Dispensationalism vs. Christian Identity Theology

by Pastor Don Elmore

Dispensationalism started in the 1800s.  It changed Christendom.  It has brought to the forefront many false preachers who cast out demons.

Part 1:  A list of false preachers and the history behind a couple of them.

Part 2:  What is so dangerous about dispensationalism?  What has happened to the average church in America in the last 200 years? It has been integrated.  Dispensationalism equates the Jews with the rest of the world.

Part 3: Many of today's churches have as their basis of their end times beliefs, the teaching of the Catholic Jesuits. The secret rapture of the church (which church?), the seven years of tribulation, the mass conversion of the Jews (which Jews), the second coming of Jesus Christ, the millennial kingdom, the two marriages, etc. was all started by a Catholic Jesuit, Francisco Ribera. The biggest error of dispensationalism is that it nullifies the wicked seed line--the eternal enemy of Jesus Christ and His followers.