Amazon Bans Books

By Don Elmore

March 2017 New Covenant Messenger

Shortly after Amazon banned the selling of the Confederate flag, Jewish organizations put the pressure on the company to ban all books which denied the holocaust. Rabbi Mendy Cohen of Sacramento, said: “To deny the holocaust is a mask of blatant anti-Semitism.” This hatred of the German merchandise goes even further. They are calling for the removal of all Nazi memorabilia. The Rabbi continued his onslaught by saying: “When you have darkness, you don’t add a broom to kick out the darkness. You add in light.” (Lucifer = light; ed.).

Wait a minute! Didn’t the officials of Auschwitz lower the amount of Jewish deaths on their “official plaque” that is outside the concentration camp from six million to four million to now just one of a half million? And these weren’t just Jewish deaths, but all the different people that were put in concentration camps: homosexuals, gypsies, Communists, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, and government enemies. And that number is still too high.

Original plaque at Birkenau had 4 million deaths.

In 1990, the plaques with the figure of 4 million at the International Monument at Birkenau were removed. It was not until 1995 that new plaques were placed at the International Monument with 20 metal plates.  The number of deaths at Auschwitz, according to each of the 20 metal plates, is 1.5 million.This current plaque at Auschwitz reads as follows: "For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940-1945”

There are at present seventeen nations that have laws against holocaust denials. They are: Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania and Switzerland. The Netherlands has no law against genocide denial, but the courts have ruled that such a statement is a form of hate speech.

But have you ever thought about the fact that there are 183 countries and territories in which there are no laws against holocaust denial? Why is that?

And do you know that the United States put in their own concentration camps many of its Japanese citizens during the Second World War. Why was that? Because Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor and we were then at war with Japan.

What if the Jews declared war against the United States? Would we have put them in concentration camps? I think we would have.

Well, that is exactly what the Germans did. The Jews declared war against Germany in 1933. Beginning then, the Jews boycotted German goods in every country that they lived, including the United States. Their attempt was to stop the flourishing German economy that had risen out of the ashes. Germany had reduced it unemployed rate to zero. Germany had also discovered that the Jews had betrayed them in World War I. For these reasons, they put the restrictions on them and the Jews that didn’t leave, they put in concentration camps.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.