alumnus of in 1969. What a story! And you thought American politics was crazy.

But that is not all. No, there is much more. Charles I had married a French/Catholic, Henrietta Maria. That caused problems with the Protestants. When their son, Charles II, took the throne, his mother, Mary, returned to be with him in England.

But Charles II was worse than Bill Clinton. Why do I make this claim? Well, he married a Portuguese woman, Catherine of Braganza, but they never had any children. But Charles II, also like Prince Andrew, who was involved with ex-president Clinton with Jeffery Epstein, had 13 mistresses and 12 illegitimate children. Since he didn’t have any legitimate children, he was succeeded on the throne by his younger brother, James, who was known as King James II.

What state is named after Charles I’s wife: Henrietta Maria? Maryland. What states are named after Charles I? North and South Carolina. They both were first named after King Charles of France, then Charles I and Charles II of England. Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia and West Virginia are also named after European royalty.

America is just repeating what had happened in its mother country. Why did it happen? It was because of the influence, bribes, and control of the Jewish bankers and politicians. We forgot what our God told us—be a separate people and I will be your God. [All during the impeachment hearing the Democrats never answered the problem with Hunter Biden being an absent member of the Ukrainian power company and Hunter getting $130 million in funds three weeks after he joined Rosemont Capital. When the Republicans were beginning to talk about Hunter, the television was cut of from them and went back to the Democratic panel. This was on CNN.]


Jesus revealed secrets of His kingdom to His disciples and kept them hidden from His enemies. Are there secrets of the kingdom in the world today? For instance, is the true story of six-million deaths of the Jews in the Holocaust a secret? Is the true reason for the return of the Jews into England a secret? I believe they are. And there are others that I will reveal in the next sermon.

But now I will present part of an article written by Richard Kelly Hoskins; February 1, 1996, entitled “False Identity.” With the information in my sermon, I hope that you will better understand the “false identity” that Richard wrote about 23 years ago. What a great gift of knowledge that our LORD God has given to Richard. Praise be to our LORD God.


“FALSE IDENTITY"  by Richard Kelly Hoskins

The Ad

A few months ago [1995] I received an advertisement from the new country of Israel about a ‘Revolutionary New Discovery.’ The discovery was that the people of northern Europe were descended from the ancient Israelites. I sent for the book and received The Tribes, The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples.1

This book was one more Jewish-authored book revealing ‘the amazing discovery that Saxons2 are Israel.’ It contained most of the same proofs that Bible students have long known. It came with maps of the migrations of the tribes of the early Israelite-Saxons, their final places of settlement, and the counties in which they settled — Naphtali to Norway; Asher and Gad to Britain, Germany, Scandinavia; Dan to Denmark, etc.


The Jews have always known the truth about Saxon-Israel and have used the information, or not used it, as circumstances demanded. The entry of the Jews into Britain was a time when they needed to use it.

The background

Henry VIII declared himself head of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain. He renamed it the Anglican Catholic Church, appointed his own bishops, confiscated vast church properties, destroyed church monasteries (the training schools for Roman Catholic business managers), and banished the Catholic Priests who would not work for his own Anglican religion. This left virtually no one in Britain to manage unseized Roman Catholic Church businesses and manage them under earlier trade agreements. Managers were desperately needed.

The ‘someone’ selected were the traditional bankers and servants of the Roman Catholic Church — the Jews. However, there were no more Jews in England. They had been banished by an irate Britain in 1290 after having been first admitted in 1066 to practice their usury banking.3

Menassah Ben Israel occupied the same place in his day that Robert Maxwell did, and Rupert Murdock does today. In addition to his banking and trade operation out of Holland, the center of world trade, he directed public opinion through his book business — the predecessor of modern mass media.

Ben Israel was assigned the project of getting the Jews into England. To rally public support, he published a book in 1650 named The Hope of Israel. This book used the familiar Saxon-Israel agreement with a twist. It went this way; Since Britain already contained the 10 tribes of Israel, the addition of the Jew, which contained Judah and Benjamin, would cause Israel to be the complete 12 tribes. Once that happened, the second coming of the Messiah could then be expected.

