Tressie Mae Ramsey

By Pastor Don Elmore

Funeral Service of Tressie Mae Ramsey

February 15, 2014

Before I begin my welcome to all of you who were able to come here to remember Tressie Ramsey, I would like to express to all of you my appreciation for the number of family members who have come a very, long distance to attend.  One son, who lives in Texas, one daughter who lives in Florida, and Pastor Ramsey’s brother who lives in Hannibal, Missouri; and to all the other relatives of both Tressie and Everett, and all their children and grandchildren who live many miles from here; and friends, neighbors and even fellow Lion’s Club members.  Many of you just got to Houston, Missouri this morning; it was a major effort and it is a joy to see the family members having a wonderful time together.  It is a family reunion; and that is just what Tressie did and would have wanted.  May I give my thanks to all of you.

I am here to welcome all of you to the funeral of Tressie Mae (Brown) Ramsey; who was born February 3, 1940 to John Jordan “Johnny” Brown and Ollie Mae (Bland) Brown in Eminence, Missouri.  She went to be with the Lord on February 6, 2014 at Willow Care Nursing Home; Willow springs, Missouri at the age of 74 years and 3 days.

Tressie is survived by her loving husband, Pastor Everett Glen Ramsey and her daughter Tresa Kay Schmidt (Philip) of Ocala, Fl., and her son:  David Glen Silieven (Shirley) of Plano, Texas; and a second son Michael Wayne Sileven who preceded her in death.

I come here on behalf of the Fellowship of God’s Covenant People.  FGCP is a small church located in Northern Kentucky.  It has been in existence for over 20 years. 

But I would like to first explain a little about the relationship of Pastor Ramsey and his wife with our church.  6 ½ years ago, I was a teacher in the public school system and an adjunct professor at the local community college at night and in the summer months.  At the end of the summer classes one year, I got very, very tired.  I managed to finish the classes and then I had about three weeks off.  It was the time that we usually took a little vacation.  My wife cancelled our plans that we had that year and we just stayed home.

I was still very tired.  But when the public school opened, I was there.  And when the community college started their fall semester, I was there.  But I had lost a lot of my memory, I couldn’t think very fast on my feet;   my handwriting was very small and unreadable even to me, and I was not able to preach.  So, each man in our church shared bringing messages while I tried to regain my strength.  After about two months, I went to the doctor and he suggested that I go and take an MRI test.  I did and they found that I had suffered a minor stroke.  I taught each day and when I was finished all I could do was just rest at home. 

This went on for about 5 months, when, and I don’t remember how it happened, but Pastor Ramsey and his wife came and was the minister for our church.  We got them a place to live and paid them enough money so at least they could make it.  So, Pastor Ramsey and Tressie served the Fellowship of God’s Covenant People for about eight months. 

I worked both jobs until about April of that year, and then I asked if I could retire from the public school system.  I just had enough days unused sick days left, so that was how I retired from the public school system.  I kept my job with the college.

Last Sunday in church, I mentioned that anyone could give any comments that anyone could remember about Tressie.  I am very happy to tell you that every person in our church gave their own, particular comments about her.

There were several who commented on the work the Pastor Ramsey and Tressie had done for our church and for the young children of our church.  We no longer had Sunday school classes; so they met with them on many out of church activities.  One family talked about the meetings that they had with their young children and teen agers in their basement of the rented house that they lived in. 

Another lady talked about the event they had with our young children at the ski and snow slides – at Perfect North slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. 

We have a special-educated child; she is now 18  years old; her name is Lily.  She is a senior in high school where she goes to special education classes. Lily went to a few of these special events; especially the one at Perfect North. 

My wife, Randa, talked about how Tressie had a special relationship with Lily.  She remembered her birthday, and always did something special for her.

Each and every person said something that they remembered about Tressie. Several people talked about the women’s classes that she gave at several of our Feast Day conferences that we held.  One couple lamented that they wished they could have known her better, for they only met her one time.  But they remember good things about Tressie.

Well, when I retired from the public school system I eventually got better and better until I told Pastor Ramsey that I thought I was ready to bring a sermon.  That occurred close to or in the summer time.  We alternated giving sermons for a little bit of time, and then I felt that I could handle the service.  So Pastor Ramsey and Tressie could go back to Houston, Missouri and continue their lives.

Then 2 ½ years ago, I was sitting at home with my feet up on my desk, reading a book—when all of a sudden I left out a loud oooooowwweeeee!  My wife, who use to be a registered nurse, was in the next room, and she came hurrying in.  She asked me a couple of questions; I answered her correctly, but my answers were very slow.  She said that she was going to call 911.  She called them on her phone, but I said NO!  I picked up the phone next to me and hung it up.  She was determined to call; so she called again and you know, she saved my life.

The ambulance came; I remember little about what happened.  I was in and out of consciousness on the ride there.  The next thing I knew I was in the hospital and they put an IV in my arm.  They later told me my blood pressure was 236/120!  By then several members from our church surrounded me as the hospital staff got ready to performed tests on me; but before they did; Pastor Blanchard led our members in a prayer.  Word spread on the internet; thus there were a multitude of people who were notified and who offered up prayers also on my behalf.

