By Matthew Luckey

I fail to understand widespread support of libertarianism.

Libertarians hate the idea of America. They consider borders a frivolous limitation on the free flow of markets. Immigrant labor should be able to move anywhere in the world where capitalists refuse to pay a living wage to their own countrymen. They believe “America” should simply be the name for an open space to sell stuff, like that old drive-in theater that doubles as a flea market on the weekend.

Libertarians think America is something like the boy who carries their luggage up the penthouse suite. They should be able to have America publicly dressed-down or fired if it fails to move fast enough for their liking. They want to turn the nation state into something like the British Royal Family or like Christianity under the Constitution; something purely symbolic invoked to satisfy a sense of nostalgia but deliberately made irrelevant to the real world of politics and economics. First, they stole Christianity, now they steal our homeland. They want a centralized universal “free market” order in which national borders are only so much decoration, like your favorite team’s logo displayed on a sweatshirt.

In the good old days, nation states used to exile traitors if they didn’t shoot them. Now the traitors stay and exile the nation. In the United States, we do not deport the illegals. We deport America!

We should deport the Libertarians ... back to Israel.

Outside of Israel, Jews preach the gospel of diverse and borderless world under free market universalism. Back in the Jewish State they preach nationalism and the Zionist dominion mandate. These are the same guys who, in America, call themselves patriots, as in TEA PARTY PATRIOT, if by “tea party” you are referring to that pro-empire movement to squash colonial independent sovereignty. With patriots like libertarians, who needs ISIS?