The book was sent to the ‘fundamentalists’ of the time to build a following. With this backing, Ben Israel then petitioned Oliver Cromwell to allow the Jews to enter England. Oliver Cromwell was already in his pocket. A loan of a couple of million gold pieces kept him there. Oliver Cromwell got his money, the Jews got a new market in which to distribute goods from the spice trade, the Catholic Church got managers for their undiscovered assets, and the Anglo-Saxon got the Bank of England a few years later.

Saxon-Israel history has been known by friend and foe for a very long time and has been used AGAINST the Saxon as much as FOR him.

Saxon Identity & The Establishment Church

Through the years the Jews have been relatively honest when discussing early Saxon history. The same does not apply to the Establishment Church (EC). The Jews win credibility by being relatively honest; the EC risks losing everything if they are honest. Each time the Jews announce their ‘Saxon-Israel new discovery,’ the EC treats the new discovery with silence — sometimes with ’pooh-poohs.’ The Jews delight in bringing up the subject for a number of reasons; they enjoy tweaking the nose of the Establishment Church, which holds their fate in their hands; they really don’t like the Christian religion very much; they make money each time they make the ‘new discovery’ announcement; and they use the subject to help them keep their primary job — which is to distribute the goods of the ancient spice trade.

What Organized Religion Fears

Announcements of the discovery that the Saxon people are descended from the ancient tribes of Israel are treated by the established church as ‘non-events,’ the EC cannot recognize another rival to this title. The reason is that centuries ago it co-opted it for a reason. Strong’s Concordance translates the word ‘Israel’ in the Hebrew to mean, ‘He will rule as God.’ Armed with this title and the authority it bestows, the Establishment Church (both Catholic and Protestant) claim the right to ‘rule with God’ because of the power that resides in the name ‘Israel.’ This is how non-Scriptural ‘spiritual Israel’ was born.4

Today, the Establishment Church needs that title as much as it ever did. How else can it explain away the brutality of its kings, the venality of its bankers, its land monopoly, its trade monopoly, its taxes, its adultery and the flagrant immorality of its clergy. Armed with God’s power of attorney that resides in the name ‘Israel’ — it speaks for God and can do no wrong. Not for one second can it afford to have Saxons learn that it is they and not the church that is Israel. Once Saxons learn who they are they will rise and strip the priest of their power, the Churches and their governments of their riches and divide the land and rule themselves according to Scripture.5 What then will become of the Establishment Church?

Why the Big Lie?

Saxons are Christians, or they are nothing. Christians believe that ‘We must obey God rather than men’ Acts 5:29. The Establishment Churches, claiming to be spiritual Israel, teach that man-made statutes are to be followed instead.

To keep Saxons quiet, establishment priests promote the following three things:

    1. They teach the dogma that all the people of world are descended from Noah.6

      The doctrine that Whites and non-Whites both originated in one set of ancestors logically results in the silly theory that separate races must be a myth and that one God fathered us all. This theory violates the WORD and nullifies God’s command, “A bastard (Hebrew: mamzer — mixed breed, mongrel) shall not enter into the congregation of Israel’ Deuteronomy 23:2. The dogma drags on to its logical conclusion which is that since everyone is descended from Noah, all must be bastard (mixed-breeds) from the beginning.7 ….

    2. Co-opt the title ‘Israel’.

      The title ’Israel’ infers the power ’To speak as God.’ To seize this title, Establishment Church dogma proclaims that there is no more unmixed physical Israel to inherit the title, that unmixed Israel ’disappeared,’ and that they are taking its place as new ‘spiritual Israel.’ This justifies their possessing and monopolizing the wealth of the world — the heritage of Jacob—Israel.8, 9

    3. Ignore the word MAN.

      Ignoring the word man (‘blush red’) permits the Establishment Church to continue to receive tribute from man and human (hued — man) alike. The Establishment Church sits securely on its ancient feudal throne proclaiming that it holds the keys to heaven, while carefully protecting itself with hired politicians and their mercenary armies. This is near the center of Babylon where the Saxon-Israel message is banned.