I remember throwing up as they were transporting me on the bed to do a test, but I will tell you something; that when I got up the next morning—I was completely healed. God heard all the prayers that had been offered up on my behalf.

When the therapists came down to the ICU to exercise the patients, he was prepared to put me in a wheelchair if I could get up; but I told him that I was healed.  Where did he want to walk to; or maybe he wanted to run!  After walking throughout the entire ICU room, he exclaimed: “I’ve never had anyone who could walk this far in the ICU.”

When I see my doctor he always says the same thing:  “I tell my patients that I want your luck;” (but he is wrong—there was no luck at all; it was our sovereign God allowing me a few more/or maybe a lot more years).  “I see practically every day people with that high of blood pressure numbers and they are now either paralyzed or dead!”

I am getting better every day.  However, my handwriting changed in the beginning; it was practically unreadable; even for me.  I couldn’t preach from notes; I had to write everything out.  Well, that turned out to be a blessing, as we put every sermon completely written out on our website along with the tape.  My fellow pastor does the same thing; as he always wrote out all his sermons.  This is true even now, as I have to write out this speech. 

Then, last year, due to Obama care, they cut my hours teaching at the college down to just 8 classes per year.  That was a blessing too as I finally had the time to do a lot more research. 

Pastor Ramsey and Tressie will always be close to my heart.  They have lived a special life; from the days of the pad-locked church, to jail, to demonstrations, to court, to talk shows, to private meetings with the jailor, to leading the move to get out of the 501 C3 hoax, to living and embracing the precious doctrines of the LORD as expressed in the Bible.  Many people left them as they took on and taught the doctrines that are now classified as being unpopular to many Christians.  Tressie was right there by the side of Pastor Ramsey—her one and only – she didn’t date a whole host of others; nor did he. 

It reminds me of Jacob/Israel and the death of his wife Rachel.  She passed away when she gave birth to her last born son--Benjamin.  Jacob had to live the rest of his life without her; over 30 years.  Benjamin has played a major role in the history of the people of Israel.  And is still playing a leading, major role.  Most of the Benjaminites now live in Iceland. 

And the birthright?  It was originally with the eldest son—Reuben.  But he lost it due to a grievous sin.  Then the birthright was split—with the scepter going to Judah and everything else that was committed with the birthright going to the first-born son of Rachel—Joseph.  The birthright and scepter are still in effect today.

The weather has been very hard this winter.  In the past year, America has been on fire, parts of the country has and is still suffering from a  major draught, other parts of the country have flooded, we have suffered through hurricanes, sink holes, violent storms, etc.  God is angry with America for not obeying his commands and for forgetting the covenant that He made with our fathers.

So, the Fellowship of God’s Covenant People sends to all here their warmest blessings; for we truly loved Tressie.

Tressie is survived by her brother Roy Gene Brown of Pocahontas, Arkansas, her sisters Pauline Gant of Eminence, Missouri, Dessie “Dee” Emmett and IIene Giddens of Houston, Missouri.  She was preceded in death by her brother Cecil Brown who formerly lived in Springfield, Missouri.

Tressie is affectionately remembered by her nine grandchildren; Philip Schmidt III, Amanda (Sileven) Flores, Caleb Schmidt, Bethany (Schmidt) Johnson, Michael Sileven, Gilchrist Schmidt, Knox Schmidt, Katherine Schmidt and Emily Sileven.  She has the joy of meeting her infant granddaughter Grace Schmidt who preceded her. Tressie was blessed with seven great-grandchildren.

She is survived by a host of nephews, nieces, friends and neighbors.  Tressie loved many and was loved by many but she had a very special place in her heart for her dearest of friends Lillian Hageman formerly of Ithaca, Nebraska and Norma Whiting of Athens, Tennessee.

Tressie came to know the LORD when she was a teenager at a Community Bible Church and was baptized in the Current River near her hometown of Eminence, Missouri.  Tressie excelled at volleyball while attending Eminence High School.  She later attended classes at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana.

Tressie was married to Everett Glen Ramsey on May 18th, 1957.  They were married for 56 years.  She joyfully served beside Everett as both a pastor’s wife and as his faithful partner in ministry.  She enjoyed having the privilege to speak and share with other ladies at churches and Bible camps how important and such a privilege it is to be a Godly wife and mother.

Tressie was known for her love of travel, cooking, gardening and serving others.  She had the privilege to travel to many places around the world and was always ready to travel and explore.  She frequently expressed appreciation for the beauty and amazement of God’s creation.  She was an avid gardener, always tending her flowers or canning fruits and vegetable then entering her item s into the county fair. 

Tressie loved her neighbors and was always willing to take a meal or a special dessert to someone who was home alone or in need.  She frequently lent a helping hand by serving others around her.  She was active in the Houston Lions Club. 

Tressie especially enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren.  She made a point to assure them of her live for them and showed a genuine interest in their lives.  She made certain that not only family, but friends, neighbors and others knew not only of her love for them but God’s love through her words and deeds. 

She was a faithful wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, neighbor and servant of God. 

That is one reason that many of us are here; to say thanks.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.