Thorns in Your Sides

by Pastor Don Elmore

What happened in the world when I was born? I was born in 1942 and America had been fighting in the war for over a year. What was that all about; Why were we fighting to protect the Communists in Russia; Why were we fighting against fellow Christians?

Part 1: Biblical and modern day examples of thorns in our sides.  Discussion of where Judah and the House of Israel settled and are currently residing.

Part 2:  The Jews were in every country in Europe.  The country of the Protestant Reformation should have listened to what Martin Luther wrote about the enemy of Christianity.  What happened to Germany will also happen to the United States. 

Part 3:  Should a Christian marry a Canaanite today?  If they do, what are the consequences.  The United States and its fellow Israelite countries are reaping the judgment of God.  This sermon deals with how the Christian Protestant Churches were destroyed.

Part 4 "It's Not Jews and Gentiles": Who were the people that Ephesians 2 is talking about; it is not "Jews and Gentiles" that most preachers say that it is.  And who was the man that started all the politically correct notion of equality of all races and religions?

Part 5 "A People Without a Country":  Who is the perpetual enemy of Christians?  Esau has deceived Jacob today in the same manner that Jacob did to his father.  Esau is having dominion over Jacob beginning 200 years ago.