Back to the Book

The book, Tribes, mentioned above, faithfully follows the Saxon-Israel message with a couple of wrinkles that one would expect. Some of them are the same wrinkle used by Menassah ben Israel in 1650. Both proclaim that Saxon-Israel is composed of 10 tribes,10 the other two tribes being the Jews — one of which is Judah. The Jews say that being Judah gives them the right to rule the rest of Israel — meaning us…”11

Bible students reject this claim out of hand because the WORD says, “No bastard shall enter Israel,” and the Jews confess themselves to be a mixed race. This negates any claim they make to the name “Israel”.


The Jews know the Israel Identity message. The Establishment Church knows the Israel Identity message. Queen Victoria, head of the Anglican Church, brought it into favor in the last century. All televangelists whom I know personally also know the Israel-Identity message. There is scarcely an educated minister in the country who doesn’t know the Israel-Identity message. They have joined ranks to keep this message from the Saxon. They do this to protect their ill-gotten positions and possessions. But in spite of their claims, it is NOT the Establishment Church that is Israel, it is NOT the Jew who is Israel. It is the one whom God chose for His very own.

It is written:

John 15:16: ‘Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you, and ordained you.’

1 Peter 2:4: ‘Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priest-hood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.’

I believe that NOW is the time that God has chosen to tell the people;

‘Ye are my people and I am your God.’

The knowledge that we are His people is the spark feared by the imposters. It is that spark that will trigger an explosion that will result in:

‘Thy kingdom come — on earth …’”

Did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, the royalty of England? Did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, the immigration policies of England? Did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, that the Jews got a new market in which to distribute goods from the spice trade? Did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, that the Catholic Church got managers for their undiscovered assets? And did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, that the Anglo-Saxon got the Bank of England a few years later. Did the Dutch Jews influence, by bribes, that they should be the ruler of Great Britain? Then they should have been impeached!

Are the secrets of kingdom of God the true story of the Holocaust and the true story of how the Jews were able by bribes and deceit able to return to England? And what are they doing in America? What is the impeachment all about? The story continues.


1) Tribes, Yair Davidy, Susia, Hebron Mountains 90401, Israel, 480 p. sb.

2) “They shall put my name upon the children of Israel” Numbers 6:27 — “Christian.” And “In Isaac shall thy name be called” Romans 9:7. Isaac-sons — “Saxons.”

3) Half the proceeds of each foreclosure went to the king. When the usurer died all foreclosed property went to the RC Church and his money went to the king.

4) Saxons are forbidden to bear the name “Israel” today. In ancient Palestine, and before being scattered over the world, God said He would give Israel a new name: “The Lord God shall … call His servants by another name” Isaiah 65:15 (Hosea 2:17). True Israel can’t be called “Israel.” God gave them His name — “Christians.”

5) “The land shall be divided for an inheritance — To many thou shall give the more — to few thou shalt give the less — the land shall be divided by lot: according to — their fathers they shall inherit …” Numbers 26:53-55.

6) The WORD calls Noah “man.” Strong’s Concordance says MAN: Heb: Adam 119 — “to show blood” (in the face), ie.: to flush or turn rosy: — be (dyed, made red (ruddy).

7) Saxons, appointed “kings and priests” by their God believe that the WORD teaches that non-Whites were created before “man.”

8) “Thus sayeth the LORD, who giveth the sun … and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars ...who divideth the sea … If those ordinances depart … then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me” Jeremiah 31:35, 36.

9) Nation: … originally denoted a family or race of men descended from a common progenitor: American Dictionary, Noah Webster 1828.

10) “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting” James 1:1.

11) Bible students reject this claim out of hand because the WORD says, “No bastard shall enter Israel,” and the Jews confess themselves to be a mixed race. This negates any claim they make to the name “Israel.”


To be continued.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.