The Christogenea Hymnal

Compiled by James Jester

The Christogenea Hymnal

The Christogenea Hymnal contains 108 traditional hymns, topical index, alphabetical index, an Appendix which contains two articles, “What is Christian Identity?” and “Model Prayers.” The prayers and hymns in the back will be a great resource for church or for family worship time.

This compilation of hymns relies heavily upon the post-Reformation period. There are hymns traditionally known as Methodist, Baptist, or Lutheran hymns. Now there are hymns that will come to be known as Christian Identity hymns, such as, “O Israel Awaken,” or “Jerusalem” (The Glastonbury Hymn), or “God’s Covenant People.

Many of the hymns will be familiar to most Christians regardless of their religious background; however, there will be some hymns you have never heard of before, until now.

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The Christogenea Hymnal 6 x 9  (Retail $16.99)
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