by Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1:  Galatians 3:28 is a very controversial verse.  When it says "there is neither Jew nor Greek...", who is meant by the "Jews" and who is meant as the "Greeks"?  We hold to a consistent Biblical position, for we denounce the popular position of Jews and non-Jews.

Part 2: Almost all people who believe that the Bible teaches interracial marriage is okay, say that there were a few exceptions to God's covenant people; in that Rahab (who they say was a Canaanite), and Ruth (who they say was a Moabite) and Moses' wife (who they say was a African black).  These three foreigners, they say, changed their way of thinking to Israel's way of living.  But these three woman in the Bible were not foreigners.

Part 3:  What are the mainstream churches doing?  They are NOT against abortion, LGBTs, same-sex marriages, and third world immigration.  The United Church of Christ, Roman Catholic Church, Answers in Genesis, Southern Baptist Convention are leading the way in teaching that racism is a sin.  They have the exact same mission that the Girl Scouts have:  to eliminate racism.  

Part 4: What is the meaning of Jew and Greek? This message will go into the differences of what most Judeo-Christian churches teach and  what we believe is the truth.  One must identify the pronouns  that are used in various verses; one must find the antecedents of the  pronouns.

Part 5: What is it that most in Judeo-Christianity don't know?  Who do they say is a Jew?  Who was missing from the land of Judea? How much do non-Jews pay in Kosher tax?

Part 6: Most Christians believe what the Muslims and Jewish religions about the origin of all the races.  They say that all humans come from Adam and Eve.  Some say that Adam was a black man, others reason that he was a tannish color.  They all conclude that there is only one race and interracial marriage should not be forbidden because we are all one race and of the same kind.  Why do Christian Identity students disagree with this belief and say that it is a major doctrine of our enemies?